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    • IO-Star sanitizer and auto-siphon question
      Thanks Rick.  Used 1oz. per 5 gallons as instructed.  I had everything soaking in a second 6.5 gallon pail.  I used the siphon to run sanitized water though it initially of course.  I assumed it wasn't a problem, but by the time I started racking from the kettle into the fermenter, I realized there was still sanitized water within the line and figured I'd check. 
    • IO-Star sanitizer and auto-siphon question
      Assuming you used the proper dosage (which is not very much), it will be fine.
    • 1776 Recipe Altered?
      Ah OK, I agree CAL not the greatest. I thought CAL and HAA were light in coloration.    What is D-rest, I haven't seen that before. Why or when would you use a lager yeast if not with American lager?
    • IO-Star sanitizer and auto-siphon question
      Hey all,   I brewed a 5 gallon batch today and used an auto-siphon along with some IO-Star sanitizer that I bought at a local brew shop (ran out of the powder from Mr. Beer.)  While sanitizing my hose and siphon, I didn't get all of the sanitized water out of the 5' hose.  FYI, I used a 6.5 gallon fermentation bucket this go around to avoid having to split everything into two LBK's.  Would that small amount of sanitized water trapped in the hose have any ill effect when siphoning the wort into the fermenter? I don't imagine so, being as it's no rinse.  Figured I'd ask either way.    Thanks!
    • 1776 Recipe Altered?
      Every Mr. Beer HME is darker than people assume, it's the nature of HMEs.   Lager yeast requires maintaining temps in the 50s as well as a D-Rest.  Not for a new brewer, and you still won't get it lighter at all.     None of the Mr. Beer HMEs are like any commercial beer.  You're not going to brew a Coors or Miller or Bud, you will never get the clarity that they do, and since they are using things like rice and corn, it's just different.   The lightest Mr. Beer refill is the Classic American Light, many don't care for it (including myself).
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