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  2. So I have a batch of American Resolution fermenting and The Best Haze Of Our Lives up on deck. I've been reading a lot of negative things about bottle conditioning the NEIPA style because of oxidation and the beers turning a brown muddy color only after a few weeks in the bottle. I've read that most people prefer to keg this style of beer to avoid that. So my question is why does that happen so often with this style and any advice on how to avoid it?
  3. I mean, 8% is a BIG beer! You want to make a barleywine or what?
  4. You just need to ask yourself "Is 8% ABV enough?" If not, add the booster. If yes, don't. Personally, I'd save it for a later brew.
  5. Ya I take the spigot apart after every bottling/cleaning. I assume @Cato is talking about spare spigots? By golly if I had spare lbks laying around I would have beer in them stashed around my house considering how many recipes are in my brew queue. My wife said that 3 lbks is enough (for now). What she doesn’t know won’t hurt
  6. It’s not part of the recipe. I don’t know as much as most on this forum but I would think that 2 hme cans, 1 lme and the sugars from the steeped grains would be sufficient. I would follow the recipe. But that being said I am a fan of abv so may be it can’t hurt?
  7. Should I add the brewmax booster to this recipe?... It came with the American Ale
  8. @Cato I know. Those are 2 precious gallons. That was my 1st thought I don’t want to waste any. I haven’t had any batches taste sweet or non-alcoholic at bottling. Bout to bottle creeps’ saison ipa this week. How much sugar did you go with for carbing? Ya I’m with you. I don’t use the mrb yeast ever. With that much time invested in every batch I either order the good stuff or go to my excellent local HBS. Not to knock it bc I don’t know the difference but it’s just a suspicion. All of the PM kits come with better yeast and tell you to toss the one under the lid.
  9. What I do constantly is the nut on the inside has one side completely flat, other side has a very slightly raised area. If the flat side is not against the keg, it leaks until I turn the bugger around. Something to consider
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  11. That sounds good too. I will see how it goes after i sand them both down and do what jdub said. Better to clean and sanitize everything. Customer service said they would replace them.
  12. Yes, I do what Jdub described and it works well. I too had to lightly sand the opening on one of my LBKs. Don't be afraid to take it apart and clean and sanitize it. Trub will get in those threads or between the nut and the threads. Don't take that chance, not worth it. At $10 a piece, buy a spare or two, and have a back up while you clean and dissemble the other.
  13. Working on clarification, thanks for the heads up.
  14. That's probably what i will do too.
  15. One reason that I always leave the spigot in place and don't remove it is the fear of a leaking gasket. I just clean and sanitize the LBK before and after brewing. Probably some will disagree, but no infections (yet).
  16. Just remember the time spent cold crashing does NOT count as time fermenting
  17. Lol, with only 2 precious gallons in the LBK, I just get OG and FG. I ferment 18-19 days take a taste sample, and if its flat beer, I rinse the spigot and cold crash. I'm usually bottled by 21-22 days. I haven't had a stuck fermentation yet, but except for my first two batches I haven't used the small MB yeast packs, and so mostly overpitching with US-05, belle saison, or Nottingham. I do pay close attention to my FG, to make sure I am in ballpark of expected.
  18. I hear ya there BDawg....I just haven’t gotten that complex yet. I don’t know if I have had a batch get stuck yet. I need to start checking that. I need to get a squeeze bottle of sanitizer ready to rock at all times so I can sample a little at 21days or sooner to make sure it’s ready.
  19. Nothing wrong with your method JDub. You should taste a sample at 21 days to make sure it didn't get stuck. As long as a 1 ounce sample taste like flat beer at 21 days you are good to bottle. No reason to waste a bunch of beer.
  20. I'm on day 9 of American Resolution and it's been steady between 63-65. I was just stating that the recipes uses the same yeast but instructions are different so I wanted to clarify a possible mistake in the instructions.
  21. updates in six months, then two in less than one week. This time, added the three new National Parks recipes, plus a few minor fixes here and there. Note to Mr Beer folks. The picture for Hidden Lake Amber shows a DME, but the recipe is calling for an LME. Just wanted to check and find out which is correct MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
  22. I don't take frequent samples. Nor do I take 2 samples, 48 hours apart, to see if it's done. I wait at least 18 days, sometimes 19, and take a reading. If it matches my expected FG, I cold crash. If it's too high, I evaluate letting it go another 48 hours.
  23. I guess I should be using it. I’ve just been fermenting 21 days and not worrying about it. Seems like some brewers take frequent samples to determine if it’s finished fermenting. I’ll try using on my next brew.
  24. I fermented the American Resolution at 64-65 and it was fine.
  25. Yeah, i take mine from the spigot after stirring the wort real good to mix and aerate, to get my OG. I use a squeeze bottle with sanitizer to jet up into the spigot several times to clean it. I take it again after cold crashing and let it sit while I bottle, so it will warm up to room temp so I can get my FG. I always sanitize the hydrometer and tube before using since I return the sample for OG. For FG I sanitize as well, but I drink that sample after bottling.
  26. Definitely we should do a virtual brew! I am figuring it should to be ready to try mid June or so!
  27. I don't know where you are figuring the timing, but 9 days is not enough time for the yeast to clean up.
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