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    • you might want to wipe down the inside of the fridge with a mild bleach solution too in case mold spores latched onto it.  you might consider getting a DAMP-RID container and putting it on the bottom shelf to act as a kind of dehumidifier. bad thing is that youll likely have to constantly dump it and add more damprid. don't know how effective it would be.. just a thought.  
    • Nice review, Mr. Why!  I'm looking forward to having one of these.  My only mod to the recipe was adding a 3rd Saint Pat's.  8mths down....  4 to go.
    • If your looking for one that goes from brew to bottle relatively quickly for a barleywine, try the Mr. Beer recipe.  It was my first barleywine and it was really good!  I think it took a total of 4mths before I drank it.  Good stuff!  👍🏽
    • Tasting Notes Lock Stock Barrel Stout, Bottled on April 1, 2017   I'm not going to go back and look up my notes on brewing this, but if I recall I forgot the chocolate malt. Other than that I brewed this per recipe instructions.   I know the instructions say six months to a year....but I decided it was time to try one. We are at 15 weeks, almost 4 months. That is enough time to test a bottle.   Color is deep. Almost black. Slight lacing. Not a lot of head on the top, but I wasn't expecting it. Nose is the Irish Stout with a strong oak and whiskey scent. Strong in a good way. it complements the stout scent.   Taste is outstanding. It has a great body and mouth feel. There is a slight bitterness (as there should be) that is balanced by the additions of the grains. Lots of flavor. The oak and whiskey are there, but in the background.   I want to say I purchased this recipe kit on sale, but it was still expensive.  HOWEVER.....good bourbon barrel aged stouts come in at a hefty price. This matches almost any bourbon barrel age stout I've purchased. It is a great beer with a great flavor.   I am not sure if I am going to keep aging this one. I'm not really getting the sense that it needs any more time. (Caveat.....I live in a warm area so my beers tend to develop quickly.)   I love this beer.   I am going to brew it again, but rework it a bit. I am going to tone it down a little (I cannot believe I just said this......) I'll go one HME, 1 smooth, 1 robust, and up the grains.......    
    • Nice topic, @AnthonyC.  I love barleywines for the holidays.  My first homebrew (at a brew shop) was a barleywine with a coworker back in 1997.  I have some Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine from 2013 in the basement now.  I also have some Samichlaus from 2012, 2013, and I think 2014.  Both of these beers age really well.  I usually drink two or 3 bottles of them over the holidays, and pick up more each season to keep the aging pipeline going.   (Puts barleywine on the list...)
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