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    • YES THAT IS IT I knew i wasnt crazy    
    • yeast are living things. living things act weird from time to time. no 2 fermentations will be identical for this reason.  i double pitched us04 that was expired, thinking i needed to boost cell count. big mistake. it was still very very viable and the fermentation was a gushing volcano for over a day plus.  i've seen us04 behave like saison yeast.. slow, dainty eater with a very small krausen head. same yeast.  ive had rafts of yeast on some batches at bottling, that were absent on others.   you can predict the flavor outcome based on temperatures and expected ester development. you cant predict how vigorously the yeast will feed.  that's one of the things i find fascinating about yeast.
    • Add any unwanted drops into your next brew. You've already paid for them. Why waste the sugar? 
    • If you want to recap them, and they are not carbonated enough to overflow,  you could take the caps off and remove the ring with wire cutters. Then replace the cap. If they have been going already 4 weeks, they probably has used up all the carbonation sugar so you could drop another cube in and retighten and see what happens. Maybe try it with one first and see if the bottle hardens in a week, then if it is good, do the others.
    •     Then if those are business, you still get vacation time, no?    
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