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    • There are no absolutes in brewing.  A chart is a chart.  Also, remember that your senses are affected by each other.  Blind people usually have increased hearing sensitivity.  And taste is impacted by AROMA as well as FLAVOR.     Lastly, remember that many people lack the refined tastes to notice things that expert tasters notice.  "A fine aroma of ____" is often not noticed by someone unless they are told to look for it.
    • I also read that adding dry hops will provide different flavors depending on how long you put them in for, e.g. 3 days or 2 weeks.
    • It's really important controlling & changing chest freezer's temperature. Here's the all time guides about temperatures: Temperature Guide about Refrigeration Equipment What Temperature Should I Set My Temperature? Optimum Serving Temperatures of Beers    
    • I refer to Josh's comment above that it will give flavor, not as much, but it still will give flavor.
    • This chart from Jim is why I asked the question. I can't see how a hop can do much of anything at flameout or especially dry hopping if this is the real deal.   That being said, I know I do get contribution to the final product from hops added at flameout, and I have dry hopped as well. I guess I was just wondering what the intent is. Since most of these extracts are HME's, the hop additions are doing something but are not the prime mover. Recently I have started using this hop schedule with DME and LME starters and getting some really good results. So, that's what got me thinking about this.
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