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    • That's close to the ratio of 8.8 oz of LME to 7.5 oz of DME that Mr. Beer sells in packages. ¬†But why the 4.7% ABV versus 4.2% ABV in these two Oktoberfest recipes?
    • 1# DME is worth 1.25# LME, conversely 1# LME is worth .9# DME
    • I know this is an old topic but I just finished making my first¬†brew of¬†the Oktoberfestivus recipe. ¬†Looks good...but I've got a question¬†while I wait 3 weeks for fermenting and 4 weeks (or more likely 6 weeks) for conditioning.... ¬† The Oktoberfest Lager Deluxe refill comes with the 1.87 lb can and 8.8 ounces of liquid malt extract (LME-Smooth). ¬†The instructions give an ABV of 4.7%. ¬†But when I put these ingredients into Qbrew I get 4.2%. ¬† However, the Oktoberfestivus recipe uses the 1.87 lb can but includes 7.5 ounces of¬†dry malt extract (DME-Smooth) along with 1/2 ounce of the Hallertau hops. ¬†The Mr. Beer recipe gives 4.2% ABV for this while the¬†Qbrew gives an ABV of 4.1% for this recipe. ¬† I was wondering why I'm 1/2 percent off when I calculate the Oktoberfest Lager Deluxe refill recipe? ¬†Either I'm too tired tonight to do it right or Qbrew is off or Mr. Beer is listing an old ABV for the Oktoberfest Lager Deluxe refill recipe. ¬† It has been answered before (RickBeer, etc.) that¬†the LME behaves the same as the DME.¬† But is 8.8 ounces of Mr. Beer LME equivalent to 7.5 ounces of Mr. Beer DME with regards to ABV contribution? ¬†The Mr. Beer product descriptions seem to say "yes" but I'm just thrown off by the 4.7% ABV using¬†the¬†LME¬†versus the 4.2% ABV using¬†the DME with¬†the Mr. Beer Oktoberfest HME¬†product. ¬† Thanks!
    • Yeah, there's a ton¬†of tweaks you can do on it. Once you get it all set it's great. I said that BS wasn't very intuitive. Took me about 5 min to understand q brew,¬†after 3 years BeerSmith can still make me crazy.
    • Welcome to the community, @D Kristof!
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