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  2. Thanks for this post. I'm definitely going to try this one!
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  4. Sake Tasting 5/29/17 Picking up the kid today from a friend's house and it turned out she wanted another half hour of chill time, which I was happy to oblige. Stopped at a nearby Asian market and decided to pick up some different sakes to try. I am not unfamiliar with sake and have had several tastings over the years, but I am not in any way a sophisticated drinker of the brew. It has always been next on my list. Beer. Bourbon. Manhattans. Sake. We all should have well defined goals. Sake 1 - Sparkling Peach Sake. Once at disneyworld I had an outstanding lemon sparkling sake that I've never been able to find again, but I have been looking. This is a fine drink and I could see it being the base for a nice summer cocktail or a wonderful summer evening picnic sake. But if you are looking for any sense of "traditional" this is probably not it. While I did not see it at my market, they also sell this in cans. And while I used the word traditional, I would like to point out that in japan, there really is no such thing as traditional. You can walk into a 7-11 and buy any of these in a can......along with whiskey highballs and whatever else you want. Sake 2 - Pineapple Sake This one was really nice. It was not sparkling and it retained more of the traditional sake taste than the above. The above was a sparkling peach drink. This was a sake with mild hints of pineapple in the background. I really enjoyed it and it is a very drinkable 10%....which is to say I should probably watch out. I had a strong pour and it went a lot more quickly than it should. Sake 3 - Traditional Junmai Sake This was my "traditional sake" sake choice. Junmai sake (double check spelling and accuracy). It is a strong 14%. I like this a lot, but I really like sake. It is clean and clear. Very mild, in a good way. Polished and refined. Keep in mind that my palate is anything but polished and refined at this point, so it could be swill. But I do not think so. No haze at all in this one. Planning on doing a sake tasting with some friends and I am putting this on the list. In fact, I am wondering if there is not any reason to just give myself a second really strong pout tonight. All in all a good evening for sake. Over the next few weeks I am going to continue to build my knowledge base and expand my palate.
  5. I brewed another batch with the base grain bill and yeast but substituted Azacca for the hops. So far, the samples I have handed out, I'm getting great feedback. Everyone likes it.
  6. Another phenomenal brew from me. Well balanced, great aroma, flavor, color and clarity. Out of two cases I have a six pack left after handing out samples to friends and family. This one is definitely in the rotation with no tweaks.
  7. I cracked a bottle after conditioning for over a month and a half and all I can say is WOW!!! All the flavors have blended well. It's a nice balanced ale with great color, clarity and a subtle mint flavor from the hops. My wife and her bestie have laid claim to the batch. This might go into the rotation with no tweaks.
  8. Ordered 10 gallons worth of stout ingredients yesterday. Figuring ill make a split batch, 5 as a regular stout and the other 5 will have 4 oz of cocoa nibs and an undetermined amout of coffee.
  9. I made an American Wheat with Citra hops. Really like it a lot. Going to make another batch in the next month or so.
  10. Always a great read @MrWhy!🍻
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  12. WhyBrewingCo Tasting Weekend: Imperial Porter bottled 3/4/17 (12 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Brown Belgian Beast bottled 3/18/17 (10 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Imperial Red Ale Plus bottled 4/15/17 (6 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Slap Hoppy Stout bottled 3/25/17 (9 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Imperial Porter: Huh....not my best beer. But not my worst. The banana flavor is still a bit too present. It is still not balanced, the malt sweetness needs a stronger hop bitterness and presence. And it is strong. As in headache the next day strong. I fermented this too warm. I'll have another one in a few weeks and end up saving a couple for a nice long while, but nothing says this one is a long-term keeper. Brown Belgian Beast - this was a crazy drunk brew. The first sample I tasted evoked the flavors of raw meat. So this one has come a long way because at this point it tastes like a sweet, strong, brown belgian. It is not great. I am not sure if it is even drinkable. The alcohol is very strong in this one. I mean, I can taste alcohol. But at this point it does not taste like raw meat, which is an improvement. I think this is one I am happy to give several months to before sampling again, just to see what happens. Imperial Red Ale - WINNER!!!!! Great deep amber color. I upped this one with 3 smooth LME and some centennial and cascade hops. Legitimate great beer. Love it. Great flavor, great balance. Strong but not overpowering....feeling there is not need to sit on this one. Just going to start putting it into the drinking cycle. Slap Hoppy Stout - WINNER!!!!! Wow.....according to my notes I decided not to note what I did. Which is both unfortunate and boldly invigorating. That being said this current version of the slap hoppy stout is in every way outstanding. I love this beer. The recipe is two saint pats and a robust, and some northern brewer and goldings. Not sure what I ended up doing, but whatever. I will accept my brilliance without question. Seriously, not many times I've been served a better strong stout. Thinking that this one, along with my Imperial IRA is going into the rotation immediately, with maybe one or two saved for longer conditioning. Or not. So as it stands....IRA and Slap Hoppy are great beers and going into the the drinking mix now. The Imperial Porter sucks (my fault) and I see no reason to try to let it sit out. Will drink up and free the bottles (saving one). Brown I'm going to sit this one out for awhile and just see what happens.
  13. You don't add sugar to the beer in the bottle, you put sugar in the bottle and add the beer. What's "a German blend"? No Mr. Beer that I know.
  14. @TacTicToe Did we ever solve this mystery? What happened????
  15. First off, if you just bottled it, wait a minimum of three weeks before opening one. And you'll want to let the beer sit at room temperature during this time. Then put one in the fridge for three days before popping it open and trying it. As for the fizzing, walk us through your process: What exactly did you brew? How long was the beer in the Little Brown Keg fermenting? Did you sanitize everything? How big were the bottles you used? How much priming sugar did you use per bottle? Did you put the sugar in first, then the beer, or vice versa?
  16. beer wars

    All things in good time Why. I will say that Tipo has some characterful, almost peppery yeast-derived esters and a smattering of phenolics that are going to be hard to describe. I'd like to condition it for at least another month and try again!
  17. I was making a german blend of beer and bottled it. When bottling it though, it fizzed very badly when I added the sugar. Sort of concerned about next week when I open the first bottle. Will I have issues with the beer being bad? My first batch of german brew is very fizzy when I pour it. It tastes ok, but I can literally scoop the fizz with a spoon. How do I fix this problem? Thanks Sandy
  18. @Bonsai & Brew - I am awaiting a detailed write up on El Tipo!!!!!
  19. beer wars

    Happy Veinticinco de Mayo! I celebrated this lesser-known holiday with a Super Burrito, a Tipo de Belga Dobles, and a sizeable portion of chocolate ice cream. 🍻
  20. just bottled my last farm house ale for the summer, will be saving a few to enter the state fair home brewers contest this sept. that is......if I don't drink it all....
  21. I threw the whole pound of red wheat in, and and changed hop schedule 7g Citra 7g southern dawn @45 7g Southern Dawn @25 7g Citra @15 IBU 30 ABV 4.2 It's for my dad who loves Hefes and American wheats. He's not big on hoppiness.
  22. It depends on the brand since Maris Otter is made by a few different malting companies. Crisp is better than the rest, but Baird's is a close 2nd (this is what I carry in my store). Then there's Gleneagles, Fawcett, Simpsons, and Muntons. It's all personal preference, but I really like MO (unless it's Muntons) and prefer to it regular 2 row in most of my beers unless I'm going for something on the lighter or hoppier side since MO can be a bit maltier and fuller-bodied than regular 2-row or pilsner malt.
  23. I would dry hop with another 0.5 of Citra too, but I like a lot of hop aroma and Citra is one of my favorites. Might not be what you're going for, though.
  24. Thanks alot! I'll probably go through with a chocolate stout with Amber DME
  25. i did a ris using dark lme, amber lme... and did a cold steep of assorted dark and roast malts, and a cold steep of quality coffee. I also added d180 Belgian syrup after week one. imo stouts should be roasty, dark and bitter unless a sweet or chocolate or special stout like a smoked chipotle porter. my stouts tend to be ibu bombs. stouts do well with flaked oats , roasted barley, chocolate malt, special roast, and if you want cocoa nibs work well too. I usually also toss in some dark crystal because I like the oatmeal raisin cookie notes it adds. I used to do a full boil with dark lme exclusively but found I didn't like perceived astringent notes. I now usually either do half dark in the main boil with the other half going in as a late addition... or I do a full boil of half dark and half amber lme/dme . re maris otter... I didn't care for it myself. give me a good Belgian pale malt over it any day. even 2 row. I personally think MO gets way too much hype.
  26. Looks solid. I like the hop choices. Not just a typical straight hallertau schedule.
  27. I know I've posted a bit recently, but I'm planning the next few batches. Here's what i have for a basic 5 gallon American Wheat: 3# Pilsner DME 3# wheat DME 6oz red wheat malt .5oz magnum @60 .5oz Hallertau @40 .25oz Citra @20 Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated as always!
  28. Thanks a lot @MRB Josh R I have some Amber to use up but I may cut it in half and use light DME as well. Add some British Chocolate malt, Maris otter and hint of oats for head with some cocoa nibs...
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