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  2. I am of the opinion that no one can definitively explain what circumstances lead to an occasional gusher. That is all.
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  4. One more week until I bottle the Girls And Boysenberries :-)
  5. Cheers! Thanks man I’m willing to drink my mistakes so it should be a fun learning experience. I’m still using the aquarium thermometer in the cooler, eventually I will put it into the LBK somehow. In the meantime I’m checking the ambient temps inside the cooler every 12 hours or so and I’ve managed to keep it in the low to mid 60s using frozen water bottles.
  6. Had a bottle of of Irish Stout that escaped consumption for abut a year. I put it in the fridge, and forgot about it for another month. OK unusual, but I expected it to be just fine. Well, the moment I cracked the cap , the beer sprayed out like a high pressure fire hose! No explosion, but the mess in the kitchen looked it, beer covered the cabinets, floor and counter top. I guess I am lucky that it was not a bottle bomb with glass everywhere. Not sure why, just speculation - double dose of priming sugar???
  7. vI have a wide variety of bottles and they serve a number of needs. For example: my wive loves the Czech style pilsner, but one 12ox bottle is enough for her (I may consume 2). My lenten style dopplebock is in 750 and my fest style was 1/2 liter. Do I have a real sense of seeing size? Maybe. Each method has 1 basic requirement, can I put beer in it to condition well?
  8. Might not hurt to check out the recipe spreadsheet I've posted on this forum. Column Y is Total Time, which is the least amount of time recommended from start of fermenting until the beer might be ready to drink. Lots of 2's in this column, and while they might be ready in 2 months, the longer the better. Oh, and the fun in hitting the the beer aisle at the grocery (or liquor store)? Sampling craft and locally made beers, to get ideas of what to try to make next
  9. The Columbus hops really stand out and the honey gives it a dry aftertaste. I enjoy this recipe.
  10. darker beers and beers with higher than average abv% do better with a longer conditioning time. I could do a tripel, which is predominantly Pilsen but has a very high abv... and I would age that way longer than a cream ale. blondes aren't usually that heavy.
  11. I will always say, the less bottles to wash the better. I also would fill the LBK a bit over recommended. I dont care if my beer drops from 5.5 to 5.2. Doesnt bother me one bit.
  12. I've got one of those myself, and I just made Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale. Bottled it a week or so ago.
  13. My Thunder Bay IPA is the only batch that I couldn't get 16 bottles out of. I guess I didn't compensate for all the water those hop sacks would displace. I only got 15, but, you live and you learn.
  14. I do have a Thunderbay kit on the shelf. In fact I am sipping one now. One of my favorites. How's that Surly Dog compare?
  15. Let me guess, wassss it Yule love this ale? They had my spices in the mail before I even knew the box on the way was short them. I did notice that other recipes calling for mulling spices don't include them, so maybe they just started actually carrying them. Anyway, I am likewise impressed with the customer service
  16. I recently had an order that was missing a packet of mulling spices. A quick email to CS and the spices arrived in a couple days. Good deal!
  17. I'd suggest any of the Mr. Beer partial mash IPA or Wit recipes.
  18. 76shovel, Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that adds just a bit more water so that I can get the complete 16 bottles (of the 0.5L variety). My last bottle usually has a bit of "untipped LBK" portion. I just mark that bottle as "trub".
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  20. These are some of my favorite quick turnarounds. , ,
  21. Looking at my brew notes, Witch's Flight, Santa Rita Pale Ale, and Suava Java all fit the bill. Those are the ones I've done that I really enjoy and have quick turnarounds; I plan on brewing them all again. I might add Long Play IPA to that list once I taste the first one in a week.
  22. I've kinda locked up a pile of bottles with stouts, porters, and a bock lager. The couple brews I have fermenting suggest a 3-4 month period from brewing to belly too. I have a nice stash in the basement beer fridge to pass the time but they won't last until spring. So what do you folks suggest for a beer with a faster development to fill that gap? Yeah I could just hit the beer aisle on grocery day but where's the fun in that? Looking for something that might be done at 3+3 or only slightly beyond that. Thanks!
  23. Glad I caught this thread. The Brown truck dropped off Sir Kenneth Blonde today. I'll likely get it started this weekend then after bottling put it with the stouts for longer conditioning.
  24. I recently received a shipment, and everything was in order, except for the fact that one 4 oz package of carapils had come open, and the grain was everywhere. I let CS know, just because I'd want to know if I shipped something and it came open. Anyway, I wasn't trying to get 4 ounces of grain replaced, it's simply too easy for me to get that small of an amount at my LHBS. I was thanked for the info, and given a little store credit for for my trouble! I mean, WHO does that? Just awesome!
  25. Agreed. You can ask people who know me and I am famous for saying "Win or lose, I still have to work tomorrow so I can pay the bills" or "The best you can hope for is to be able to smile a little bit longer." Be it my Hawks, Packers, Mariners, Cubs, or Sooners. Heck, only 1 team can win it all... the rest, well, they lost too ad that usually includes my teams.
  26. I have only used the 740ml bottles. I add a bit more water in the LBK along with booster in the wort then tip the LBK to just squeeze out 12 bottles. I think that works out to 2.25 gallons instead of 2. I understand this amounts to watering down my beer but really I doubt I know the difference. I have no problem draining the whole 740ml if I feel like it (hell it's only 2 beers). When I order a tall draft at a restaurant, and I always order a tall draft, it's nearly the same amount. If I save 1/2 for the next day or even a couple days later they've been fine too.
  27. Lol! No worries from me! I enjoy some good friendly banter from time to time! I wasn't sure how that game was going to go... but hey... ya win some, ya lose some!
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