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    • I really doubt that you'll have trouble telling an 8% Maibock from a 3.2% beer. Let them sit for a few weeks and chill one of each. You could do a blind taste test and pick out the stronger beer.
    • http://www.mrbeer.com/refills/recipes/1776-ale-recipe So this is the  same but with added hops and different yeast. Yours will be fairly malty and maybe a little sweetish, and 4-4.5% but quite drinkable.
    • Well that is exactly what I did, 3 and 3 in a 6 gallon fermenter. Well I wasnt really trying to make anything special, I like darker beers and I had these ingredients so I thought I'd just darken up the american a lil bit with the smooth LME's.
    • How many cans of American Lager did you use?  If three cans, and 3 LMEs, it will be fine - but nothing special.
    • OK, well I've done 10 batches now and most have turned out good, some great some good and so far one that I'm still not sure on. So today I decided to try my first experiment. I brewed a 6 gallon batch of american lager using 3 smooth LME's. we'll find out how it tastes in a couple of months. while I'm waiting has anybody else tried this combo or do you have a speculation as to how this might turn out. if so then post it up.
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