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Welcome to the Mr.Beer® Community!

WelcomeNew brewers welcome to the Mr. Beer community page. Here is a great place where you and your fellow brewers can come together and talk about beer, more beer... heck just about anything you want! The community is a great place to expand your knowledge about brewing beer, and become a better overall brewer. There are a ton of experienced brewers here that will help you take your brewing game to the next level Yo! Any questions feel free to ask, here are a few tips and information to help you enjoy your time on the community and be a better brewer.

This is a Mr. Beer community so Mr. Beer is always here to help you with your brewing you can contact us a few ways.

  • Call our customer service 1-800-852-4263
  • Live chat with our customer service reps Monday-Friday 8am-5pm MST
  • Email our customer service reps or friendly brewmasters.

How-To Instructional Video

There are a lot of new terms that you will see here (community slang) and also here are some FAQ's that might help you out!

Why did my beer not carbonate?

This is usually the result of not enough time in the bottles. Once fermentation is done (minimum of 2 weeks) the beer will need to sit in the bottle at about room temperature for at least 2 weeks to ensure full carbonation has taken place. From there you can condition your beer to improve the flavor.

What is this foam stuff on top of my beer and the side of the fermenter?

That “foam stuff” is called krausen, and it is perfectly normal so don't sweat it if you start to see brown gunk and foam build up on the sides of your fermenter. Krausen is a by product of the yeast during fermentation, and will settle down after approximate 48 to 72 hours. Here is a helpful time lapse video of what will happen in the beginning of fermentation. Time Lapse

After a few days it looks like my beer stopped fermenting. Is my beer ruined?

Don't worry, your yeast is still hard at work. Most of the action will take place within the first 48-72 hours, after that everything will die down and look like nothing is going on, but not to worry. Those little yeasty boys are still fermenting away at your beer, so make sure to let it sit the full 14 days in the keg.

I think my beer may be contaminated?

Your beer is at the biggest risk of contamination during brewing and bottling, when the beer is being transferred or handled. Make sure to review your methods carefully during these two processes to make sure you don't introduce any risk of contaminants. This includes leaving the beer open to air for too long or having any equipment that hasn't been thoroughly sanitized come in contact with the beer. To ensure that your equipment is sanitized, make sure to soak your equipment in the sanitized solution prepared with your No-rinse cleanser for at least 10 minutes.

My beer has a cidery or green apple taste, what went wrong?

Other than the addition of too much adjunct, in general, a young beer is prone to give off cidery or green-apple like flavors. This is due to a presence of acetaldehyde, which is an intermediate compound of alcohol. This flavor diminishes after aging and conditioning, as it allows the yeast the proper amount of time to reabsorb acetaldehyde and convert it into alcohol. So let those bottles age longer, especially at warmer temperatures (68-75°F), and you should notice your beer tasting considerably cleaner and crisper.

Community Slang

  • LBK- Little Brown Keg (Mr. Beer fermenter)
  • SWMBO- She Who Must Be Obeyed. Don't forget that when it comes to making beer! She can destroy you!
  • RDWHAHB- Relax Don't Worry Have A Home Brew, this is the best part when it comes to making beer. Let the beer do its thing and enjoy a nice cold one!
  • IMHO- In My Humble/Honest Opinion, remember this is an open community for discussion so don't take anything to heart, we are all trying to help! Do what is best for you.

One thing to remember with the vast number of people on here is that there are tons of different opinions and different ways to do things. What works for one does not work for all, so do what works best for you and gets you the best tasting beer. Just make sure to have fun and enjoy the wonderful art of brewing beer!

Hoppy Brewing!

  • Congrats Keith - April's Brewer of the Month

    Thank you for picking me as the Brewer of the Month, it is quite an honor. Please see below for my story:

    I grew up in Union (Northern) New Jersey and lived there until I was 34 (2003). In 2001 I married my wonderful wife Domenica. We bought a house in Vineland,(Southern New Jersey) in August of 2003 and that is where we currently reside along with our beautiful 7 year old daughter Brianna. I am 45 years old and currently employed by The City of Vineland and have been a municipal employee within the state of New Jersey for 17 years.My hobbies consist of working out, muscle cars (I have a 1968 Olds 442 Convertible),sports (The Pittsburgh Steelers, The New York Rangers, New York Yankees and The Pittsburgh Pirates), playing the electric bass, and of course, home brewing.

    Hmm, how did I get into home brewing you ask...Well, it all started 2 weeks prior to Christmas 2012. My friend, Jim Cavaliero had shown me a Mr. Beer kit in a sales circular while we were on our lunch break. Wouldn't you know It, 2 days later while Christmas shopping with my wife and daughter at JC Penny I spotted a Premium Gold kit and my wife bought it for me for Christmas. I started brewing on December 26, 2012 and the first beer I made was the Cowboy Golden Lager. It was a big hit with friends and family, and it inspired me to keep brewing. With the assistance of Diane and Sam at Mr. Beer, The Community, You Tube, books, etc... I have brewed a total of 27 beers so far. I usually brew a batch about every 2 weeks consisting of either Mr. Beer HME, Briess LME or DME, LME, Booster, honey, fruit, hops, you name it. I usually rotate the styles between dark, amber and light so I have a well stocked assortment for me, my family and tasting buds. The yeast I use varies depending on the style from Mr. Beer, Sefale, Seflager, etc. My wife enjoys helping me brew and my daughter loves the way the house smells while I am brewing. I would say my favorite beer is Victory's Hop Devil. I have also gotten a few of my friends, Justin and Joe, into home brewing as well. It is a great hobby and it puts me in touch with my European heritage.

    If I could share a beer (or many) with anyone it would be Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head. What an inspiration and innovator to me and to all in the beer nation.

    Salut'-Cento Anni

    Keith Reinbott
    A/K/A KLR on the Forum
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  • Congrats Vladimir Putin - April Fools Brewer of the Month

    My name is Vladimir Putin, but my Oligarchs call me Boobs Akimbo behind closed doors. I have been running Russia for many years now. In my spare time when I am not fishing with no shirt on I might add ;), or riding horses with no shirt on, or doing some hunting with no shirt on again ;), I do enjoy a nice home brew, with no shirt on.

    Since my young days in the KGB when I was first introduced to the Mr. Beer kit, it was love at first website. My fellow comrades and I loved the Mr. Beer kit. I have since put my first LBK on display in the Moscow Museum of Art, so all of Russia can come and look at the all the glory and majesty of my LBK, which I named Czar.

    Most people assume that my favorite beer is a Russian Imperialist Stout, but that is wrong. I will sip one from time to time so the people of Russia will think of me as a powerful leader with no shirt on, but behind closed doors I tend to enjoy sipping on the nice crisp fruity beers, while grooving to my favorite band PussyRiot. I have come to make some good ones with wonderful color and flavor. My latest batch which is my favorite so far, (any beer not made by me with no shirt on is no good) it is the Crimean Cranberry Framboise. I am also thinking about making a Ukraine Summer Invasion Wheat, but have not decided what I want to do next.

    I most like to share a beer with.... myself with no shirt on. Then I can look at myself with no shirt while I look at myself with no shirt on and drink some of my most fruitiest beer the Crimean Cranberry Framboise. This would be an Epic day in Russian history and one that the people would remember forever!


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  • Congrats gophers6- February's Brewer of the Month!!

    You may know me as "gophers 6" on the forum. As you can probably tell I am a big Minnesota Gopher Hockey fan.
     Along with my wife and son we own and operate a family farm in Minnesota where we produce corn, soybeans, and wheat. (No barley or hops yet.)  We also have put about 100 acres into conservation programs for wildlife habitat.
    My brewing adventure began 5 years ago when a friend told me he had gotten a Mr Beer kit and was surprised by the good results. About that time my Dad had given me $50 for Christmas, which was just the right amount to buy a Mr Beer kit, so I decided to try my hand at it. The rest, as they say, is history.
    I started with the basic refills, then the deluxe refills, then on to the recipes. Now I pretty much make up my own recipes. A typical batch usually begins with a Mr Beer HME to which I add steeping grains, more malt extract and more hops.
    There have been so many good brews it would be hard to pick a favorite. The beer in the picture is an Oatmeal Stout that I'm pretty happy with. It contains Irish Stout HME, oats, amber DME and dark cocoa powder.
    I'd like to thank the members of the forum that have taught me so much. This is where I learned about steeping grains, DME, hop schedules..... You name it, you can learn about it here. I encourage beginning brewers to participate on the forum and ask questions. 
    I want to thank my wife who has been a big help. She usually stirs the pot while I'm pouring in ingredients and also helps with bottling. I'm also thankful for family and friends who are always willing to sample my beer. It's been a great hobby!
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  • Congrats RickBeer - January's Brewer of the Month!

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    As you can see by my picture I'm a fan of The University of Michigan Wolverines- GO BLUE!  What you can't see in my picture is my rakishly handsome face.  When Mr.Beer asked me to be BOM, I initially declined – because I haven’t bought Mr.Beer products in well over a year, and because I like the anonymity of the forum (no, my real name isn’t RickBeer…).  I finally agreed when she said she wanted me to explain my journey into brewing and that I didn’t have to do a nude pictorial (sorry to disappoint you).  The $500 worth of Mr.Beer refills was also a great incentive, thanks Mr.Beer!  The picture I provided shows me holding a Mr.Beer bottle over Niagara Falls.  Why this is important is because my wife and sons took a trip up there in early August and I brought some homebrew with us.  We arrived and devoured a giant pizza and homebrew in our hotel room before heading out to see the light show at the Falls.  The next day we ate a picnic lunch of leftover pizza and more homebrew.  My homebrew was so good we didn’t buy a beer in a restaurant. 

     We live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I’m currently writing this while we start to come out of the Polar Vortex (I truly think it is the Day After Tomorrow so the worst is yet to come).  We live here because we enjoy having four seasons, including winter.  I’m a Marketing consultant for business to consumer companies, mostly in the ecommerce and direct mail / catalog area.  I work with companies ranging from very large to very small, and often have periods of time where I can sit and enjoy looking out my window and consuming a homebrew (as well as waiting for the next paying client).  I’d much rather not have the time to enjoy the view and be booked solid though.

     I have a dry sense of humor, and sometimes that comes through on my forum contributions.  For those of you that say it doesn’t, no one asked you…  J

     How long have you been brewing?
    18 months.  I started brewing in a rather unorthodox way.  My wife had been after me to find another hobby, one that I could do by myself, and that I could do into retirement, not that I'm close to retiring.  I was always intrigued by beer brewing, but never followed up on learning more.  Then in late January 2012, I saw that had a Mr.Beer kit for $24.99 and decided to go for it.  I got the kit and then several weeks later joined the Mr. Beer forum.  I join user forums for nearly everything I'm interested in, finding them a great source of honest information.  The more I read, the more I realized what I didn't know and didn't do anything. 

     In the summer of 2012 I started reading some more on the forum, and got my first batch going at the end of June.  I waited 20 days before bottling, but only 15 days before refrigerating.  Needless to say, the West Coast Pale Ale (old Mr. Beer refill) wasn't so hot.  And I realized that if I had a batch conditioning I didn't have any bottles for a second batch.  So, I grabbed another kit - this time on Craigslist.  

     My second batch was Bewitched Red Ale (old Mr.Beer refill) and it wasn't so hot either.  Looking back on those, I realized that I fermented too warm, didn't wait long enough, poured the trub into the glass, and more.  I grew very frustrated with waiting and then finding my beer wasn't very good, and realizing that I was limited on bottles which limited my beer brewing.  My consumption pales in comparison to many on the forums (tops of 6 a week, normally 2 or 3), so I took the next step and placed my first order for refills plus two sets of 1/2 liter bottles (because I would NEVER get a bottle capper, glass bottles, etc.).  Famous last words.  While I had two batches going, Mr. Beer had a sale of the old Mr. Beer refills and I bought a bunch because the price was so good.  Now I had a backlog of things to brew, and still hadn't made a great batch.  Well, between Winter Dark, Oktoberfest, and Bewitched Amber Ale I got hooked.  I also decided that I did want to have more of an inventory and got into bottling - getting the equipment from my LHBS and the bottles from Craigslist (paying the deposit here in Michigan and getting over 20 cases from just 3 people).  In fact, I got so many bottles that I re-sold 1/2 of them!

     By mid-2013 I had added steeped grains and LME to Mr.Beer refills, tried a non-Mr. Beer HME (Munton's), and was thinking about doing a recipe on my own - with bulk LME, steeped grains, and hops, and using my Mr.Beer inventory (I still have ½ dozen left).  My first recipe was a clone of Moosedrool, and it came out excellent.  I have since done Blue Moon and Mackinac Island Red, as well as the White House Honey Porter (just bottled) – all 5 gallon extract recipes split between two Mr.Beer fermenters.  Next up is the White House Honey Ale and refilling my Moosedrool inventory.  Right now I’m enjoying doing extract recipes, I don’t currently plan to move to all grain but I didn’t plan on bottling or doing extract recipes.    

     My goals in brewing are two-fold.  First, to have a selection of beers at all times (I currently have 17), so that I can have patience to allow a brew to ferment for 3 weeks and then carbonate and condition for at least 4 weeks, if not longer.  For those that know me, patience is not my middle name.  But I’ve learned that not doing 3-4 (3 weeks fermenting and 4 weeks in bottles at room temp) yields beer that is not as good as beer that conditions longer.  At a recent small family gathering, I had a grin ear to ear as my family went through 8 different types of my homebrew. 

     My second goal is to learn more via forums and to share the knowledge that I have gained with others.  I’ve found contributors to the forum my chief source of information as I’ve grown in this hobby, and have found that now others are looking to me for advice (yes, there are a few people in the world who seek out my knowledge, which shows you how bad off the world is).  See, the dry sense of humor.  I’d like to thank those I’ve learned from on the forum (long list unrolls and runs across the room), but there are too many to thank and I’d miss someone and they’d be ticked and we would never PM again… 

     Seriously, I’ve been on forums for decades, including a long stint on a technology forum where I contributed over 30,000 posts.  Yes, I needed to get a life, so I moved on.  And I can’t imagine I’ll be contributing to this or any other beer forum for decades, but you never know.  With the 25% ownership in Mr. Beer that they promised me for this contribution, I may be around.  The key to me is that when you learn from others it’s your obligation to teach that knowledge to someone else and give back – so I do.  If you’ve gained from my knowledge, please share that with others.    One day you too could be Mr. Beer’s Brewer of the Month, get to wear the crown and robes, get the $500 worth of product, be CEO for the day, 25% ownership of the company…  What?  I don’t get any of that?  After writing this whole thing?  REALLY?  In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna, “never mind”.

     What is your favorite beer?
    I don't have a favorite, but in general I like malty beers for myself and fruit beers for my wife (have to keep her happy so she doesn’t drink my beers).  I'm not into hoppy beers, on IPAs, but now and then like a bitter dark beer.  When I have the chance, I order new beers at restaurants, but don’t often frequent bars.  I don’t buy fancy craft beers for home consumption because I brew what I like.  We used to drink Killian’s at home and sometimes Sam Adams, but haven’t bought anything in 18 months. 

     Who would you most like to share a beer with?
    I’m not a beer groupie, so you won’t see Palmer or someone else’s name here.  If I could sit down with anyone and share a beer, I think I’d like to sit down with  Marc Andreessen or Reid Hoffman.  If fascinates me how these guys come up with ideas that then turn into huge businesses, sometimes with no revenues or profits, and they end up sitting on a pile of money.  Or, Bill Gates, if he wanted to just sit and chat. 

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  • Congrats Markus Lienau - December's Brewer of the Month!

    Tell us a little bit about you.
    (I am Da Yooper on the forum) I am an Engineer, Marketer, and now a soon-to-be hops farmer (14 acres with another 10-20 coming on line in the near future), as well as getting into the cherry and apple business plus having about 10 acres of wine grapes.  My wife is one <bleep> of a RN Nurse and we are both looking forward to doing beer and wine related "stuff" in the near future.  We started the hops revolution in Michigan and proud to see many others have jumped on to help make us one of the number one craft beer states.  I owe a lot of my initial education to Mr. Beer.

    How long have you been brewing?

    I started brewing about three or four years ago (how the time flies!).  I bought my wife (girlfriend at the time) a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas.  In all honestly, I sort of knew that it was really for me and the tent she was getting me was for her, but hey, share and share alike!  Our family decided to get into the hops business, first with growing and then moving on to the processing, and I figured what better way to be able to speak with other brewers than to know their language.  So, with a single purchase one weekend this madness started and I haven't looked back.

    I really can't say that I have moved on to full 5/10/20 gallon batches and all-grain brewing since I still use the LBK for many things such as splitting up batches and making a quick extract brew to fill the pipeline.  It also allows for some variety with a case at a time - and for me to enjoy the beers the wife does not particularily care for (look at the pic, I am holding a smoked porter and her a super hopped IPA - thanks Sam Adams for a taste of the pilot).  What has really helped me develop is splitting a batch between two LBKs and trying a different yeast, hop, or other ingredient and doing a side-by-side tasting of similar but different beers at the same age.

    What is your favorite beer?
    My first favorite beer was Mr. Beer's Mad Dog IPA.  The wife was just starting to enjoy IPAs at the time so I tried to kick out as many IPAs as possible.  Another "always in the pipeline" beer is a Peanutbutter Oatmeal Stout as that is the only dark beer she will drink as of now.  I really cant't say I have a favorite as I like experimenting and trying other things.  We also like hitting up the breweries and talking shop with the brewmasters and from time to time getting to sample their pilot batches.  The smoked salmon beer we had in Alaska for our honeymoon was a WINNER with both of us!  But, with being able to speak the language, it has been a blessing that many of the pubs have shared their recipes with us and give us sit-down time to chat and offer tips and tidbits.

    Who would you most like to share a beer with?
    There are many people I would like to share a pint with but I have to say John Palmer.  I listened to an interview and found out he started brewing because he couldn't find Stroh Dark in California when he got a job out there.  "Hey, that was our house beer in college" so looked him up and found out he was a few years my senior and we probably passed in the Engineering halls at Michigan Tech (and probably at one or two bars in our travels).  So not only would I like to have a pint or two with him, but talk about our Techie days.  I still miss Stroh Dark and need to find a clone.  Any help?

     Oh, and with Turkey Day weekend, I also would like to have a pint with Aaron Rodgers and my wife with Clay Matthews.  Go Pack!

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