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    • You can never have too many Bavarian Weissbiers!
      Well, turns out that I was disappointed that I added the raspberries right away -- hardly any flavor carried through primary fermentation this time so I added a 2nd can a few days ago and this will now be a Double Raspberry Wheat!🍻
    • My situation
      Bottled Pilsner on 6/4, 6/21 bottled. Tasted Chug a Luger before bottling.   Answer - lack of adequate / no conditioning, need 6 weeks on the lighter ones. Oktoberfest is darker.     How do you check fermenting temp of wort with 3 devices without opening LBK?
    • What makes creamy mouth feel in Stout's?
      Simpson's Golden Naked Oats and Carapils (but really really for a stout you should use Caramel 120 L), like silky buttah!
    • plastic or glass bottles
      Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity .  80% of the glass that is recovered is made into new glass products . 
    • Dry Yeast Starter
      I had planned on making a starter out of a dry yeast at one point, because I was making a high gravity ale and it just seemed like "good insurance." Ultimately I decided not to; I rehydrated and slowly acclimatized the yeast with small introductions of wort and then pitched. That batch nearly blew the airlock off and attenuated perfectly.   When it comes to LBK sized batches I am of the opinion that pitching a full 11-11.5 gram packet of dry yeast is overkill, and pitching a whole rehydrated packet is going "thermo- nuke-ya-ler."  One of the most prolific home brewers I know, intentionally (and exclusively) pitches liquid yeast into 5 gal batches with no starter because he is looking for those esters (some call them "off flavors" I disagree).  He focuses MUCH more on fermentation temp schedules than on starting yeast cell count. His beers are some of the most flavorful I have ever had.   Bottom line, if your yeast is alive, it will make beer. It will almost assuredly make good beer. Depending on the combination of your palate and pitching process you will make great beer.   RaHaHB
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