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    • So I have a batch of American Resolution fermenting and The Best Haze Of Our Lives up on deck. I've been reading a lot of negative things about bottle conditioning the NEIPA style because of oxidation and the beers turning a brown muddy color only after a few weeks in the bottle.  I've read that most people prefer to keg this style of beer to avoid that. So my question is why does that happen so often with this style and any advice on how to avoid it?
    • I mean, 8% is a BIG beer! You want to make a barleywine or what?
    •   You just need to ask yourself "Is 8% ABV enough?"  If not, add the booster.  If yes, don't.  Personally, I'd save it for a later brew.
    • Ya I take the spigot apart after every bottling/cleaning. I assume @Cato is talking about spare spigots? By golly if I had spare lbks laying around I would have beer in them stashed around my house considering how many recipes are in my brew queue.  My wife said that 3 lbks is enough (for now). What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.....lol 
    • It’s not part of the recipe. I don’t know as much as most on this forum but I would think that 2 hme cans, 1 lme and the sugars from the steeped grains would be sufficient. I would follow the recipe. But that being said I am a fan of abv so may be it can’t hurt?
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