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    Fire Rooster

    Don't Worry Be Hoppy

    Jdub, thank you very much, my brewing hobby is renewed. Best beer I've made to date by far, and experiencing citra hops to the max. Below is your shared Zombie clone recipe.
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    First taste

    After seven weeks, my first taste. I love the color it turned out. The taste is ‘ok’ not as carbonated as I expected/hoped. Although this first bottle was a partial bottle since the batch didn’t come out exactly even. I noticed there was some undissolved goop in the bottom that was the same color as the carbonation drops. So the other bottles may turn out even better. All in all, I figure a pretty decent outcome for my first try. Cheers!
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    Pet bottles problem

    nothing against PET bottles, but they have failed me several times....leaks, flat beer....etc. Glass bottles have always been great. i feel like they provide the best seal. bottle washing is a little work, but i really don't mind doing it. i wash around 50 at a time and hang them on my bottle tree. i have a bench capper which will cap just about any size bottle. i've bought a few cases of glass bottles before, but now i buy commercial beer like sam adams...etc. and reuse the bottles if i need more.
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    ive a Libby's craft beer glass set of glasses. very nice. . and a pint mug i got as a promotion. . . but i'm no snob. ill drink beer from plastic cups, boots, styrofoam... whatever.
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    Creeps McLane

    Hop Storage

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    A nonic pint is nice for porters and stouts but more often than not I'll go for my favorite glass:
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    Pet bottles problem

    This looks like fun blog for students of brewing. This entry from the log of a student at Niagara College (in Ontario, Canada) Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management 2 year brewing course is on carbonation and shows some calculation on getting what carbonation you want. https://studentofbeer.wordpress.com/tag/carbonation/ Other pages in this are interesting too. I also found and annotated the chart below showing temperature effect is ~ 1.7:2.7g at atmospheric pressure. But the pressure is higher since the CO2 is retained so more will be dissolved. From room temp, the CO2 pressure will also go down as RB says, which will lessen solubility to some extent but since this is related to absolute temperature (deg K), it is not a huge factor (276:294 in this temp range.) For those really into the math of CO2 solubility....https://www.researchgate.net/publication/277688911_Carbon_Dioxide_Solubility_in_Beer/download https://tapintohach.com/2013/01/28/co2-solubility-in-beer-does-quantifying-it-precisely-matter/
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    Pet bottles problem

    Don't confuse carbonation with the amount of head. A beer can be very carbonated, and produce little to no head. If you want more head on a Mr. Beer recipe, steep some carpils/carafoam or add wheat LME/DME.
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    I like mugs with a handle if those are shaker pints, though my two favs only hold 12oz We also have some tulip shaped and a couple like this that I like a lot.
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    So I have several "shaker pint" glasses and a Sam Adams glass. Unless I am drinking a pale ale or something hoppy (rarely happens), I just grab whatever glass I feel like pouring into. I used try to make sure that I had the proper glass for each beer style at least using a tulip on Belgians, but I have now found little difference. I am a beer judge and if glassware were really that important, I think we would be judging samples poured into the glassware for the style we are judging. Instead, we are judging samples poured into a clear plastic cup which maintains no head retention and has very little capacity to hold aromas.
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    Hop Storage

    Jdub, I seal all of my left over hops with a vacuum sealer. I am able to write the date and alpha acid information on the pack and then I store them in the freezer. I have used hops that are over a year old with no issues. By the way, I use the vacuum sealer to seal up my left over grains as well. I store them at basement temperature in plastic buckets. Dawg
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    Creeps McLane

    New brew kettle

    Well this is certainly a lot like the process of brewing. Lots of opinions, none are probably wrong but everyone sure thinks they’re right.
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    First taste

    Very fortunate, with my beers the bottle would have erupted all over the place if I did that
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    How many types of beer mugs do you own?

    i'm not very technical. when i want a beer, i open my cabinet, find the nearest glass i'm in the mood for and say that'll do!
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    Fire Rooster

    Concentrated Wort

    Since basement is cold, a very large cooler, ink bird, & seedling mat are used to carb/condition. The recipe you gave me Zombie clone is in the cooler.
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    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Here is my upcoming schedule. I had some ingredients collecting dust, took a few years off from brewing (I was busy and stuff ok!). 2019 Back to Beer Schedule 12/26/18 Autumn ESB 1 - Brew 01/12/19 All American Gold - Brew 01/20/19 Autumn ESB - Cold Crash 01/26/19 Autumn ESB 1 - Bottle Santa Catalina - Brew 02/06/19 All American Gold - Cold Crash 02/09/19 All American Gold - Bottle Party time Pilsner - Brew 02/20/19 Santa Catalina - Cold Crash 02/23/19 Autumn ESB 1 - Taste Santa Catalina - Bottle Autumn ESB 2 - Brew 03/06/19 Party Time Pilz - Cold Crash 03/09/19 All American Gold - Taste Party time Pilsner - Bottle Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Brew 03/20/19 Autumn ESB 2 - Cold Crash 03/23/19 Santa Catalina - Taste Autumn ESB 2 - Bottle Horses Ass Ale - Brew 04/03/19 Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Cold Crash 04/06/19 Party time Pilsner - Taste Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Bottle 04/17/19 Horses Ass Ale - Cold Crash 04/20/19 Autumn ESB 2 - Taste Horses Ass Ale - Bottle 05/04/19 Ragin' Rincon Pale Ale - Taste 05/18/19 Horses Ass Ale - Taste
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    Splitting a batch

    Another split you can do is to get a Cooper's 6 gal HME kit and split to 3 LBKLs. I have done that for several and it works well. With the splitting, you can also modify the base to make different beers in each split if you want by adding different malt or hop treatments. Of what Cooper's HMEs I made, I like the Dark Ale and the Pilsner best. There is good info on AU forums too on those. The Pilsner benefits from additional Saaz to my taste. The Dark Ale is like UK Mild unless you beef it up some. All the Coopers you need to add some fermentable besides the HME which will only give you 2.5% ABV. Their recipes do that though.
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    Paint Strainer Bag

    I do the same thing, basically just move around the hop sludge until most of the wort drains. Only takes about a minute. I clean mine when I clean my pot and equipment. I use Oxyclean Free to clean everything and a 5 minute soak in that with a rinse is all it needs. If it has some stubborn junk in it a bottle brush or other brush will clean that out in no time. https://www.amazon.com/Spider-Micron-Stainless-Strainer-Brewing/dp/B079N61YY4/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1549045782&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=hop+spider+stainless+steel&psc=1 This is the hop spider that I have been using for over a year now.
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    Pet bottles problem

    For me the 750 in glass would be too big. I generally only drink one glass (1x 12 oz bottle) at a sitting so it would likely go flat on me without a good stopper. That is another reason I like the PET with screw tops. I will agree I get the most reliable seal from glass bottles w/crimp on caps, but mostly the PET are OK for me. Also use a bench capper - I think more reliable than hand ones. I am sitting at 223 😮 LBKs bottled and 2 fermenting.
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    Thats my favorite too
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    So the pipeline is in full force. Stout in bottles ( I may crack one open this weekend just to see, but they could probably stand another week or two), Oktoberfest in one LBK ready to bottle in about a week and a half and American Light ( because it came with the kit) in my old LBK that I dug out and cleaned up. I hope to keep both LBKs going about a week to two weeks apart.
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    Concentrated Wort

    Go to Walmart or your local big box store and look for a 16qt pot. You should be able to find a decent one for about $30, that will allow for a boil big enough to do your 4 gallon batches with top off to get to that volume.
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    Here's an Idea ??

    You can also make "hop tea". Steep the pellets in hot (boiled) water for 30 min or so the decant off the liquid. The hops should have settled to the bottom. Some people use a coffee press with success. ICooper's (Mr Beer's AU parent) includes steeping method in some recipes. https://us.diybeer.com/czech-pils-20-litres My experience is that I get the same effect with a 30 min boiled water steep as putting them in a hop bag at flameout when using Saaz in a Pilsener. Also despite the claim that you need to boil hops in wort to get bitterness and hop flavor, I have boiled them in plain water and it seemed to work. (Maybe my palate is not good enough to tell the difference :-)). (Not that the charts of IBU extracted per minute of boil vs wort concentration goes down as concentration increases and up as it decreases, but they do not show plain water at the low concentration end. Tinseth stops at 1.020 not 1.000 lol. This post has one commenter give a method claimed to work for a separate hop boil. https://homebrew.stackexchange.com/questions/4576/performing-a-hop-boil-seperate-from-the-wort-boil and https://homebrew.stackexchange.com/questions/1154/partial-vs-full-volume-wort-boil The last post has poster that says not to boil extract wort - but boil hops in water then add. Some people are having success with it is seems. So you can try and see. So if doing a PM + Mr B HME - I would do the PM, boil hops in the liquor to sterilize or add bitterness, flavor etc. as needed, turn off heat then add Malt extracts. Dry malts and booster clump badly in hot liquid so I might start those cold but this is the general idea I use.
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    D Kristof

    Splitting a batch

    First of all, welcome. Secondly, that's precisely the right attitude and approach.
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    Just because you can't beat us there is no need to cry about it.