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    • Hops offset the sweetness of the malt and malt offsets the bitterness of hops. That's like PB with no J or pizza with no BBQ sauce or salad with no grapes or coffee with no caramel sauce or a bath with no bubbles or a visit to the throne with no TP or a bird with no song. Basically I would not make that beer nor would I drink it. Porters and stouts and kolsch and other non hoppy beers all have a bittering hop addition for a reason. It's like hip with no hop or stir fry with no chow mien noodles or a fire with no flame or salt without pepper or rob base with no dj EZ rock or karaoke with no lyric monitor. You need that shiz. That's like rain on your wedding day, it's the good advise that you just can't take, it's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, it's meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife
    • Yuck...., yarrow, licorice, chicory...no thanks. I have been reading more and maybe I need to look at recipes for stouts, porters, marzens, brown ales, etc.    I have seen where several MRB recipes are 13 IBU.    
    • Beer with no hope, probably is bland and hops act like a preservative so it might go off.  But if you don't like hops you could try these gruit ales. http://www.gruitale.com/recipes_en.htm   I have not tried this. I like some hops in my beer but not a gross amount.   The Mr B LME/DME are around 1/2 lb and add approx 1% ABV each pack.  
    • Honestly Snuff, I can't remember if Mr. Beer Lme's are a pound or half a pound.  You'd have to look that up.  
    • AnthonyC,  I mean 4 or 5 packs of LME, wouldn't that be ~ 2 to 2.5 lbs?  I am thinking of substituting the MRB HME can with the weight equivalent of their LME packs, and maybe steeping some grains, and using no hops. I guess it would be 0 IBU and not really “beer” as the PTB declare. Friends gave me a SN Pale Ale one time and said it was not too hoppy, but it was way too much for me. Anyway, just wondering if anyone had tried this. If not, I’ll try it later on when I get enough reserves built up and can waste a batch.
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