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  4. You should sanitize it after, otherwise the beer that is left in there can start doing funky stuff. And always sanitize BEFORE bottling.
  5. If you plan to drink the sample, just pull from the spigot, no need to sanitize it.
  6. I have a can waiting. I might make it next. I've never had it, but listening to all of you made me get it.
  7. Draw from the spout, then spray with star san and if you can, stick a brush up there. I have a libman spout brush. Love it your wine theif wouldnt go deep enough to float the hydro
  8. How would you draw a sample, for hydrometer reading, from the LBK? I could open the top and use a sanitized wine thief. If I do it quickly, then I lower the risk of airborne bacteria. I could pour it from the spigot. I have Star San in a spray bottle so I would spray the crap out of the spigot afterwards. Thoughts? Thanks!
  9. I just ordered the Baltic Porter, the S-04 version, the Santa Rita kit, Churchill's Nut Brown Ale and a pack of S-04 for the Churchill's. I was hoping for a Black Friday sale, but no such luck. Thanks for all of the feedback.
  10. Looks like you now have an Apricot Sour @Nickfixit!
  11. Sounds like a plan. I will start there and see what they are like in a few days
  12. Yes. That is correct. The finished product has been stored at room temp in a dark closet. I will get them cold for a few days and then see what happens.
  13. OH NOOOOOOO!! My Apricot Saison has the same Pellicule. Is it possible at all I could get this from commercial yeast pack, Belle Saison in this one? Last one had T-58 in it. Oh well, Must be a loose bug in my basement I suppose. Badly sterilized hop bag? How do I stop this? I think New LBKs for one.
  14. I would normally agree, but 1st hand experience IMO is way better than reading what others have done. I would suggest using what others have done and posted about as a guide, but beat your head against the wall if you need to so you can learn your own way. Most people have to start smaller, which is why MRB is great, not everyone can just read and learn from that because if they could, why not just start with a more complicated process? If you are learning, it’s never pointless. Learning by mistakes is a great way to learn. One might try something and learn something they might not have read about or better yet, make a beer they like better than what they read others have. I am am way more of a hands on learner. Reading and fully trusting someone else’s words doesn’t stick things in my head nearly as much as doing. By doing and making mistakes, it’s easier for me to understand and make correction... plus, it’s fun learning by doing. Just thoughts from my personal experiences... but then again, what do I know about brewing or anything for that matter.
  15. BAA is truly excellent.
  16. I would agree. Except, when dozens have done the exact same thing, and they've posted those results on the forum, and that led to hundreds of posts discussing the same, seems sort of pointless. Like saying "Oh, if I drive 50 in that 30 zone I'll get a ticket." "Yup, you will.". Then you do it and get a ticket. Or when a parent tells a young child, "don't do that, you'll get hurt." And they do it. The initial Mr. Beer guidelines were developed to sell kits. "Make beer in minutes" (I'm exaggerating). If they pushed 3-4, they'd sell less. "Make beer in 7 weeks". If one has a hydrometer, and checks gravity to ensure it has finished, and understands that the yeast need time to clean up, and then bottles early - you're right, no harm, no foul. Most new brewers wouldn't do that and don't even know what that means. 3-4 was created to ensure better quality beer.
  17. After putting in your sugar, the bottles should sit for 4 weeks at least in 70 degree or higher temps. They should NOT be refrigerated until after they have sat for at least 4 weeks. The bottle that you opened would appear somewhat flat until you refrigerate it and let the CO2 get reabsorbed into the liquid. You CAN add an extra sugar pellet since they dissolve slow (vs. table sugar that would immediately foam over), but you could be overcarbing them. Check the one you opened.
  18. Do this for me. Get your video camera ready, open a bottle and drop some sugar in. Then post the results here.
  19. Hi zachdrescher. I'm a little confused about your initial post. Do you mean that you did the ferment, bottled, dropped the carb drops in, and then immediately refrigerated 8 of the bottles? And the 4 remaining bottles have been conditioning at room temp for 8 months? If so, the 4 bottles should be really excellent by now. I'd definitely NOT drop more sugar into them as they may explode later. Perhaps just refrigerate 3 days and enjoy, I'm not sure about your sugar quantities, others with more expertise will help with that.
  20. Even when my beer spends only 2 weeks in primary, I still condition in bottles for 4 weeks. I just realized that some of my simpler beers only need 14-16 days in primary. The 4 weeks in the bottles conditions them up nicely.
  21. Nice. I will do that. On on a side note, they seem on the flatter side. What effects would take place if I were to add another carbonation pellet to each bottle and let them chill for a bit? P.S. this kind of occurred even with the initial batch. I felt like the carbonation was very limited. I just followed the recipe and dropped in the pellets accordingly. Any advice on that?
  22. Put 'em in the fridge for three days then enjoy them. They should be perfectly fine, although they will have lost a bit of the hop character.
  23. So, about 8 months ago, last winter I brewed the Diablo IPA. I used the stock brown plastic bottles and dropped carbonation pellets into each. I enjoyed 8 out of the 12 of them out of the fridge in the following weeks. I just broke out my equipment to brew a new batch and found 4 brown bottles, full that I forgot that I put in the box. They have been sitting in a cool, dry closet in the dark for about 8 months. Without being refrigerated that whole time frame, do you Guys think they are still okay to enjoy. I opened one and smelled it. It smelled fantastic. Was this his an epic fail, or possible genius move? Please advise
  24. Sitting on the couch sipping a Bewitched Amber Ale! It’s delicious. A little darker than I expected, almost stout-y.
  25. If you learn something from it, it isn't necessarily a waste of time.
  26. I have made it these ways: HME + 8 oz Golden Light DME HME + 1x Robust + can blackberries - did not like this. HME + Pale LME and 2 TBS vanilla extract, was OK once vanilla smoothed out - not a big fan. HME + 2 Robust + 2 cups oatmeal steeped in bag - Douible Deluxe Oatmeal Porter - very nice HME + Robust + Smooth + 4 TBS Maltodextrin - good brew. HME, 1x Robust, 1xSmooth LMEs, 1/4 cup lactose, 1/2 oz EKG 5 min boil, 20 min steep 160 deg 1 oz choc and 1 oz pale choc grains. - Millk Choc Porter - very nice Also look at the Baltic Porter - it is now a good buy if on sale @ $21. It comes out well. Same cost as Porter with only one Robust. but with strength of HME + 3 Robust. Plus you get a fancy yeast. Also it will be a little more bitter than if you make the 1 regular + 2 or 3 malts. So you save on hops too. If you want it sweeter, add 2-4 oz lactose - cheap enough.
  27. I like your porter idea. I had been toying with the idea of doing the porter but using 2 cans to up the flavor. May also steep a 2-4 ounces of a dark grain. The possibilities are endless.
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