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    • In the FWIW department, I've found that folding a damp dish rag lengthwise and putting it under the LBK keeps it from sliding around on the countertop when bottling.
    • Here is a recent picture of what I left in the LBK with cold crashing, inclining the LBK, and batch priming.    
    • Sounds good! It would be a good way also if you are bulk priming, but I bottle prime using sugar dots. For me a transfer container  would be yet another bit of stuff to clean and I am lazy. I find I can turn the spigot ok when the LBK is light  but I had to really think to figure how I do this. (I don't think at the time, I just Do)  I have LBK on left of sink with spigot on right, over the sink. I hold the bottle onto the spigot with right hand, and reach over with the left hand to turn the spigot. I can stabilize the LBK with my left arm while turning the lever with my left hand. Once the level is below the spigot, I just leave the spigot open, remove the lid so I can monitor the liquid level and trub pickup and tilt the LBK gently by hand, stopping when bottle is full  or too much trub is getting carried in. I usually get almost ALL the beer  out this way. 
    • I would add one further method, which is to transfer the beer from the LBK into a slimline or another LBK.  This is done with a simple piece of hose from the LBK spigot into the second vessel, and ideally with batch primiing (see link in my signature).   My 2.5 gallon slimline (used to be at Walmart, now only at Amazon and for nearly twice the price that Walmart was) works great, once filled I put it on the counter and the bottling wand goes INSIDE the spigot (no piece of hose needed) and bottles fit nicely below it.   Nickfixit is one of the very few that finds the spigot easier than a bottling wand, but what matters is what works best for you as he stated.  I find turning off the spigot with one hand while holding a bottle gets more difficult the lighter the LBK gets.  
    • Many people like and use the bottling wands. I tried but found I preferred to fill the bottles directly from the spigot. With the LBK on the kitchen counter, I find that I can get the bottles in the sink at the right angle and they fill fine. I have to estimate the spigot turn off to get the fill level but practice helps that, I have to modify the flow rate depending on bubble generation and I have no problem with the trub generally. And, of course, I have less cleanup. I find that doing it this way I have easy cleanup, as all drips are into the sink. However, I make my life easy by using a small number of PET bottles rather than the larger number of 12 oz bottles, although I do generally make 2 x 12 oz from each batch to give away. I find at the end of the filling, I can easily tilt the LBK by hand to get the last of the beer out so do not see that as an issue.   It is good to try both methods and see what works best for you.
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