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    • New Recipe - Sir Kenneth American Blonde Ale!!
      Reading the instructions says to step the grains, strain, then boil 0.5oz Sterling hops for 10 minutes. I'm just wondering if there are enough sugars with 8oz grains, in five cups water, for the hop acids to attach to. I know the first hop addition is for flavor, I'm just curious what the utilization factor is with the small grain steep/mash. 
    • First Kit Questions, Scheduling and Temps
      Thx for the replies! Here is the email from Mr. Beer just a few days ago. See what it says under Light Beers.
    • Need advice
      the wild wheat I brewed was a success it's a can of CAL, and a can of Bavarian Weissbier and  I threw in some honey malt out of curiosity
    • Need advice
      I do use the CAL. I usually just add 1 pack booster and 0.5 oz Cascade fop at flameout. That gives it just that little bit more. But you can also add much more including additional HME cans and make really strong beers.   My daughter likes this past collaboration clone called Golden One (Mr B + Anthem Brewing). Dissolve sugar and bring to boil, add coriander and hops in bag, turn off heat, add/dissolve LME and HMEs, put into keg on top of 1 gal cold water, top up with water to the 8.5 mark, add yeast and ferment 3 weeks, prime and bottle as usual. Ends up somewhere around 8% +/- a bit. RECIPE INCLUDES:
      1 Can Classic American Light
      1 Can Canadian Blonde
      2 Packets Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HMEs)
      1 Packet Brewmax LME - Golden
      1 Packet Safbrew T-58 Yeast
      1 1/2oz Packet Saaz Pellet Hops
      1 Muslin Hop Sack
      2 Packets No-Rinse Cleanser

      1 Teaspoon Coriander Seed, freshly crushed
      1/2 Cup Cane Sugar
    • Dortumder Export with Ale Yeast (Not Lager)
      You could also try the Fermentis Saflager 34/70. It's a lager yeast that ferments well in the ale temperature range (65-68f). Then you could condition at lager temps. Just a thought.
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