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    • I made an American Wheat with Citra hops. Really like it a lot. Going to make another batch in the next month or so.
    • Always a great read @MrWhy!🍻
    • WhyBrewingCo Tasting Weekend: Imperial Porter bottled 3/4/17 (12 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Brown Belgian Beast bottled 3/18/17 (10 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Imperial Red Ale Plus bottled 4/15/17 (6 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Slap Hoppy Stout bottled 3/25/17 (9 weeks conditioning as of tasting)   Imperial Porter: Huh....not my best beer. But not my worst. The banana flavor is still a bit too present. It is still not balanced, the malt sweetness needs a stronger hop bitterness and presence. And it is strong. As in headache the next day strong. I fermented this too warm. I'll have another one in a few weeks and end up saving a couple for a nice long while, but nothing says this one is a long-term keeper.    Brown Belgian Beast - this was a crazy drunk brew. The first sample I tasted evoked the flavors of raw meat. So this one has come a long way because at this point it tastes like a sweet, strong, brown belgian. It is not great. I am not sure if it is even drinkable. The alcohol is very strong in this one. I mean, I can taste alcohol. But at this point it does not taste like raw meat, which is an improvement. I think this is one I am happy to give several months to before sampling again, just to see what happens.   Imperial Red Ale - WINNER!!!!! Great deep amber color. I upped this one with 3 smooth LME and some centennial and cascade hops. Legitimate great beer.  Love it. Great flavor, great balance. Strong but not overpowering....feeling there is not need to sit on this one. Just going to start putting it into the drinking cycle.    Slap Hoppy Stout - WINNER!!!!! Wow.....according to my notes I decided not to note what I did. Which is both unfortunate and boldly invigorating. That being said this current version of the slap hoppy stout is in every way outstanding. I love this beer. The recipe is two saint pats and a robust, and some northern brewer and goldings. Not sure what I ended up doing, but whatever. I will accept my brilliance without question. Seriously, not many times I've been served a better strong stout. Thinking that this one, along with my Imperial IRA is going into the rotation immediately, with maybe one or two saved for longer conditioning. Or not.   So as it stands....IRA and Slap Hoppy are great beers and going into the the drinking mix now. The Imperial Porter sucks (my fault) and I see no reason to try to let it sit out. Will drink up and free the bottles (saving one). Brown I'm going to sit this one out for awhile and just see what happens.
    • You don't add sugar to the beer in the bottle, you put sugar in the bottle and add the beer.   What's "a German blend"?  No Mr. Beer that I know.
    • @TacTicToe   Did we ever solve this mystery?   What happened????
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