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  2. Look under Rickbeer's post for "How to Read a Hydrometer" Bonsai & Brew provided the equation. There are on-line calculators such as the one on "Screwy Brewer". Worth taking a time to read and mull over. BTW - Welcome to the Forum.
  3. Read this post, including the video I posted after it. Clearly, if you think your hydrometer is reading "4.3", you don't know how to use it.
  4. Welcome to the brewing business So at 3.9% it has a way to go to be done fermenting - it should go close to 5.5% (claimed). Also in case you are not familiar with the hydrometer (pls excuse suggestion if you are), make sure you read the bottom of the meniscus. You also should test hydrometer calibration in plain water just in case it might be off. I liked the Long Play IPA too, it is lighter by far than many commercial brews.
  5. Live and learn. Until joining the forum and being a clueless newb, I didn't know that the high krausen generated that much heat diff over ambient. Lol, ignorance is bliss short-lived. So I'm two batches in and nothing to be done but correct for the upcoming third. I'll definitely have to look at getting a small fridge or freezer with an inkbird before long. However, my next batch the lbk will go in my cooler with an ice bottle and temp probe. Ambient is 68 in the upstairs, so shouldn't take too much to drop it 3-4 degrees.
  6. @HeffeGeezer More than likely, here's your calculation: OG 1.043 - FG 1.013 = 0.030, so 0.030 X 131.25 = 3.9% ABV.
  7. Hi All!!! Got a brew kit for Christmas-Long Play IPA, I don't care for (I HATE) IPAs so I consider this a "throw-away" brew...BUT I'm on day 13 of fermentation and I took a reading on my Mr Beer hydrometer.....WAIT let me back up a little...Which leads me to .. Question 1; My original reading on my MRB Hydrometer was "4.3" SO.....after many searches on many sites with many calculators STILL come up with Question 1; WHAT NUMBERS DO I ENTER INTO WHICH "CALCULATOR"???? Is it 4.3 Is it 1.43 Is it 1.043 Is it 1043 HELP!!!! SO, back to my 13th day reading.... It read; 1.3 or 1.13 or 1.013 or 1013 HELP!!!! WHAT NUMBERS DO I ENTER INTO WHICH "CALCULATOR"???? Temperature questions will be for another day....after hydro testing, I taste tested it and it tasted SO MUCH BETTER than any IPA I have EVER Drank... I could drink it AS IS as opposed to a bottled IPA....GRRRRR But it was a little know I'm gonna let it kick for another week............
  8. Pretty much all of my porters and stouts get taken out of the fridge and sit on the counter for 15-20 minutes before I pop the top off and pour. IMNSHO they taste much, much better that way.
  9. Here is a partial mash version of El Gordito that turned out very good.
  10. I originally had typed crystal 120 and some chocolate malt but the robust LME looks like it would do the job and a lot easier too.
  11. Thanks. I looked a label and it says they use caramel malt. Would that change anything?
  12. Forgive me, I don’t have a brew anymore but I’d start with this: then I’d add a robust LME. when I make my Mexican lager I think I use Saaz and Amarillo for the hops. Maybe 1/2 an oz of Amarillo at flameout.
  13. Negra modelo is one of my favorites. Any ideas what may be similar in a recipe?
  14. Everyone likes what they like how they like it. I know on my trip to Nicaragua some days i was out there away from anything and any type of refrigeration is rare where i was. I was given hot beer over and over and guess what i drank it and guess double what what? I actually grew a taste for it and now i dont care if my beer is 35 degrees 70 degrees or 90 degrees ill drank it and ill for sure taste the difference no lie BUT it doesn't bother me one bit ITS BEER! And if your on little corn Island ever they have blackouts from time to time so anything you get there at times not always can be a little warm unless someone has a generator and i think there are 2 on the island. Just a FYI ahahahahaha So let the man freeze his mugs I DO IT TOO
  17. Yes I guess everyone has different taste buds. I never tasted it as watery in Lucky Buddah, sapporo, nor Hanamachi. That is all the ones I have tried I think but I feel im forgetting one. Anyway they all taste very deep and rich to me yes they are light but rich not watery to me. In fact i it is a paradox in my head as they taste rich like a dark dark ale but light like Horchata. (Wrap that around your brain, it is hard to imagine i know) They also have a pretty good ABV not associated with watery beer like bud light.
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  19. Some of the darker recipes call for the addition of brown sugar. But it's because it adds a touch of molasses flavor...and also alcohol.
  20. Having spent 5 years Singapore, I drank a goodly numbers brews, including rice beers Yes, Buddha too.. I am on the other side of taste preferences. Even the national brew, Tiger, struck me as a bit too water for me. But to each their own. And I hope you get the taste you desire
  21. Yes, I have been keeping mine In low 60s for the whole time. Except for that last few days when I let it get close to 70. It is most important for the first week. From what I've gathered, you want to avoid wide fluctuations. The yeast can let out some funky flavors if it gets stressed. Keep a close eye on that Munich Malt Monster. I believe it can get messy if temps are too warm.
  22. Thanks for the tip and picture. I think my igloo cube would be a tight fit and the bottles would be touching the keg. I may run to Wally World and pick one up. Do you low temp in the 60’s for the whole 3 weeks?
  23. I actually did that with all of mine when I got them, because the forum told me too Remember to make sure you measure the water very carefully. The more times you fill a smaller measuring container, the more inaccurate your total will be... Also remember that a few ounces one way or the other won't make any noticeable difference.
  24. Thanks Rickbeer. I'll have to take a magic marker and mark that level after I bottle next weekend.
  25. The older LBKs have marks for 4, 6, and 8.5 quarts on the left side of the back end and 4, 6, and 8.5 liters on the right side. The newer ones just have two marks, "1" and "2". If you filled it to the "2" mark you're spot on. It seems like some of the instructions say "Fill to the 8.5 quart line" and others say "Fill to the #2 line". Both are pretty much interchangeable.
  26. EYE EYE CAPN Noted and will be remembered. OH, And by the way I have been reading this forum and other ones in the last 2 months probably more than a school child reads in 12 years . Just sayin
  27. Again, you may want to do some reading. Sugar, is sugar, is sugar. Well, not really, from a chemical composition standpoint. But whether you use table sugar, or corn sugar isn't going to make a squat of a difference. Yes, there are some recipes out there that have you add sugar. Not many here, if any. If you buy a can of Cooper's extract, it will tell you to add 2.2 pounds of sugar. Add LME instead, much better result. Belgian beers often add Belgian candi sugar or syrup.
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