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    • well so much for the stupid colder fall weather settle few days  in, it's back up to mid 80's in the daytime, so after one day/night attempt with the Baltic Porter cold fermentation I had to get out the cool zone jacket with a thermowell and cool that sucker down b4 it's too late. just thot I would be done with the ice bottles. no big deal
    • I'm bottling tonight a stout where I wanted to experiment with adding 1 oz of coffee to each 1/2 liter bottle.  I was just planning on brewing a k cup with my Keurig, letting it cool, and then using a sanitized shot glass to pour in an ounce to each bottle.  Does this sound right?  Any other recommendations to perhaps avoid a possible infection?  I clean my Keurig on a regular basis, but wondering if it's possible of an infection by using this type of brewed coffee at bottling.   Thanks in advance, Kevin 
    • wow! and I thot the diablo was kinda weak in the hop dept that my most recent brew I added additional Azzaca, Moteaka, and Citra in that order. and it turned out pretty darn good as a mid to mild hoppy beer
    • Read the instructions for ours. It should clear some things up.
    • Jason, I am going to assume that this is an all grain recipe.  I would change to be as follows: 6lb Pilsner malt, 2lb Pale malt, 4oz honey malt, 1lb Vienna malt, .5oz Cascade 60min, .5oz Cascade 20min, .5oz Cascade 10min, 1 pk Safale US-05.  Mash at 148 to achieve the dryness you are looking for in a Blonde.   72% efficiency    1.049 OG   1.008 FG   19 IBUs   4.2 SRM   No need for the Honey or Wheat malt.    Just my 2 cents
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