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    • Thanks for the tip on the BeerSmith Forum. I hopped on and posted my issue along with my analysis and workaround in their support section; we’ll see if I’m on the right track, or if they can steer me in the right direction.
    • I entered my recipe for Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, with my small extract equipment profile, made sure extract was selected under recipe, and took Mr Beer’s IBU: 27 - multiplied it by 2 and divided by 1.87    I’m getting a predicted: ABV: 4.86%. IBU: 24.6   This is brewing 2.2 gallons and sacrificing .2 gallons to the fermenter and trub - 2 gallons to keg Recipe is 1 can HME and a pound of Pale DME 2.27 oz table sugar to keg and carbonate   This seems close   If I brewed 2 gallons straight up, the numbers should be almost dead on Mr Beer published numbers with the only variation left being the DME numbers.   So it looks like they assumed a 1 pound can of extract for the HME and doubled the published IBU to make the numbers work for a 2 gallon batch.  
    • I like it so far. I’m still dialing it in for Mr. Beer HMEs. I think the discrepancy with the ABV was that their file had 78% efficiency for the fermentation; I had 75%, and I think it’s even a hair less than that. So that’s addressed...
    • BS3 is amazing. i use it all of the time and getting much better at it. haven't run a MRB recipe through it yet, although i'm sure someone on this forum knows. BS forum is also very good. there are some guys on it that know it inside and out.
    • I dug out my old laptop and downloaded Qbrew and the newer database. I found it serviceable but I had to work around a lot. I `decided to pony up the $7.99 for BeerSmith 3 on my iPad.  Much easier to use. Obviously there’s a lot of extra stuff that a novice brewer like me doesn’t need, but I definitely feel like I won’t outgrow it.  I found some good OLD information on entering Mr Beer HMEs and scaling my equipment better and bumped those.   I saw references to databases of Mr Beer Products for BeerSmith 2 on PC... Is there anything out there for BeerSmith 3.0 on iPad that will save me the trouble (not that much) of entering the various Mr Beer products as I use them? Is anyone using BeerSmith 3,0 on iPad?   OMG, I just found Coopers Extracts and Mr Beer extracts under add-ons... Problem solved, or not - they seem to be scaled wrong or something. I’m getting way different numbers than when I entered the data manually. Seems if I leave it at 1 lb, the IBU is right, but the ABV is way off, and if I put the correct weight of 1.87 lb the ABV is about right, but the IBU is way off.   Okay, in the case of Classic American Light, the IBUs were way off in the data; I can’t speak for the other extracts. Seems they forgot to divide by 1.87; I fixed that data point and the IBUs are inline at the proper quantity of HME. The ABV Is a bit higher than my old data, but only by .2% or so - I’m guessing that’s the carbonization sugar or something. I guess I’ll have to check each ingredient by the numbers as I go.   [edit] BeerSmith calls for gal/lbs on the IBU number, so you take the number at Mr Beer multiply by 2 then divide by 1.87 - if you put this number in, you get pretty good looking numbers.   [edit] Caveat - I know next to nothing about brewing; I’m just reverse engineering numbers, so an actual brewer can jump in anytime
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