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    • 1) You technically should watch your beer like a hawk. Wait for the krausen to fall and then do the DR. You want to hit about 75-80% attenuation. I have done a number of things, lowering 5 degrees everyday until 35 degrees or the dangerous method of "crashing" to 35 immediately and then lagering in the fermenter.   2), carb at 70   3) you get benefits from each. Id condition for 1/2 warm and 1/2 cold of your target drinking date   4) ideally, this is crazy, theres so many lagering methods now. Any way, if its 1.040, then lager for 4 weeks, 1.050, 5 weeks so on and so on.   methods of making a lager   ferment to 75%, DR (and DH) for a few days. DR is usually good after 24 hours but if youre dry hopping then youll want some time at that warm temp. Crash to 35, lager for how I explained in #4 point.   ferment at ideal temp, at 50%, raise 5 degrees, 75% raise 5 degrees until terminal, crash and keg.   in the end as i always say, its your beer. Do what you want 
    • 3 weeks bottle conditioning and my first taste. Wow!  Great beer. I can see these going quickly. A hint of banana, and a bit of clove.    Will certainly be re-ordering this recipe. 
    • @MiniYoda  From my experience with MRB lagers, I would recommend the 2-3 day diacetyl rest, but not necessarily the cold-crash.  Carbonate @ room temp. for a couple weeks, then lager in your beer fridge until consumption.  Great experiment, Yoda!
    • Last keg, Helles with grains Canadian Blonde, is in the fridge.  Temp at pitch was 63.7.  Other kegs are holding in the low 50's with the temp control at 52.   Now we wait.  And as we wait, we decide what to do.  I've learned that if you ask 20 economists a question, you'll get 30 different answers.  Based on what I've read in books, online, from this forum, other forums, and on pod casts, how to ferment/condition lagers is about the same thing.  WAY too many different ways of what to do next.  I'm inviting those who know, *everyone*, to post their thoughts on what I do next.   1)  The beer is going to live in the keg for about 19-21 days.  The keg I made today is going to ferment for 19 days (bottling this one on Labor day).  What should I do before bottle day:      a)  remove from the fridge 2 days early for a rest?  Is it called diastolic?      b)  cold crash for two days?  The three kegs which are partial mash have 1/2 teaspoon of Irish Moss, my first time using (for the record, if you want to buy Irish moss, buy only one bag.  I bought two, and after three kegs, I have enough to last..........quite a long time).  Still I'm going for as much clarity as I can on these, and don't know if Irish Moss will sink to the bottom after a while, or if it might float in the bottle.      c)  a bit of both?  Out of the fridge for a day or two for a rest, then cold crash for a day or two? 2)  At what temp do I carbonate?  I've seen carbonate at room temp just like regular ales.  If so, would this eliminate the need to rest at room temp above?  Or carbonate at the low 50's like they are fermenting 3)  At what temp do I condition?  Yes, these are lagers, so they will be conditioning for a while, probably past full Oktoberfest.  But I want to make them the best I can.  I've seen everything from condition at room temp to condition as low as 35 degrees. 4)  And in the same theory of "best I can", recommended minimal lagering at the above temp?   Thanks
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