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    • in case nobody mentioned ...  airlock activity is not a reliable sign of fermentation. since krausen can come and go so fast you might miss it, always check the bottom for trub. no trub? no fermentation. trub? it's all good.   i'm not into fancy shmancy fermenter contraptions but sorry for your loss.  i use buckets that i rig the lid for a plastic pipe elbow and a hose for blowoff. the only problem i occasionally get with a bucket is when krausen clogs the airlock hole and tries to blow the lid off.
    • My Shade Tree Kolsch  came out as quite tasty.
    • No streams next week because we will be at the National Homebrew Conference. Hope to see you there!
    • It seemed to me that it leaked from the top of the seal rubber and not the spigot itself. I was able to give the keg clearance from the door. I'm not sure if the seal broke when it was propped or what. The amount left in it was over the seal and spigot line a little bit.   I was pretty frustrated and just chucked the thing instead of trying to find out what really happened. The seal on this LBK has been troublesome since day 1. The plastic wasn't really flush, and I had to sand it down to fix it. Could have become compromised once propped. Maybe the cold had something to do with it.   The quality of this LBK left something to be desired for sure. My other LBK is darker and the cuts are cleaner and more flush on the plastic.   I'm likely to switch to less troublesome fermenting vessels. Just need to raise the funds for carboys, a cooler bag, and more ingredients. In the meantime, I still have the other LBK and my trusty cooler.    
    • I was hoping no one noticed lol. It's been a long few weeks. When you're live, these things happen. 
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