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  2. I boil em. You're gonna like that Thunderbay. My 2nd batch is about done conditioning.
  3. Would this work?
  4. Yeah, I thought about that as well -- too much Carafa might impart undesired roastiness, but with limited use it might not be noticeable. We need help from @MRB Josh R and @MRB Tim on this one!
  5. @Bonsai & Brew 1/2 lb brings us to 28 srm, about in the brown ale srm range. 30-40 would be like a stout. Color is not a concern. Flavor is. Not sure how carafa II tastes at certain levels. This is a brew with a lot of first for me
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  7. Follow up 11/20, 7 1/2 weeks of bottle conditioning on the Cleopatra's Asp. A few days shy of 2 months in the bottle. Opened a couple this weekend, and this amber-esque ale is very similar to That Voodoo That You Do, but with date sugar instead of brown sugar, ground ginger, and cardomom added it becomes quite different. More nuances but nothing stands out. Like everything cancelled everything else out? Just as brown as Voodoo tends to be (darker than the pictures) aroma is a brown sugar/carmelly, slightly malt. Taste is heavier than a lager or Voodoo, without sweetness I expect, what with that date sugar and honey. Date sugar gives it a more molasses without the cloyingness I get in Voodoo, and even though I put in less than a teaspoon of cardomom, getting that dusty dull "spice" flavor. Chai spices would have worked with this beer. As you can see above, I also boiled a hatch chili which gave it a slight vegetable taste, really no heat. The dry-hop of jalapeno also didn't do much heat wise and I half attribute the "bite" it has to the ground ginger in the wort. I think more ginger wouldn't have been unwelcome. With all the additions you might consider this a "spice" beer but it was not very aromatic or boozy. The unofficial math on this pegs it at about 8 - 8.5% but this feels on the low end. If I did this again, I'd probably forget the cardomom (too much of a wild card) and add cinnamon or chai, now knowing how the date sugar changes the feel, and more be more bold on the heat. I'm still not sure date sugar is what you want in beer, as it's actually ground-up dates and doesn't entirely dissolve, adding a minimum to the ABV I believe, unlike honey for example, which I read gets eaten up completely in fermentation and leaves a dryer finish. I thought I'd try this novelty beer, being a little bored with Voodoo and going out of my comfort zone adding things I never added before. I assume the brewmasters at MB had experimented on this and decided on the ingredients so I went with them for the most part. On a scale of 1 - 5, I'd go with about a 3.5? Not terrible, it's just not spectacular like some Mrbeer recipes. I'm going on so long for a reason: when anyone in the future encounters the recipe in the archive here's more info. It had one review and no real write-ups when I looked to see how it might be and adding all this in the interest of the common knowledge. Buyer and brewer beware: This is all personal opinion and your results, if you try, will likely be different. Cheers! R
  8. If it's the Mr. Beer sanitizer, it's good for a day. If you put it in a closed bottle and refrigerate it, and then let it warm to room temp, it's good for a week max. StarSan lasts for months...
  9. Whenever I bottle, I save the sanitizer water in a 1 gallon jug, just in case I need to sanitize anything. Could I use that? I'm just wondering, I don't have anything against boiling water.
  10. Hi @Njaim, and welcome! Please let us know if the beer still isn't tasting very good after you've given it more time, and we'll be happy to help find out what went wrong, and send out a replacement if necessary.
  11. I dont even have a value for that one... ill fix that when i get home
  12. That's what I do too. Although I have used one step cleaner too.
  13. Yes, simply immerse in boiling water. Then, dribble some of the boiling water over a plate, then dump it off. Remove the hop sack with tongs as stated, let it cool for a minute or so, open it, and insert the hops, then gently put the hop sack in the LBK. Of course your hands need to be clean also.
  14. I have a four-cup Pyrex measuring cup. I put about two-three cups of water in it and nuke it until the water is boiling. Then I put it on the counter, throw in the hop sack, and put a pair of tongs in to keep the sack underwater. I let it sit for about five minutes, then use the tongs to remove and open the hop sack to put the hops in. By this time the sack is usually cool enough to touch so I tie it off with my clean hands and gently put it in the LBK. Someone may have a better method, but I've found this to be simple and effective.
  15. Oh, OK. I'm just curious what half a pound of 430 ºL Carafa 2 will do for the final color. How dark do you feel this brew should be?
  16. Good to know. I’ll put a couple in the fridge after work, thanks!
  17. Today is the day I'm supposed to put the last hop sack into my Thunder Bay IPA. Is there a certain technique to sanitize the muslin sack. The instructions say to steep it in boiling water. Is it really that simple?
  18. If you want to sample one on Thanksgiving, refrigerate it TODAY. You ideally want 3 days for the carbonation to full absorb back into the beer. Carbonation likes COLD, not warm, so it will be better with 3 days in the fridge.
  19. 5 more days until my beer should be ready! On the 25th they’ll be at four weeks. I did cheat and try one already at two weeks and it was pretty good. I’ll probably throw a couple in the fridge Wednesday night or Thursday morning to drink on Thanksgiving. Next batch should start brewing Sunday the 26th of November :-)
  20. Yeah, i can change anything i want to. The value to the left of the name is the Lovibond i stole from Beer Smith. Hop alpha was jacked from ych. Ive had to change a few hops before.
  21. How does this program calc. SRM? Can you input Lovibond?
  22. Moved the last two Hop additions around, added rye malt. The yeast is a lie. I only have dry yeasts in my spreadsheet. @Bonsai & Brew Is that what you wanted me to do with the hops? forgot Vienna, ignore that. I’ve added it on my side
  23. Your first beer is not going to be your best, just like your first game of golf or anything else that requires practice. Plus, you'll learn more along the way. Keep your first few beers simple, don't add a ton of extras or experiment. Ferment at the lower range of recommended temperatures for three weeks, then bottle condition for month (or more). Before you know it, you will be making beer that your friends will ask for.
  24. I've made the Churchill. I added 4 oz carapils steeped and 1/2 lb amber dme. Just used the yeast that came with it. Turned out great.
  25. @Njaim Over 70° is actually best for conditioning your beers!
  26. Last week
  27. Thank you all so much for the well wishes and input. I admit, I felt like my questions were pretty dumb, but you've all been super nice, and I really appreciate the welcoming attitude at these forums! This seems like a great community to crack a beer open with! Despite not being that impressed with initial results, I'm definitely not discouraged from continuing. I love beer, and I believe I could get pretty good at brewing with some time and building my knowledge. Per your suggestions, I will age it much longer, at least two weeks before I crack open another bottle, and then likely much longer after that for the last 10 bottles. I'll just have to get more bottles for my next batch! Is there a shelf life I should be aware of while storing in a dark closet? It will remain fairly cold through the winter as we don't have HVAC in our apartment and it's a 100-year-old building, and it is completely dark. Does it make sense to move to a fridge if it gets over 70 degrees? Very excited to start in this hobby!
  28. Note to self: Next time only use 1/2 the chips and if using chips, hop sack em. Loose chips in the spigot create a real messy problem. Filed under... Should'a seen that coming.
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