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  4. rick nailed it as usual. another thing you can do is a steep of carapils (crushed grain) to add body and head retention. foam is entirely for looks. i'm fine if the head collapses after only a couple minutes. as for cold impacting taste, that's why i drink room temp beer. every time i have chilled a beer it tastes muted and slightly acidic for lack of a better word. (largely due to more co2 in solution). i think the only beer i would ever intentionally chill for me would be a kolsch. i'm not a fan of that saddle blanket / straw taste that some kolsch yeast produces. (unless its the hops they used in it?) chilling it knocks it back a few notches. i might chill a 'lawnmower beer' too.
  5. another thing you can do when you get the brewing bug... become 'that guy' who can only talk for hours about yeast , beer and brewing. that was me. a colleague at work made the mistake of telling me he was into beer one day. for over a year i would corner him to go on and on about my latest brewing exploits, how wonderful yeast are, etc. not everyone shares your obsession. they just want free beer. another reason i like this forum... you can come here and talk for hours about brewing and no one will look at you like you are some kind of preachy weirdo or something. yep i can look back and laugh. oh and for the record? my kind of chimay red not quite clone came out great. after only 1 month in the bottle it has a lovely banana ester, a nice heaviness that i like, a light hoppy presence.... was it worth the extra work to do a decoction mash? i think so. i'm trying to be good and keep my hands off them. ive only had 5 bottles in one month.. 32 left in the cooler. hope to see how going more than 2 months impacts the flavor. must....resist.... incidentally danstar abbaye yeast does a good job. first time using it. i kept the temp at over 72f for most of the first 2 weeks and it makes fairly strong banana notes.
  6. Just made a batch similar to "Tangerously Hoppy IPA" and I'm hoping it turns out nice. I used Long play IPA, honey, mandarin juice and zest, coriander seeds, crystal, tettenang and Willamette hops- for a 10 min boil. The OG is 1.049... Gonna call it "BITTERSWEET MEMORIES" i have a bunch of Left over hops on hand. 😁
  7. Oh, and by "brats" I don't mean this:
  8. No matter how crappy it is, it's always good for boiling some brats in.
  9. I have had the odd bottle bubbling when it was leaking at the cap. If it is just one, make sure the cap it tight and if PET, squeeze it to check the hardness compared to others.
  10. Good To Know In Case I Ever Brew CRAPPY Tasting Beer
  11. Cold kills taste.
  12. Start with what you like. For me I like IPA's !st, then stout, and porters. That is where I've started. I mean if I have a choice of steak or liver I'll take steak every time. Life is short, enjoy it.
  13. Lol, I knew that was coming Rickbeer! I'm not sure that's a habit I'll ever break away from at least for the first one, but who knows, if I can up my brewing game like you guys then maybe. Now the pour, I guess I've always poured down the side to avoid the foam mustache. My next one I'll give it a try as you suggest.
  14. Don't use iced mug, just chilled. Pour 1/2 down side, then rest straight in middle.
  15. Exactly! I did say my plan was not set in stone, and of course I've already checked out that Redbud and found a simple recipe online... Stay tuned.
  16. So many beers to brew. Where does a guy start?
  17. Thank you for the recommendation -- I will brew a Berliner very soon!
  18. My wife sent me this pic last night. I think youre missing out cuz she really liked it
  19. Moving right along, I started another lacto culture this morning at the lab. This time I added about a tablespoon of lactose to really get things going. Although my plan is subject to change, I'm thinking a Barrel aged Oud Bruin with tart cherries and cacao nibs might make for a nice Christmas Ale. (Sorry, @Creeps McLane, my LHBS was out of malted wheat for that Berliner Weisse recipe that I've had rattling around in my head.)
  20. Yesterday
  21. That there is a mental image I could have gone my whole life without......thanks for that
  22. Tasting my first sample of Oktoberfest at 3weeks. Probably needs a few more weeks, but it's certainly drinkable, so that's something positive. Got wife to try it and she said, " That's not bad at all", hey I can live with that on first sample! Carbonation seems fine while drinking but didn't produce much head when pouring.
  23. Update- after 2 days of cold crashing the lbk of Bewitched Amber, the strong cider taste is dialed way back and now is just a slight taste of apple. I'm letting the small sample I drew warm up on the counter, but feeling much encouraged about bottling tomorrow! I'm guessing that yeast settling and compaction of the trub during cold crash is responsible. Glad too that I propped up the spigot end.
  24. Had the first trub bottle on Long Play just now. Going to warm condition another 2 weeks and see what happens. Its ok right now, wouldn't buy another 6 pack of it. Don't know if its my preference, or needs more conditioning.
  25. 1- nothing at all 2- depends on what you want. Some yeasts like 34-70 i find it gives a slightly floral / fruity taste. I think S-33 has a little more of these esters. Try different ones, see which you like best 3- ive seen stout lagers. I dont think is a style except maybe a saison or any belgian beer. They make bavarian lager yeast right? Thats what id use on my wheats. Certain styles change... loosely. A blonde would now be more like a pilsner or a kolsch or maybe even a helles depending on ingredients. A dark wheat ale is now a dunkel. Im no expert on styles by any means. But I’d say brew your favorite MRB recipe and chuck some 34/70 in it. Itll just be a smoother, easier to drink beer. Anything you add will shine through more.
  26. Using the MrBeer HME's I use lager yeast and sometimes dry hop.
  27. If you are brewing an imperial porter or stout, you will be using lager yeast capable of handling the higher ABV.
  28. ...and @HoppySmile! sleeping on your front lawn?
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