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Flat Beer Remedy?

Forums / New Brewers and FAQs / Flat Beer Remedy?
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  1. dttaylor
    dttaylor avatar
    1 posts
    08 Aug 2013
    Sampled the first batch of Czech Pilsner yesterday. Was probably a little early (bottled on 7/31/13) but I wanted to see how things were coming along. Bottles primed with the carbonation drops had decent carbonation, so-so flavor. Bottles primed with white sugar had a slightly better taste but little carbonation. Now I'm second guessing if I put enough sugar in the bottles I primed with white sugar. Should I just wait a bit longer and try another bottle to see if it has better carbonation or should I open a bottle, add more sugar and see what happens? I'm wondering if I only put 1.5 tsp in the sugar bottles and not 2.5 tsps. Thoughts?
  2. azmark
    azmark avatar
    460 posts
    16 Jan 2012

    Wait a couple of more weeks.  Un capping will just release all the carb you have built up.
  3. goblin
    goblin avatar
    251 posts
    28 Jul 2011
    all else fails, just blend the to together.
    adding sugar will cause foaming.

  4. yankeedag
    yankeedag avatar
    20105 posts
    25 Oct 2008
    Well dttaylor, it does sound like you make be tearing into them early. You'll find that time does play a large roll in the conditioning of beer. Once bottled, they should be left undisturbed for at least 4 week at room temp. So if you tap them before that time, be assured that you will not be drinking them in their prime.
    Also, to remove doubt, it's best to start a log book, and keep notes on each batch you do. You'll find that information will come in really handy.
  5. Jim Johnson
    Jim Johnson avatar
    4054 posts
    11 Dec 2012
    sounds like you just jumped the gun wait a couple more weeks do not add sugar to the beer as all that will do is make a mess
  6. scoopdjour
    scoopdjour avatar
    10 posts
    11 Aug 2013
    Jim, since you seem to have a solid system, why are there soo many variables. Mr. Beer tells you two in the fermenter, two in the bootle for carb and two weeks in the fridge to condition. Now im hearing 3 weeks to ferment, 4 weeks to carb. I watched this guy on youtube called Craigtube, he's easy to understand, but I wanna know what you really think. Im soo lost right now, I have two Mr. Beer fermenters and tomorrow ( 8/17/13) it will be two weeks. The other is two weeks the following Sat. The one tomorrow has no bubbles or any of the white stuff from b4 on top. I kinda want to take it out and cold crash it for (how many days) and then bottle. Give it to me straight.
  7. RickBeer
    RickBeer avatar
    3121 posts
    26 Feb 2012
    Forget Youtube and forget what Mr. Beer tells you.  Members on this forum pretty consistently say that if you don't have a hydrometer, go 3 weeks in the LBK and 4 weeks in the bottle at room temps, or longer.  Don't refrigerate what you're not ready to drink.

    It's irrelevant if there's any white stuff on top or bubbles.  If you see trub on the bottom of the LBK, you made beer.  Taste it - it should not be sweet.  If you're at 3 weeks, you're done, bottle.  If you buy a hydrometer, and you get the same reading 48 hours apart, it's ready.

7 posts
0 answered
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