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    • ESB SALE!!! 50% OFF!!!
      "Your HME taste like HME.  Get rid of the extract taste however you must."  Is this that strange aftertaste you get?  I've noticed it over & over again, but thought that it was just me.   
    • Bottle Sanitation - Best Practices
      Okay - thank you everyone. It is amazing what you can miss. At least what I can miss.    Right off the bat I can see a few mistakes I am making, the first one being not leaving the sanitizer in the bottle long enough. I am going to change up my process a bit to fix that.    
    • Bottle Sanitation - Best Practices
      I do it exactly as it says in the Mr. Beer instructions, exactly as Rick posted. I use a 1 gallon pitcher as my container, makes it easy to pour into the bottles using a funnel. It takes almost no time.   Besides soaking the caps, I use them on the bottles when shaking and leave them there until I shake again at which point they go back into the bowl with sanitizer in it. I pour the bottles back into the pitcher and use it to sanitize the wand and anything else.    After bottling and washing out the LBK, I use the leftover sanitizer as a final rinse for the LBK before putting it away. I know it's not necessary and won't make a bit of difference come time to brew again, but may as well use it.  
    • ESB SALE!!! 50% OFF!!!
      I brew 5 gallon extract batches  Several are linked in my signature.  2.5 gallons of water, 6+ lbs of LME, steeped grains and hops. Low $20 to low $30 for 5 gallons. Split between two LBKs.  5 gallon pot, quart and pint measuring cup, strainer, scale.  I buy LME for $2.50 a pound, hops in 4 oz bags for around $1.25 an ounce or less,  grains for $1.69 a pound or so, dry yeast for $3 or so.  Takes about 4.5 hours including cleanup.
    • Bottle Sanitation - Best Practices
      Work travels...some personal travel, family travel, etc. The weekends and weeks have been filled! But it is starting to slow down and I am getting back and ready to brew again.   Next week two of my earlier batches, the Kenneth Blonde and the Dortmunder Remixed are ready to put in the fridge and sample. I can't wait!
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