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    • Those cooler mash tuns sound like they work well but I also needed more boil capacity. So ordered a Anvil 7.5 gal. kettle which should suffice for my BIAB batches and still work on my gas cooktop as its only half inch taller than my other kettle.   Thanks all for the input.
    • Well, I rewashed and re DME'd it and it is showing activity I think. I may have a wild yeast in there as you surmise. I still might try using it to se what it is - but I will taste the spent culture wort first to make sure it is not rotten tasting. If it is I will chuck it out.
    • that's excellent. ya i did put a bazooka screen in mine. and clean up? turn it upside down into a trash bag and then just rinse it out. takes 1 minute. wish i knew someone with some chickens. i could hook them up!
    • I use a 5 gallon one for mashing and have been for 2 years now.  I didn't even fit it with a stainless braid.  I use a laundry bag and batch sparge.  Piece of cake to clean out the tun since the grain stays in the bag.  I did fit the cooler with a ball valve to make it easier to drain but that is the only modification.  I preheated it the first couple of times but now I just put the temperature of it and my grain in Beersmith and it calculates the strike temp of the water.  I hit my mash temps easily and hold a loss of 1 or 2 degrees during a 60 minute mash.  I do wrap the entire cooler in 2 bath towels while the mash is occurring to hold in as much heat as possible.
    • im sorry but like i said earlier just pitch it bro. the whole pack.
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