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    • 8 weeks on the yeast cake would yield off flavors.
    • Lol, Cato is back from a great vacation! Had some very good home brews that my brother in law brought. He uses Northern Brewer kits and they were quite tasty. The Fams favs of mine were the Tangerously Hoppy, Witch's Flight, @Creeps McLanesaison, and yes finally a vote for my Wee Heavy Winston!  Glad to be back home,lol, need to diet now for sure.  
    • You're probably tired of hearing about my Saison experiment with WYEAST 3724. But anyway, after waiting another 2 weeks (almost 5 weeks fermenting in primary ) and keeping temps very elevated with hot water bottles, at least 90F - I checked gravity this morning & it has dropped some. Not as much as I'd hoped but maybe 6-8 gravity points. It doesn't taste the same as  gravity samples from 2 weeks ago. Definitely a change, not as one dimensional or sweet.  I'm not sure how to describe, not terrible, but I may have detected some soapy aftertaste but I'm not sure. For better or worse, I've decided to bottle today with a gravity reading of around 1.014-1.016. So that's where I'm at with this beer trying to salvage it. Maybe it will turn out OK after some carbonation & bottle conditioning. I just don't want to leave it 3 more weeks for it to drop a few more points at an excruciatingly slow pace at the risk of the final product tasting awful and like soap. Cheers! ****and my final recommendation is don't use WYEAST 3724 unless you want to wait  8 weeks for primary to finish & can keep temps in the upper 90s for it to finish up********
    • welcome aboard! they make an 8 gallon keg??? oh! the 7.9g fast ferment conical thing!     try to keep the temperature around your keg as close to 64f as you can for most ales. if your house gets hot, the fermenter temps will go up and the yeast might make apple cider flavors.   lots of good info on these forums.. a good place to start is with the sticky posts in rickbeer's signature block.    
    • Thanks, that’s exactly what I will do
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