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    • Just brewed a batch of American Light Lager that turned out more like wine than beer. It has a strong wine taste. I noticed as it fermented that it smelled like wine. Any ideas what went wrong?
    • Man after a week with my beer in the fridge I have to say Dam I think I made a killer beer. The color was just right, the taste was superb and the head held for a while. I know I never made the original API IPA recipe with the nugget hops. I do have to say with the Columbus hops in my mind it tasted great and was a great ending to my birthday day 7 740ml bottles later at 2 pint glasses each I am feeling great.
    • La Noche Oscura Cuadruplicar Fuerte (a remix of the Calavera Spiced Chile Stout) Version Definitiva   Base: 1 Bewitched Amer 2 Pale LME 2 Smooth LME 2 Booster (new boosters...apparently 2 new = 1 old). Steeping Grains: 2 Row Munich Crystal 60 Black (half) Chocolate (half) Hops: El Dorado Additionals: Cinammon Stick 2 Ancho Chiles Vanilla Yeast: T-58 ---- Decided to go with Bewitched Amber instead of Brown.  Got rid of the robust and upped to 2 pale, 2 smooth, and 1 booster (well I guess it is two now.) We cannot call this a Caudruplicar FUERTE without it being Mas Fuerte. Reworked the grain bill a bit going purely on guts and machismo. Got rid of the cacao because I forgot to order it. Decided on El Dorado hops because El Dorado is a spanish word.   Ingredients ordered. This will be the first brew in the queue after I bottle what I've got fermenting.      
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