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    • You need a blender, fruit needs to be pureed.   Fruit needs to be pasteurized.  Discussed many times.   Or, use Oregon Fruit, https://www.mrbeer.com/ingredients/canned-fruit, also available at your grocery store.  Or DelMonte.
    • It tasted about what I expected after just a month of conditioning as the high ABV is overpowering the malt profile somewhat.  I like it though and it should develop nicely by Christmas.
    • For my next batch I want to make a blueberry beer. Found a recipe I'm going to tweak which calls for  10 oz crushed blueberries at 20 min boil, & then add more frozen blueberries at 14 days  in secondary, but to also add potassium sorbate to stop blueberries from being fermented. I was wondering if potassium sorbate does something to stop ALL yeast fermentation which I don't want  & therefore I don't want to add that compound. Plus I bottle condition so I still want my yeast to be working to carb my beers. From what I've read it can be difficult to get enough blueberry flavor in the end product. What if I add like 2lbs of crushed/frozen blueberry at 7 days without the potassium? This is for a 2 gallon all extract using Safale K97. Or should I buy a few cans of the Mr Beer blueberry & add that at 7 days? I haven't done a fruit beer before so this is stepping out of my comfort zone.  Also I don't have a large blender so I'll have to use a magic bullet  mini bender or just a potato masher that's been sanitized. Thoughts on this process? Thanks!
    • Nice! I was excited to try mine, and wanted to before I left for vacation. I don't like leaving the trub bottles in the conditioning containers for more than a few weeks since they seem to carbonate very quickly.   So, how was it? A lot of mine usually still taste green, but some surprise me at how good they are at that stage.
    • Look what @Cato started -- I'm drinking my trub bottle of 9% ABV Chartwell's!   
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