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  2. nice...😁🍻
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  4. Nice job! Great head on that pour to. Welcome to the family!
  5. @Bonsai & Brew - How is El Tipo coming along?
  6. I am right now having buyers remorse about the cinnamon stick.....maybe I should have dry dropped it.......I guess in a year I'll know if I need to rename this El Cinnamonstruo. Just checked on it. WE'VE GOT KRAUSEN! So far it hasn't overflowed. I'm getting a little better at this whole brewing thing. This one I pitched it at 80. Put it into the fridge set at 63, with a water bottle already in at 80 degrees. (I insert the temp probe into a small bottle of water. That is how I monitor/control for temp.) This meant the fridge was on bringing the temp down already. Just raised it a degree to 64. Will leave it there for the rest of fermentation.
  7. The Nut brown is very good, and it looks as if you nailed it. I let mine sit a couple of months in the bottle, and the head was very creamy and the flavors melded together into an excellent beer.
  8. beer wars

    If you don't brew it, who will? Well done! 🍻
  9. 4/29 Brewing La Noche Obscura I take great pride in my humility, but sometimes I just have to step back and wonder if I am the baddest man in my house. And then I realize that with a wife and daughter, I am the only man in the house. Which by default makes me the baddest. But whatever. Champions are champions and tonight, I am a champion. La Noche Obscura - Un cervesa quadricular de mas fuerte. Grains: Brewers 2 row Munich Crystal 1/2 black 1/2 choclate LME: 2 pale 2 smooth HME: Bewitched Amber Booster: 2 (2 new, which is like 1 old. Whatever.) Hops: 2 El Dorado Extra: 2 ancho chile, 1 cinammon stick, vanilla bourbon extract Yeast: T-58 How I brewed it Steep/mash grains as normal. -- While grains are steeping, dissolve into water.... booster - 2 (or 1 depending on how we are talking about these now) 2 pale 2 smooth --- At end of steep, add wort from grains to above, sparge, and bring to boil... In a separate pan dissolve Bewitched Amber. (I used my grain pot). When grain/LME wort boils, add hops and diced chile and cinammon stick....5 minute boil. At end of boil add dissolved HME. -- Chill wort, add extract, stir like mad, pitch yeast. --- Shots fired. Mic dropped. I mount my donkey and trot away. Vaya con dios. I don't know. This might be the summit of my brewing career. Where else is there to go? Now I understand why Alexander wept....
  10. This chica mal is chilling in an ice bath as I type this. I went basically as I said......instead of waiting to dry "stick" the cinammon I cut it up and threw it in with the ancho chile......I used two el dorado hops (1oz) for five minutes. For the grains I went with all the 2 row, munich, and crystal, and half the black and half the chocolate. My wife couldn't find any vanilla beans at the market. (I suspect she did not search with all her heart, mind, and soul.) I've got some vanilla bourbon extract. I am going to put 2 tbl spoons into the wort before I stir and sprinkle the yeast. This is the most audacious brew I have ever brewed.
  11. Wound up bottling 5 12oz bottles non carbonated, just to try it the old traditional way. Got 14 bottles (12oz-22 oz) carbonating. Has light, balanced flavor. Good malt profile with a kick of juniper and hints of orange blossom and "funk" from the kveik. Excited to sample it carbonated!!
  12. Congrat's! You gotta love a success straight off the bat.
  13. Great job. Here's to many more successful brews!
  14. Well done - it is good to have a success first time.
  15. I lost my clips so I just use office binder clips. I didn't like the wand as I got one with no spring and it dripped and it is another thing to clean - so I cut 1.5 inches off the tube and stuck it in the spigot spout. Now I can bottle without spilling, over the sink. I like the LBK spigot much better as it has a spout. This is the LBK wand I think and the tube is tight but it will fit. But that is just me. When the LBK spigot washers start to look manky or I lose one, I use 5/8 inch garden hose washers.
  16. Congrats!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of home brewing... your new obsession...oops...i mean hobby....
  17. My first brew! My son and I got to try our first brew today, Churchill's Nut Brown Ale. It turned out so good! We started some Aztec Cerveza today, too.
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  19. Thank you both for your responses. I did toss it all out. I appreciate you answering my questions.
  20. That beer will be very oxidized and will taste very stale when made (like wet cardboard). The yeast will not work at all. It is a living organism and will die within a couple years past its manufacturing date (even less if stored in the heat). I recommend tossing the whole refill.
  21. Here is the LBK v 2G photo. I have 4 batches going now! 1776 Ale, Naughty Cream Ale, IPA Hop Initiator, Chug-a-lugger!
  22. Let me get a photo for you. I brewed a chug-a-lugger in an LBK this afternoon too!
  23. Nice brewing there @KaijuBrew! Hey - If you were to stand an LBK up next to that, how does the size compare?
  24. All brewed! Seep resulted in a very colorful wort even before adding LMEs!
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