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    • Nothing wrong with your method JDub.    You should taste a sample at 21 days to make sure it didn't get stuck.  As long as a 1 ounce sample taste like flat beer at 21 days you are good to bottle. No reason to waste a bunch of beer. 
    •   I'm on day 9 of American Resolution and it's been steady between 63-65. I was just stating that the recipes uses the same yeast but instructions are different so I wanted to clarify a possible mistake in the instructions.
    • Gee.....no updates in six months, then two in less than one week.  This time, added the three new National Parks recipes, plus a few minor fixes here and there.   Note to Mr Beer folks.  The picture for Hidden Lake Amber shows a DME, but the recipe is calling for an LME.  Just wanted to check and find out which is correct MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
    • I don't take frequent samples.  Nor do I take 2 samples, 48 hours apart, to see if it's done.  I wait at least 18 days, sometimes 19, and take a reading. If it matches my expected FG, I cold crash.  If it's too high, I evaluate letting it go another 48 hours.  
    • I guess I should be using it. I’ve just been fermenting 21 days and not worrying about it. Seems like some brewers take frequent samples to determine if it’s finished fermenting. I’ll try using on my next brew. 
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