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    • Memorial Day Sale!!!
      just placed my order,, looked up and saw I was three bucks short for free shipping...............so had to order more ... great deal... THANX MR. BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... of course after I hit the check out button got my confirmation number,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bam forgot two things!!!!!!! oh well maybe have to take the 30 min drive to the lhbs...
    • Diablo based CDA
      I'll swing back by in 6 months or so and let you know!  
    • Expired American Porter
      Advice required:   Another update... for those who have been following, I brewed American Porter that had passed its expiry date.  The process was slow, with visible signs of fermentation starting after 3 days, and high krausen happening very late... after a week or more.  I bottled this batch today, and there was still a light layer on top of the beer. It is like the entire process is proceeding in slow motion. Temp held at 68 for the full three weeks. So,  I decided to give it a small taste while bottling. I have never had American Porter before, but I can tell you, it did not taste good. I tried to nail down the taste... cardboard? No... I read that can happen but I don't think that was it (Although I have never eaten cardboard). My wife however, hit the nail on the head.  It tasted very yeasty, and left a strong undesirable yeast aftertaste.  Any thoughts on this?  I am on batch 9 and am yet to have a bad batch so I have been lucky, and it was bound to happen.  Any thoughts on that aftertaste would be appreciated. I finished bottling it anyway and am going to condition it.    On the bright side, I bottled/tried my Bewitched Amber Ale (2nd round of this stuff) yesterday and it was better than the first time I did it  A fantastic brew.
    • First Brew = Autumn ESB
      I hear ya!  Love when I pull in and the house is lit up like a Christmas Tree...  and they're huddled into one room!  Haha!  Good luck w/your brew, Old Snipe!
    • First Brew = Autumn ESB
      Temp is 68-70F. Towels are to keep light out if the wife or daughter get happy with the basement lights. Usually pretty dark in this corner, but it is amazing how many lights they can turn on. lol  
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