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    • I order 4 gallons but didn't purchase the ingredients yet. 
    • Whisking the wort after addition serves two purposes. One, to mix everything and make it homologous. And two, to oxygenate the wort for the yeast.  Everything will eventually become homologous whether you mix it or not so that's not as big of a deal.  Not oxygenating the wort, that might lend itself to a slower start and slightly stressed yeast during high kreusen.  In the end you will make beer. Right now the bigger consideration is keeping your temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and consistent because it's too late to do anything about not mixing. All in all, not mixing is not really going to hurt you.  You might (stress on the word 'might') have off flavors but you won't know until you bottle. And even then they'll probably condition out.    Welcome to your new obsession!    RDWHAHB (Relax, Don't Worry, Have A  Home Brew). 
    • I made the Whispering Wheat and liked it a lot.  One thing that keep forgetting is that I used washed yeast from my Northern Brewer's Abbey Dubbel in it.  I'm not 100% sure how much that effected the final flavor.  Not sure whether or not I tasted banana/clove flavor.  Hope that helps a little bit.
    • I want to brew a hefeweizen and came across two recipes. The old Who's your Hefe and the new Whispering Wheat Hefeweizen. I was wondering if anyone has tried these. I want a hefeweizen where you can taste the banana and clove similar to The Hef  by Frankenmuth Brewery. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
    • I kind of missed a step when i put in the rest of the water after the wort I forgot to mix it. before i put on the yeast is it really going to matter.Kind of worried.
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