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    • I think I have everything now. I don't have my boil off rate figured out but that will be a little hard since I use a propane burner and my buddy uses an induction burner. I just split the middle and will kinda use that. A couple weeks from now we're going to try to knock out 2 possibly 3 beers in a day. Want my spreadsheet up and cracking by then.    Heres what I have so far
    • I'm making a spreadsheet with formulas to help on brew day. I have a bunch of calculators bookmarked but I want their secret formulas. That way I'll just plug them in my spreadsheet and only need one app. And even do it without Internet. 
    • Here's the recipe calculator I use:   Everything you need is there. There are a lot of online recipe calculators available for free. Q-brew is one that includes Mr. Beer ingredients if you're using any HMEs. You do have to get a few brews in to "calibrate" your system, but once you have your boil-off rate figured out you'll know pretty much exactly what pre-boil gravity and wort volume you need to get to a desired OG. FG is going to be determined by yeast strain and attenuation. Every yeast you buy has an average attenuation percentage figure listed for it. After you mash a few all-grain batches, you'll know your likely conversion efficiency and grain absorption will be and you can tune your calculator to accurately predict what your entire process will do from start to finish.
    • Because you don't use Google well?      Brix -> SG Equation:
      SG = (Brix / (258.6-((Brix / 258.2)*227.1))) + 1
      (Source: Brew Your Own Magazine) 

      SG -> Brix Equation:
      Brix = (((182.4601 * SG -775.6821) * SG +1262.7794) * SG -669.5622)
    • Why can't I find Brix to SG? I can only find SG to Brix even though I clearly type Brix to SG. Working on a fancy brew day spread sheet right now. Anyone have a formula?
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