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    • At mrbeer.com the recipe calls for Aztec Mexican Cerveza extract, and..... - the Standard Refill has 2 booster packs and the Deluxe has one Pale LME. You may know all that by now. It sounds like you're going to get standard (dry) light beer.   ON EDIT: Since the deed is already done, at least float a couple 'penos or dried chile arbol in there.
    • An extra week does help.  That's going from 2 to 3 weeks.  Week 3 is the extra week.   Follow the 3-4 rule.  3 weeks fermentation (ideally 65 degree wort temp) followed by 4 weeks in bottles (ideally 70 or a bit higher), followed by at least 3 days in the fridge for the beer you will drink in 3 days.   DME is stronger than LME, because the water is removed.  The ratio is:   1 pound of LME = 0.8 pounds of DME. 1 pounds of DME = 1.25 pounds of LME   Adding 1 pound of LME is the max I would do, that's why I said 3/4 pound.  1/2 would be fine also.  The lighter the beer, the more noticeable the addition is.
    • I hear you. It was not my choice to add the sugar on day two. It was only then that I grew suspicious that something was missing, so I called in and was advised to do so to try and save the batch. I thought I read somewhere here that an extra week of primary fermentation helped clean up the beer some. I guess you’re saying that is not so.   Do you think I should consider just a half pound if DME with the Czech Pilsner?
    • Zero reason to ferment 4 weeks.
      Adding a cup of sugar dries out the beer as you noted.  Add it the next day is not something I would have done.   No reason to use S-05 instead of Mr. Beer yeast.  A pound of DME is pushing the high side.  I might go with 3/4 pound and NO SUGAR.
    • Ordered my Mr. Beer kit on Amazon; it was supposed to be Mexican Cerveza, but I received Classic American Light. No problem right? I follow the directions exactly, “...if there are booster packs, add them at this time...” There were not. I was suspicious after reviewing the refill packages on This site, so I called in. Thanks guys for the help.    So the next day,, I boil a cup of sugar in a cup of water, let it cool and add it. I’m good with that, as I kind of like a drier beer in the summer. Then I discover these forums...   My temps were too high 70-72 ambient.   Should I let it ferment four weeks instead of three before cold crashing, then condition it even longer, or should I just toss it and start again? I’m expecting cider.  Needless to say, I’m getting a mini-fridge and temp controller setup together.    I’ll be carbonating and conditioning in 1 gallon stainless mini-kegs, which are in limited supply, so I may not wish to waste the space on crappy beer.  Also, should I move to US-05 yeast for the next batch - the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, also from Amazon with no booster - I bought a pound of Pale DME at the local brew shop; should I add the whole pound or half plus some sugar? I know that’s subjective, but give me your opinions.   I brewed three or four decent five gallon batches back in the early nineties, so its not my first rodeo, but things were quite different then, cooler for one. The one bit of good news is that I think my sanitizing was quite good 😉
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