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    • Even though I was not initially going to go our and buy more of this beer, I did go looking as I was not sure I remembered it well. So since I could not find more to try it again, I figured I would make one. This is what I will do. looking at target of 16 IBUs, 4.3 ABV non hoppy saison with a little rye spice.   MR B Wheat HME has 19 IBUs. This may end up at 4.5 or so ABV. So it is a little more. But close. The yeast is a gamble. I wanted it dry so Belle Saison is good, I wanted a bit of spice so T-58 is good - so I compromised and will mix them. The remaining 1/2 packs are still enough for a 2 gal batch. PM with 2oz Golden Promise, 2 oz Flaked Rye, 2 oz Pils Malt    30 min steep @ 165 deg 4 oz Wheat DME Bav Weissbier HME. Ferment with Belle Saison/T-58 mix for dryness and a bit of spice. (1/2 pack each) Start cool and then warm it up.   The beer calculator makes a big difference in using these yeasts in the ABV, 4.5% for Belle Saison and 3.9% for the T-58. (Attenuation 80% and 70%  respectively) so I can get some of the t-58 flavor but the Belle Saison dryness I am hoping.   Mad scientist strikes again lol
    • The Lemon Drop Hop Saison I made a couple months ago was dry and lemony, I posted the recipe back then.
    • You could use a saison yeast, the Belle Saison ferments it really dry. and it likes heat so no worries about cooling it down. To keep it dry and limit maltiness, use booster instead of added malt. That will also dry it and give it some body and head retention without flavor. Also no off flavors you might get with sugar.   You could try the Pilsner or wheat HMEs fermented with the Belle Saison too.
    • i would vote for the horse's ass ale recipe. it's got honey plus the base is the Classic American Light HME. Pretty light, clean and dry recipe. I added some corn sugar the 1st time I brewed it and it was quite dry. American Ale HME is a bit on the heavy side for me, but I have used it several times.   JDub
    • American Ale HME + 4oz carapils + 1 cup honey.  That's a good starting point.
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