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      Hey guys newbie here.when I got my kit with cal that's all I used. Just the can of cal an added nothing else. I'm on week 2  tasted it an has no flavor. After reading alot of threads I know I should've added something but I didn't because I was to excited to brew. My question is has anybody else did this an was it drinkable? I now know what errors I made. Should I bottle it or just stay true to the 3-4 rule? Thanks for any advice guys
    • Flavor
      Thanks for the input. That is what I was thinking as well
    • First Kit Questions, Scheduling and Temps
      Don't know what email you are referring to.   We recommend 3-4.  3 weeks fermenting (ideally around 65 wort temp), 4 weeks conditioning in bottles (at 70 or higher), than 3 or more days in the fridge.   If you follow the Mr. Beer directions (1 gallon cold water, 4 cups boiling water, top off with cold water), then your temp to pitch will be perfect.     Use a bottling wand to bottle.  Mr. Beer sells one very inexpensively.
    • First Kit Questions, Scheduling and Temps
      I am about to start brewing my first kit of Classic American Light and the LBK. Before starting I want to have a full understanding of the timing and temperatures that seemed to be just glossed over in the instructions. Not to mention some of what seems to be conflicting instructions, namely the last email stating that the light beers do not need conditioning. What would you recommend for amount of time fermenting (temperatures at the lower end of the range), amount of time bottled at room temp, and time in refrigerator? Is there a specific temp for the wort prior to yeast pitching? Would there be any benefit to putting a short hose on the spigot in order to bottle from the bottom up preventing aeration? Thank you for your help!
    • Flavor
      I wouldn't add LME to a glass of cider, which is what the OP asked.   If you want to add more apple taste to your glass, then pour in some apple juice.
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