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    • Thanks for the heads up, Dawg! Temp controller set for 65 and 1 degree differential set for the heat side. That'll hold it 64 as a low and 66 as a high.
    • For ales I've often read below 80. Personally I try to pitch within the temp range on the yeast packet. S-05 seems pretty forgiving in its pitch as I've not had any issues pitching from 63-75F.
    • S-04 is a fickle yeast as are most English strains.  Be sure to not let the wort cool below the current fermentation temperature or the yeast will drop out and go to sleep to early.  I always allow my English strains to raise 1 degree per day during fermentation to ensure that it doesn't drop early.
    • Fire Rooster,   Pitching into 70 degree wort is OK but it would be better to be a little cooler.  When the yeast are first pitched is the most critical time for flavor developement since that is when they are making sure they have enough population to do the job at hand.  During this time if it is too warm, they will put off flavors that may not be desirable.  Once fermentation starts temperature is still important but not quite as critical as in the beginning.    If my wort is too warm when I am ready to pitch, I put my fermenter in my fermentation chamber and cool it to below where I want to ferment and then pitch.  If you don't have a fermentation chamber a cooler with ice bottles or your refrigerator will work to cool the wort.  As long as your sanitation practices are good, you could wait 12 hours to pitch at the proper temperature.  Every beer that I brew gets pitched at 62 (it don't do lagers yet) and then adjusted for fermentation temperature based on the yeast.  Belgians and Saisons are allowed to raise to the mid 60s with all other ales remaining at 62 for the next 3 days before being allowed to rise.    Dawg
    • Oy, also aiming for less attenuation in my current ale fermenting. Trying S-04 for the first time. Seems to take off fast, pitched in the morning and at bedtime blowoff jar was gurgling.
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