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  2. sure wish I did too! i'd just live down there with my beer and never go back up stairs.......
  3. We don't have basements down here in the south. I wish we did though.
  4. And if the lime is not to the level you want you can always add a slice to the glass when you drink it. Consider this an experimental batch from which you gained experience for the next one...along with some spicy beer to drink.
  5. You made a beer without a doubt. The chiles will put off enough oil to keep the krausen from forming on top of the fermentation. If you bottle it and give it some time (6 months or so) the heat will go away to a point. Always remember that when you add spices to a beer think of how much you want to add and then cut that amount by at least half. Then if after you brew the batch there isn't enough for your liking adjust up on the next batch.
  6. So I started this chile lime on the 13th, there never was much Krausen at all and at 9 days there's really no trace there ever was one. The trub level looks normal compared to other batches. Seeing little to no activity I am wondering if I should bottle at 2 weeks or go the usual 3? I don't know if time is my friend here. I took a sip. I estimate I put in 1 tbs too much and there's not much "lime" to it at all. No experience here, what does everyone think the carbonation and conditioning will do to the heat, anything or would it be static? At this point in the game I think I made a hot, beer smelling liquid.
  7. I carb in my basement in a "carbonation chamber". Nothing fancy really. Just a Coleman cooler, a 50 light strand of Xmas lights and a temp controller. Put your beers to be carbonated in the cooler, spread the Xmas lights around in the cooler and then set your temp controller at 75. Beers are perfectly carbonated in 2 weeks. Remove beers from the cooler and store at basement temps of 62 to 68 (depending on season). Alternative to temp controller is a timer set to be on for 10 minutes per hour. Monitor the temperature and adjust accordingly. More time on in the winter and less time in the summer. Just try to keep the beers at a temperature below 80 degrees during this time.
  8. With our air conditioning working overtime the basement is a few degrees too cool for carbonation/ conditioning, still ok for fermentation. I use the 740 ml plastic bottles and have been keeping 3 or so batches at a time in an upstairs hall closet. I sure don't need those blowing open!
  9. I've had a plastic bottle bomb, on my last batch before my "hiatus". I've talked about this before, I'm 99% sure I had a stalled fermentation because my FG was too high. I unwisely bottled it anyway. Several days into conditioning, the wife and I came home and "Why do I smell beer" was her question. The beers were in a cabinet in our bedroom. I don't think I need to elaborate any further. Lol
  10. too much sugar can cause bottle bombs. sugar + live yeast = co2 = pressure build up in bottle . bottle bombs are not cool. plastic bottle bombs are only messy. glass bottle bombs can seriously injure you... and are messy.
  11. generally if you have a high abv beer it will benefit from a longer conditioning time. high abv beers tend to taste like rubbing alcohol early... figuratively speaking. aging them allows them to mellow out and the flavors to blend better.
  12. Following advice from more than one person, I cut back 1/4 tsp for each recommendation on the Mr. Beer chart. I still get good head but not fizzy beer. As most of my beers are German or Czech style, that is fine by me.
  13. In this case, I could barely pour it because of the head. I had to lean my glass almost flat in relation to the bottle. I'm an expert at pouring a beer with no head whatsoever, but even then I had to wait a couple minutes to drink it. Big picture, it's just a minor nuisance, but I can do without it.
  14. A beer thats carbed like a soda. Possible gushers, meaning when you open it, the head starts pouring out if the bottle before you can pour it. Its just a shame really,
  15. Ok since I am still in the beginning stages of this hobby, What are effects of too much sugar? Too much head?
  16. I've been using a lot less sugar than recommended by MB. Screwy Brewer seems to have a good sugar calculator.
  17. I just did American Lager but added a small pack of Booster and Nugget hops to the boil and Smooth LME to the wort, left the hop sack in. 3 weeks X 4 weeks and then 2 more weeks in the fridge. Lately I prefer my beer hopped to the top but IMHO this is a good smooth balanced outcome especially for a cheap and easy mix. I do not know the ABV but I know I like it, definitely going to try to repeat it. I also am going to open another one.
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  19. Well, I had my 1st homebrew in a long time today, American Ale standard refill, on 3.5 weeks conditioning. I can't say anything bad about it really, except 2 tsps of sugar may have been a tad much for 24 oz of beer. It was super fizzy and the head was ridiculous, but the taste was fine. A week or so more of conditioning will probably make this really nice, although I think it's good now. I was a little upset that I only refrigerated 1 of them after it was gone, lol.
  20. Sounds like fun but I try to avoid too much fun.
  21. Talking of Mad Scientist........ I am in discussion on glow in the dark beer resulting from yeast gene editing with CRISPR. Yes - GMO beer by DIY biologists. (There is a $199 kit but I won't pay that but I know someone that is getting a CRISPR kit.) What is the market price for GID yeast - if we make some - lol? Actually it is easier if you just add quinine extract.... both methods need a black light for the green glow. But we may try the yeast modification too. It may take a while to get enough to be useful though.
  22. KaijuBrew - Just reflecting on your brew, The Munich was a good choice, a hint of Crystal OK and pale LME. I think it was the choice of hops and yeast that don't match an Oktoberfest. Anyway, you never know, it might turn out very good. Glad you did not throw everything in to create a "Monster mash".
  23. Maybe? 8th times a charm
  24. You got to love carbonation and light ass fruit.
  25. in a strange way, your comment reminded me of the first time I had a blueberry wheat. The bartender put a few whole berries in the beer, and the effect was the same as this: Same effect for cranberries? We'll soon find out
  26. With my Christmas Hefe, I toss fresh cranberries straight in to the boil. When they start popping it’s pretty cool. LOL If you do this I would suggest straining them out, they have a tendency to plug air locks and create a mess #TrustMe.
  27. Thanks, @Creeps McLane. The good words help me right now, especially after having a stressful event with my estranged wife (she totaled a car which I still owe $7,000 more than it was worth). I doubt very much I could be brewing beer if it weren't for this forum, not just the advise but the encouragement. This especially when I try to go off on a tangent and can't find the info here, everyone has been helpful with suggestions. I started this thread just to gain more info from everyone on what to do with sanitizing fruit, and also if Splenda would be okay to sweeten the tartness of the cranberry. If it comes out well, I'll let everyone know, so they can get one ready for Christmas. If it doesn't.......I'll drink 'em anyways.
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