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    • Boy, I've been back and forth a lot but think I'm starting to close in on what I'm going to brew. Lol, I know I am going to have to drink this once its done and bottled.   Definitely going to be interesting because I've only tasted the hydrometer sample from Calavera Stout. So I'm going a lot by description and have likely created a   Frankenbrew, working with some new grains and HME. RDWHAB, its all good.
    • Lol, I have both the Best Haze of our Lives and The Tangerlously Hoppy IPA in the fermenter right now.   I was going to say it was a good time to get tangerines as they are plentiful, but realized I was commenting on the wrong brew, The Best Haze of our Lives, ought to be pretty good on its own, but I won't be able to say for a few weeks yet on either brew.   Now I'm trying to roll a pineapple tasting brew around on my tongue, but I'm not there yet.
    •   I recommend making it as per the recipe the first time.  I've not made this one, but the American Resolution was nice and "juicy".
    • Sounds good.   Just wanted to make sure you weren't drinking trub, or mixing it in the bottle, then noticing a taste problem.   Drinking out of a glass, even for beer not carbonated in the bottle with sugar, is essential for proper tasting.  The NOSE needs to be part of the process, which is why you see new cans removing most/all of the top.  
    •   I have not.  I've had a few recipes in front of it.  I'm ordering the supplies today.
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