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    • Boosting ABV
      ...and that, sir, is why I teach English Language Arts and NOT math!   
    • screw cap glass bottles??
      I have not used many and have had no leak problem, but I read they are not so strong and more likely to burst.
    • Boosting ABV
      ...and while I humbly respect your opinions as a 6+ year extract brewer, I will continue to tell new brewers, Chase Whatever You Want, As Long As You're Having Fun.  :)   LESS FILLING! TASTES GREAT!    AND...  Although I may not ALWAYS agree with your opinions, there is little room for argument that you are wise in your ways.
    • Boosting ABV
      Going back years, this forum has had that recommendation. Why?  Several reasons.  First, people dump ingredients in beer without understanding the consequences, in their goal of raising ABV.  Add sugar, honey, a bunch of booster, trying to raise a 3.1% ABV to something much higher and you get a lousy dried out beer that gives headaches, takes months and months to not be cidery, if ever (and they can not wait to try it), and they quit the hobby.  This sticky from January 2011 has YankeeDag stating that exact point:  It’s better to chase Flavor than it is to chase alcohol %. If you chase flavor, in most cases the alcohol level will go up.  If you just add sugars to increase the alcohol content, you’ll make a nice cider…and will take months to mellow out enough to drink. New brewer just love to go all “Mad Scientist” and toss in every bit of fermentable sugars they can hoping to have a super High alcohol drink. Then they are quite put off when the beer goes all Frankenstein on them. Try to keep it down to a 2:1 malt to sugar ratio. That would be 2 parts malt, and one part “sugary stuff”.   In addition, those that just want to get wasted aren't something that homebrewers want to encourage or support. You'll find that theme on most homebrewer forums.  If you want to get wasted, seek advice elsewhere.   So, while I respect your right to disagree, I for one will continue to tell new brewers, Chase Flavor, Not ABV.
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