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  2. The 59-73 is probably the ideal temp range. I guarantee that if it gets down to 58 that your yeast is still very much awake and hungry. If it was like, say 50 degrees, then is say you should probably not count that time as fermentation time. Lots of things still happen when you drop the temp but just at a much slower pace.
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  4. When I’m using any given yeast.....let’s say it’s range is 59-73 deg. If the yeast gets colder for awhile, like 57 or 58, does the yeast go to sleep? More importantly when it warms back up, does it wake up and get back to work? Or did I kill it when it got colder? I suspect it will wake up considering that I keep yeast in a fridge before using. Thanks for the opinions in advance.
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  6. Here is the chart and other info from today's stream.
  7. We've got a special stream today! While Fridays are usually our Advanced stream, this will apply to all levels of brewing. Today I will be showing you how to keg your beer. I will also be showing off different draft system options. Be sure to tune in at 2:30pm PDT (5:30pm EDT).
  8. I thought is was MAGIC, isn't that what the "Bottling Wand" is for?
  9. You are a victim of the obsession we call HOMEBREWING. There is no cure, you now have the ability to only think about beer no matter what you are doing and to think of how everything you see could be used in your brewing process. Congratulations
  10. I have two LBKs going at all times. I have been tempted to bring in a third. Does Mr. Beer add an ingredient that raises craving in beer like nicotine in cigarettes, because I am obsessed? All I want to do is to make all 90 something different beers. I am not even interested in store bought beer. 😋
  11. OMG! Don't give it away!
  12. It's either your equipment or your ingredients. It's definitely not magic.
  13. That’s what is so great about brewing. There are unlimited options to make your beer better. I have some other yeasts in my fridge along with ingredients waiting for a LBK to free up. Cool stuff.
  14. I guess that takes us back to Josh's comment about old ingredients. Makes me think twice about buying one.
  15. I like brewing at the cooler end of the range and I tend to go with what has proven to work for me. Lol, very good chance that I shy away from MB yeast after the esters from the first two batches. As you say with the time invested, the cost of the ingredients is not as important as the time. The US-05 has been my go to for most batches and really like its temp range, but have used the Belle Saison, and Nottingham, and have a Belgian dark in the queue that will use the Abbaye yeast.
  16. I have been very particular with taking apart and sanitizing everything or like my hops bags, I boil them.
  17. Dawg....Lol thanks for the support. Yeah with the potential time invested of 2 months to 1 year of waiting for your brew to mature an extra $4 wasn’t on my radar, but I understand where he’s coming from. I’ve had 3 apple cider batches early on and all 3 were using the stock yeast. Could have been other factors but I don’t know. I do know some of the others have a lower temp range.
  18. JDub, Ignore what the cheapskate above said. If you want to add $4 to each batch of beer you brew then by all means do just that. I personally quit using the Mr. Beer yeast as well after a few batches. Two reasons, I think it gave a character to the beer that I didn't like (could have been other mistakes). And second, it is not a yeast that you can just go buy at your LHBS. So if I decided to brew something that didn't use a Mr Beer HME then I wanted to know that I could trust the yeast I was able to obtain. Dawg
  19. And by disassemble, not just remove, but separate the spigot into separate pieces (the Mr. Beer spigot that swings right to left comes apart into two pieces. Clean throughly, then before brewing sanitize the pieces, then assemble, then install. I would have asked about sanitizing the hose, but you stated you don't always transfer to secondary and still have the issue. For those with bottling wands, disassemble tip, remove washer and wash all pieces, then reassemble.
  20. Following the line begun by @BDawg62, do you disassemble your spigots to clean and disinfect?
  21. Maybe check your grain crush. I was initially going too fine and had some weird tastes consistently happening. New two roller mill corrected the issue. Don’t give up!
  22. @Cato @Creeps McLane bottled up the saison ipa this evening. Decided to go with one domino dot per 12 oz bottle. We’ll see how that works out. My sample tasted good. Had a lot of floaties on top despite cold crashing. Kind of got in the way of the spout on the tail end of bottling. Got 22 bottles out of the lbk. One side note....I fermented in a cooler in the garage with ice bottles. We did have a cool front move in and it might have gotten a little cool for a few days during the 1st few weeks. I moved it in the house for the last week. It’s around 70-72 all the time.
  23. Ok I give.....due to lack of experience and knowledge. However I have been brewing almost nothing but PM recipes since my 1st 2 basic extract fails. Almost all of them say to toss the yeast under the lid and use the alternate yeast that they come with. There’s also something about going to my local HBS and pulling one out of their fridge. I like that, and having a discussion about my brew and what will work best is very cool. Also so I am trying to avoid fermenting at higher temps. Us-05 has a range of 59-71? Mrb yeast says 65-75.
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  25. ummmm, yeah, either I'm all hosed up or twitch is....either way, not any watching it right now....bummer
  26. Hmmmm....maybe just stick with Mr. Beer kits instead?
  27. Thank You
  28. Typically 3 years.
  29. And how long is this yeast good from date of manufacture ? Thanks
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