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    • sure wish I did too! i'd just live down there with my beer and never go back up stairs.......
    • We don't have basements down here in the south. I wish we did though.
    • And if the lime is not to the level you want you can always add a slice to the glass when you drink it.   Consider this an experimental batch from which you gained experience for the next one...along with some spicy beer to drink.  
    • You made a beer without a doubt.  The chiles will put off enough oil to keep the krausen from forming on top of the fermentation.  If you bottle it and give it some time (6 months or so) the heat will go away to a point.    Always remember that when you add spices to a beer think of how much you want to add and then cut that amount by at least half.  Then if after you brew the batch there isn't enough for your liking adjust up on the next batch.
    • So I started this chile lime on the 13th, there never was much Krausen at all and at 9 days there's really no trace there ever was one. The trub level looks normal compared to other batches. Seeing little to no activity I am wondering if I should bottle at 2 weeks or go the usual 3? I don't know if time is my friend here.     I took a sip. I estimate I put in 1 tbs too much and there's not much "lime" to it at all. No experience here, what does everyone think the carbonation and conditioning will do to the heat, anything or would it be static?  At this point in the game I think I made a hot, beer smelling liquid.
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