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    • Huffman (N.E. Houston)
    • rick nailed it as usual.  another thing you can do is a steep of carapils (crushed grain) to add body and head retention.  foam is entirely for looks. i'm fine if the head collapses after only a couple minutes.   as for cold impacting taste, that's why i drink room temp beer.  every time i have chilled a beer it tastes muted and slightly acidic for lack of a better word. (largely due to more co2 in solution).  i think the only beer i would ever intentionally chill for me would be a kolsch.  i'm not a fan of that saddle blanket / straw taste that some kolsch yeast produces. (unless its the hops they used in it?) chilling it knocks it back a few notches.    i might chill a 'lawnmower beer' too. 
    • another thing you can do when you get the brewing bug... become 'that guy' who can only talk for hours about yeast , beer and brewing.  that was me.  a colleague at work made the mistake of telling me he was into beer one day.  for over a year i would corner him to go on and on about my latest brewing exploits, how wonderful yeast are, etc. not everyone shares your obsession. they just want free beer.  another reason i like this forum... you can come here and talk for hours about brewing and no one will look at you like you are some kind of preachy weirdo or something.   yep i can look back and laugh. oh and for the record? my kind of chimay red not quite clone came out great. after only 1 month in the bottle it has a lovely banana ester, a nice heaviness that i like, a light hoppy presence....   was it worth the extra work to do a decoction mash? i think so.  i'm trying to be good and keep my hands off them. ive only had 5 bottles in one month..  32 left in the cooler.   hope to see how going more than 2 months impacts the flavor. must....resist....    incidentally danstar abbaye yeast does a good job. first time using it. i kept the temp at over 72f for most of the first 2 weeks and it makes fairly strong banana notes. 
    • Just made a batch similar to "Tangerously Hoppy IPA" and I'm hoping it turns out nice.  I used Long play IPA, honey, mandarin juice and zest, coriander seeds, crystal, tettenang and Willamette hops- for a 10 min boil. The OG is 1.049... Gonna call it "BITTERSWEET MEMORIES" i have a bunch of Left over hops on hand. 😁
    •   Oh, and by "brats" I don't mean this:

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