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    There are a rare few beers I cant finish. Even if I dont like it, I press through it. I drank a pineapple IPA a few months back that was tough. Well, I drank 2 of them, but they were tough to get through! Lol
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    Thanks to the above posters for serving our country. I got nothing but respect for those willing to put their life on the line for us.
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    Same here. When I met my wife she asked what beer I drink. When I said "I'm a Bud Man" the relationship almost ended right there! Now I try every craft beer IPA I can and am so hooked on hoppy beer I would rather have water if I can't get a good craft beer!
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    The only reaction I got was spigot constipation from the excess fiber/fruit bits in the beer. I had to pour one brew out of the top of the LBK into a separate container to bottle it.
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    The curiosity is getting to me so I opened up the front valve for a little bit into a cup for a taste. It's reddish color with flecks of floating cherry pieces in it. Other than that, it tastes like flat beer. So it appears that the beer is ok so far and we'll see what I have in a week or so when I bottle. Rick and Jim... Never had this happen before? You obviously aren't getting enough excitement and drama when you pour in the fruit.