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    • St. Patrick's Irish Stout Deluxe Review
      I used the 500 ML and the 740 ML bottles.  For the 500 ML, I used a little less than 1 teaspoon of table sugar, and for the 740 ML I used a little less than 2 teaspoons of table sugar.  Personally, I like probably what some would consider a higher level of carbonation in most of my beers, but I was hoping for not as much with the stout and from the start I probably should've kept that in mind and did a tad less.  Don't get me wrong -- the beer is VERY enjoyable as is, but a little less carbonation would've been nice.   Good luck!   Kevin
    • The Secret is Out!!
      The wait has been killing me! I literally check my email a few times a day and the surprise is finally here!  Great job guys!!
    • St. Patrick's Irish Stout Deluxe Review
      I bottled this on January 30th, throwing in 16 oz of cold-brew coffee and used the screwy brewer batch priming calculator, which ended up around 40 grams of sugar for the 2.13 gallon batch. I won't be trying it for a few more weeks. My target CO2 volumes was 2.1, so we will see how that works out. 
    • lager conditioning question
      3-4 weeks for carbonation  at around 65 - 70F. Then put them back in lager temps for conditioning. The basic rule of thumb is to condition at the same temperature you fermented.
    • lager conditioning question
      OK. I'm confused here. I just bought some lagers and plan on brewing some them soon after having done 40+ batches of ales. I just don't want to screw up.   As a background, I have a mini wine cooler fridge thingie that has a range of about 45-72 degrees that I use for my ales and keep the fermenting temp constant at 68ish for fermenting. Our house has a temp range of about 66-82, depending on the season. The "fridge" is helpful as it keeps the temp constant and protects the LBK from occasional heat wave, such as we are having here this week in Southern California with our house hitting 80+ (I know I know, no comments on the weather puleeeze).   So my question: I plan on carbonating at the manufacturer's rec'd temperature, but for how long? After bottling, I was planning on sticking the bottles in my "fridge" for 4-6 weeks at about 56 degrees. But after that can I pull them out and "warm condition" them at room temp? Or do they have to live at 56 degrees-ish until I chuck them in the fridge for drinking purposes? I don't want my little "fridge" tied up for too long as I want to use it for fermenting my ales.    
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