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    • 2 Weeks Is Not Enough
      Couldn't agree more. However, I have several friends who are experienced brewers and some who are really connoisseurs. I'm not too concerned that they like what I'm brewing and drinking, but I'd like to be able to produce clean, interesting brews and share with them to get their feedback. A lot of beer fanciers I know are only concerned that there's more hops than anything else. Not that I don't appreciate a strong hop presence when it's the right hops, but I'm more concerned with great malt flavors and balance - the hops adding to and enhancing the flavor rather than taking over. I think it's the malt/yeast/alcohol profiles that are trickiest to manage. My goal is to get a handle on that part of it.
    • 1776 Recipe Altered?
      one of these days gonna try the 1492 recipe, I think I spelled that right? anyway, that's when Ferdinand Magellan discovered how to make ice cream from a grapefruit, so i'm looking forward trying out this recipe!!
    • 2 Weeks Is Not Enough
      I hear u get a buzz faster if u sip thru a straw
    • 2 Weeks Is Not Enough
      you will sometimes have the "apple" taste, just let it condition awhile longer, maybe date a bottle a week apart then try it, since I do a secondary fermentation that's basically another 4 weeks after primary that I condition the beer, then I bottle, and after a week I try one. it's also how you perceive the taste, you may like it how it is, but sumone else may think its too sweet or blah blah blah...., I brew beer for my liking and all my frnds and family can go buy their own if they dnt like mine! LOL! its been a month since ive bought beer, other than buying supplies and/or recipes. just not buying beer from a vendor, that's my ultimate goal
    • 2 Weeks Is Not Enough
      Come on, man! it the right way! Get yourself one of those giant soda straws that come with Dairy Queen milk shakes!  
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