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      Ok first time new brewer here, I am brewing babys got bock for my first attempt. It's been fermenting for 13 days. I'm not seeing much action in the LBK, just a few suds in patches on the top.Is this what I should be seeing? Also will this brew need a D-rest or should I just bottle it? Should I carbonate this at a higher temp and then condition at 55 or should I carbonate and condition at 55? thanks in advance for all help.
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      Speaking from my own experience, that's a great way to go.  I've been bottling in 22 oz bombers for years and my beers have been the better for it.  Investing in a capper (and caps, of course!) was one of the best things I've done.
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      The basic MrBeer refills will not normally generate much of a head.  Fortunately, this is an easy "problem" to resolve, as RickBeer indicated above.  You can simply add more malt; in particular, a pouch of MrBeer's Golden LME (Liquid Malt Extract) will go a long way toward improving mouthfeel and head generation and retention.  Another way is to steep some grains that are rich in dextrine, which will help give you that foamy head you desire.  These grains are often named "cara-" something, the most popular being carapils and carafoam.  This is not difficult to do.  Put 4 oz of crushed carapils into a muslin sack and steep in 4 cups of hot water for 20-30 minutes.  Then remove the sack, bring the water to a boil, and proceed with the regular MrB instructions.   These grains are available at your local homebrew store (or LHBS, as we say around here), and the folks there will almost certainly crush them for you at no extra charge.  They are very inexpensive; my LHBS sells carapils for $1.79/pound.  I use it in every beer I brew.  More good news:  per JoshR, MrBeer will soon be selling these and other grains, making it easy to acquire them at the same time you buy your refills.   Welcome to home brewing and to these forums.  You have embarked on a very rewarding journey.
    • not sure whats wrong
      Thank you all for the input.  I am enjoying making my own beer and look forward to expanding the process but only with help from the Mr. Beer community.
    • Sunday Morning Coming Down Questions and Advice
      Great idea!  I may actually go the 22 oz bottle route, but same concept.
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