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  2. Did the same thing but infused a couple oz's of KY straight bourbon with the coconut and vanilla for three days before adding to the secondary. An awesome cool weather brew even if the coconut came through a little heavier than I'd planned. Enjoy!
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  4. I know I will have to add another LBK or, perhaps, the pending conical soon! I MUST increase capacity and brews to keep up with my friends!
  5. Excited about the brew I made last night. Used the american porter refill plus 1 cup brown sugar and 1 oz of toasted coconut flakes (in a hop sack). Going to add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract in one week. It's basically a makeshift version of the Nilla Porter recipe just adding some coconut flakes. I did this same recipe without the coconut a few months ago and the beer was very good -- if anything, it just lacked a little flavor. Hoping the coconut helps this out. Kevin
  6. Love this 👇🏻. Use it all the time. I clean the spout, dunk this in sanitizer and stick it up there and leave it until im ready to transfer.
  7. I saw it mentioned on a video I watched, so I started the practice, dipping a Q-tip, in 1 Step solution and swab it. Being that the sample was taken and then the LBK was immediately place in the refrigerator, I think it will be Ok.
  8. My LBK#1 that I repitched into is still bubbling away and smelling good, I guess it will take a couple of weeks to finish :-/
  9. I have never done that but probably should. On the other hand, I have never drawn any wort/beer through the spigot before bottling anyway so nothing for any strange organisms to grow on.
  10. ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!! except for two problems. I don't know where you live. And I don't know where I live. But I'll be there as soon as I sort things out
  11. I just bought 1100# of grain (+100# of dextrose) and I am hoping it gets me through the next 6-7 weeks. I remember when going and getting 1-2 50# bags of 2-row seemed like a truck load. Now I have palettes delivered to me lol. A big part of that will be 2 double batches of my 12% Triple IPA, “R U Ready?!?”. Each batch is almost 100# of grain. It also has to sit 9 weeks so we need to brew it by 11/4 so it’s ready for the NFL Playoffs.
  12. Please, come live here for a month to help me clear these kegs. That's what's slowing me down. I haven't brewed in 2-3 weeks now to let myself catch up to my pipeline.
  13. a very sad image of MiniYoda staring at the computer screen, salivating, and wondering..... Can I bring the wings? and the steaks? and the mac & cheese? and the green bean casserole? and the pumpkin pie for desert?
  14. I just bought 150+ lbs of grain, almost 2 lbs of hops, and 10 various yeasts. I'm ready for some fall / winter brewing baby! First brew, tomorrow will be a 10 gallon split batch. Last round of Pantry brews. 1 MRB northwest pale ale 1 MRB Diablo IPA 1 MRB Churchills Nutbrown 1 Coopers pale ale 1 Breiss Sorghum 4 oz rye malt 4 oz golden promise 4 oz white wheat 4 oz red wheat 3 oz mild malt 3 oz extra special malt 4 oz raw merit barley 1/2 oz warrior @ 10 1/2 oz warrior @ 5 1/2 oz warrior @ 0 1 packet of MGJ empire ale 1 mason jar of harvested lager yeast
  15. That is freaking awesome! I try to not drink them so they can kinda pile up, but I'm not good at it. Drinking yet another Whispering Wheat as I'm typing, lol. I'm thinking this is the best I've made yet. I've made some good ones, but it's just something about the partial mash I guess.
  16. That’s a good start.
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  18. Good deal Pete Since last Christmas when I got started at this, using LBKs and the 740ml bottles, I have slowly managed to get about 23 gallons in the loop. For the last few months I have been keeping 3 LBKs perking. I am about to take a break, I have been restricting my personal intake for a while and my basement beer fridge is nearly maxed out. These days I am window shopping the longer conditioning recipes and waiting for sales.
  19. Dark Ale 3 is bottled, so all I have to do is wait. Halfway through bottling I realized I forgot the swab and sanitize the LBK spigot. I am going to make a checklist for brew and bottle days.
  20. Update, a week later, following up on @MRB Tim, it's creeping up on 2 months for the Gila Monster being conditioned. The "twang" on the next one was much less pronounced. The beer is changing under my nose. Being less than 10 batches into my MrBeer experiment/hobby, I'm realizing how much "have patience" is something you guys mean -- SERIOUSLY -- when you say it. Might have had a sanitation problem with my Staggerback (see above) but this Gila Monster'll be fine. Thanks, Tim
  21. You will see some of the Cooper's yeast packs have both Lager and Ale yeast in them. I guess that will guarantee fermentation over a wider temperature range, ensuring greater customer success when lager temperatures (50's F) cannot be achieved and giving the option of the preferred lager fermentation treatment. However at only 7g for 6 gal, it seems they are trending towards the under pitching amount, but it seems to work for them.
  22. Sorry any confusion. It's actually two separate questions, poorly put. I have a TB batch in an LBK about a week from bottling but I have another TB kit on the shelf. Looking for ways to boost the grapefruit taste in the fermenting one but wondering about the future one as well. Thanks for the replies. Mark
  23. recipe

    I did not plan on this one sticking around for Oktoberfest, but the early ones that I drank mid-Sept. were quite interesting with Sorachi Ace intensity -- not so much lemony as marketed, but more like juniper berry. After another month of conditioning, that bitterness has mellowed significantly leaving me with a respectable pale ale.
  24. Congrats!
  25. Citra. But if you want less pine in comparison, swap the last 2 Centennial hop bags added for Citra.
  26. That is a good answer, however, some folks like to tweak the yeast contribution by using higher or lower temps. But that is on them. Maybe first use the Mr Beer/Cooper's recommendation than after that, Yeast manufacturer, then after that any custom special adjustment. However, the designer of the recipe may specify a yeast and a temperature profile just to get a special taste FOR COOPER'S YEASTS LOOK HERE: The following explains the ink-jetted code on the yeast sachets, supplied with each beer kit: Sachets carry a Julian date code and may also carry letters to denote the type of yeast. For example, if they were packaged on the 25th of September 2007 = 268th day of 2007: Original Series:- Ac (26807) International Series:- Australian Pale Ale - Ac+L (26807 Int) Mexican Cerveza - Ac+L (26807 Int) European Lager - L (26807 P) Canadian Blonde - Ac (26807) English Bitter - Ac (26807) Thomas Coopers Selection:- Wheat - A (26807 W) IPA - Ac (26807 IPA) Irish Stout - A (26807 IS) Pilsener - L (26807 P) Australian Bitter - Ac+L (26807 PS) Heritage Lager - Ac+L (26807 PS) Sparkling Ale - Ac+L (26807 PS) Traditional Draught - Ac+L (26807 PS) Note: Ac = Coopers ale yeast (our own strain, not the same as the yeast in our commercial ales, developed in-house and propagated under contract). A = ale yeast and L = lager yeast (these strains are commercially available dry yeast and their details are held in confidence).
  27. The amount of fermentables wont change the range you should ferment at. However, when you get to a certain point you may want to consider a yeast specific for a higher ABV wort
  28. Add grapefruit zest with the hop sack. Get just the zest, the white under part will be super bitter. This is why I think a lot of people just add grapefruit extract. That or dry hop with a crap ton of citra, you’d swear there’s actually grapefruit in there.
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