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    • or you could be really adventurous.   take a small mason jar. add a couple fist fulls of raisins. cover with water. cover jar with a paper towel.  sit it out on the counter for a week or so.  in time you will see bubbles forming on the raisins due to wild yeast.  feed it sugar for awhile.  then pitch that into your wort.   no telling what the heck yeast you end up with or what results.   if you really really want to live la vita loca,  do an open fermentation without any temperature control and wild yeast. you'll likely end up with a sour. lactobacter is everywhere and so is brett.
    •   Seconded.  Santa Rita is a tasty brew.  I'm curious to read about the results with the hothead yeast.
    • My god yes! I would say this hot head yeast can handle that. I find it hard to believe any yeast can go over 80 without crazy esters but apparently this one can. Let me know what you ferment at and how it tastes!
    • @Cato @Creeps McLane I have a can of nw ipa and I think I’m gonna try the Santa Rita Pale Ale recipe that @Shrike said was good. It has been tough temp controlling now that it’s hot. Think I’m gonna try that hothead yeast on a batch and see how it turns out. I have a lager in a cooler in my 90-100 degree garage right now. 4 frozen bottles every 24 hrs. It’s an RTIC cooler so it holds good temp but still....wanna try an omega batch and just keep it in a closet somewhere, no cooler, and not worry about temps. 
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