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    • I recently received a shipment, and everything was in order, except for the fact that one 4 oz package of carapils had come open, and the grain was everywhere. I let CS know, just because I'd want to know if I shipped something and it came open. Anyway, I wasn't trying to get 4 ounces of grain replaced, it's simply too easy for me to get that small of an amount at my LHBS. I was thanked for the info, and given a little store credit for for my trouble! I mean, WHO does that? Just awesome!
    • Agreed.  You can ask people who know me and I am famous for saying "Win or lose, I still have to work tomorrow so I can pay the bills" or "The best you can hope for is to be able to smile a little bit longer."  Be it my Hawks, Packers, Mariners, Cubs, or Sooners.  Heck, only 1 team can win it all... the rest, well, they lost too ad that usually includes my teams.
    • I have only used the 740ml bottles. I add a bit more water in the LBK along with booster in the wort then tip the LBK to just squeeze out 12 bottles. I think that works out to 2.25 gallons instead of 2. I understand this amounts to watering down my beer but really I doubt I know the difference.   I have no problem draining the whole 740ml if I feel like it (hell it's only 2 beers). When I order a tall draft at a restaurant, and I always order a tall draft, it's nearly the same amount. If I save 1/2 for the next day or even a couple days later they've been fine too. 
    • Lol! No worries from me! I enjoy some good friendly banter from time to time!  I wasn't sure how that game was going to go... but hey... ya win some, ya lose some! 
    • Maybe so, but it sure made for some awesome pictures... not as good as "Deez Nuts", but I digress

      Feeling bad for "talking trash" as I usually do not do that (ask @Shrike, I believe it was, about how much trash talking I do about beers lol).  The honest truth is I expected OSU to beat us that night. I had already counted it as one of the at least 3 losses I projected for the season. I personally thought Baker was crazy to come back another season after losing Westbrook, Mixon and Perine.  Crazy, but with a Heisman I guess

      I'm just happy to be in the Playoffs.  What will happen will happen. 

      Alrighty, sorry for going off topic there y'all  
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