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    • 'nother nOOb
      I'm new as well Gib. I have my first batch bottled and is conditioning. I plan on making the Oktoberfest and/or Diablo IPA pretty soon. 
    • 'nother nOOb
      Thanks everyone, oh yeah, and greetings.  I am surely not  discouraged in the least.  The fact that my first brew could be less than mediocre doesn't bother me at all because at least I'm doing something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.  I welcome any and all critiques and opinions.  
    • 'nother nOOb
      Welcome to the forums. I suggest reading through the links in @RickBeers signature. They answer a lot of questions one may or may not have. Plus you have all of us here on the forums to help you out in case of an emergency.
    • New Recipe - Sir Kenneth American Blonde Ale!!
      I might try this instead of the wheat ale I'm trying to put together. 
    • Newb questions
      Pulls up on Untappd as 5% ABV, youre at approx 4% so based on that Id say you have a week to go yet.   Basically, 14 days is too early to bottle ever.  The most I would rush things is 18 days fermenting and 3 days cold crashing and then bottling.    Take your time and be patient.  It will make the difference of you brewing beer thats barely drinkable vs beer that you have to hide from your friends cuz you make the best damn beer in town!!!
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