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    When I don't have a cooler or ice packs handy, I have my teenage son stand next to the LBK. He's the coolest thing around. If you don't believe me, just ask him. And if it gets too cool, I have his sister stand there. Apparently she's the hottest thing around. No wonder I drink so much beer.
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    So Michigan has so much smarter students that they don't have an athletic program? Did Chris Webber know about this smartness requirement when he tried to call timeout when the team didn't have any?
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    fyi - I made the Chimay and pitched at a little less than 60 degrees (had 2 gal of spring water in freezer for topping off). I only got a little overflow crustiness on the top of the LBK. Nothing really noticable seemed to hit the newspaper I had under it.
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    Rick, As easy as it would be for me to pile on, as a Buckeye fan, I am going to give you a little advice (from experience). Just leave this one alone, it really isn't worth the trouble.
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    LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!! Best. Malt. Liquor. Name. Ever. http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1471/159379/
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    josh- we had reclaimed water in Detroit when I was a tadpole. aside from sometimes being overly chlorinated and sometimes not having enough (slight grassy / mold taste) It didn't do any harm to me. I mean we had reclaimed water in Detroit when I was a tadpole. aside from sometimes being overly chlorinated and sometimes not having enough (slight grassy / mold taste) It didn't do any harm to me. trees the dog blue fourty five itchy. can the has it ?
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    I decided to try making a hop extract after trying some Sierra Nevada "Hop Hunter" which utilized a steam collected hop extract. I put 1 oz. of Equinox hops in 750 ml of vodka and let it sit in the dark for 2.5 weeks. I would check on it and swirl it once every day or so. The result at the end was pretty startling. The aroma of the hops came out intensely. Equinox has a citrus aroma and to the blind nose the extract smells like orange juice. After straining into a brown bottle I poured myself a teaspoon of the chartreuse colored tincture and it was mouth-puckeringly bitter. So I have to say that this experiment worked out well. Now I just have to figure out how best to use it for a dry-hop replacement (most likely at bottling time). It should take only a small amount to work.
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    I'm fermenting a Cream Ale I used both S-23(Lager) and S-33(Ale) yeasts in.
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    If brewed at lower temps (65), the T-58 yeast will be spicy and peppery, if brewed at higher temps (75), it tends to be more fruity and less spicy. You can also find a nice balance by brewing it in between (around 70).
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    how it works is you take 2 readings 48-72 hours apart if they haven't changed it's ready to bottle. here is an ABV calculator, http://www.brewersfriend.com/abv-calculator/
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    Follow the instructions for the Oktoberfest. It's technically not a lager, but can be brewed as one using lager yeast. The yeast that comes with it is an ale yeast and should be brewed at the recommended temps.
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    Using scented soap once or twice when you have nothing else won't hurt anything as long as you thoroughly rinse whatever you're cleaning. But prolonged use of scented soaps can leave permanent scents in your LBK. Using any soap can leave a residue behind that will inhibit yeast performance unless you rinse several times, therefore, in my opinion, it's best to just not use soap at all.
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    I would have thought that too, except these days people are saying you can do that sort of thing (long periods in the primary) without any problems. Back in the day everybody thought your beer would taste like a tire if you left it in the primary for more than a couple weeks. Now I'm reading about people leaving beers in the primary for months with no problems. All of mine go 3-4 weeks now with good results so far, and I believe racking to a seondary too quickly was a mistake I repeated with just about every batch I made up until my return to brewing this year. I never purged my secondaries with CO2, and in this case the fermentation activity in the secondary would do the purging for me. Between you and me, I think purging with CO2 is unnecessary, except maybe if you have excessive headspace in your secondary and there's no fermentation activity producing CO2. People actually talk about purging their bottling buckets, and purging each individual bottle at bottling time. Those people are insane.
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    A world without human error would be a boring place to live. I doubt beer would have even been invented without some schlub goofing something up all those millenia ago.
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    Brewed my Fat Tire today. Smelled really good cooking up! Gonna be really hard to leave it alone for a couple of months.
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    This is what happened to me, and the above advice from RickBeer worked perfectly.
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    I did the primary at 65f and over 2 days lowered it to 59 for 2 weeks (I bottle tomorrow). After 4 weeks in the bottle I plan to put a couple 6 packs in the fridge for a long cold condition. Ought to be real interesting when I pull 'em out at the 4th of July cook out. This is a RCE, (Recipe Collaboration and Exchange) my partner is using 34/70 and 05 and is lagering his.
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    Sanitize blender, puree fruit, open lid, GENTLY pour in, close lid.
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    People blend yeasts all the time to try and gain characteristics from both strains. Since those strains are both fairly neutral in flavor, you may not notice much difference. You may have a bit better attenuation, but you probably won't notice any significant flavor loss/gain.
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    Beer: Making foul water drinkable, since before recorded history.
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    instead of adding the barleywine to the starter it would probably be best to pitch a 2 stage starter.
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    I'd go with what's supplied, and research making lagers for next winter.
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    When adding the can of boysenberries a week after start of fermentation, did you simply dump the can in, or did you puree the can in a blender first as the recipe states? I am going to make this recipe soon, and would like to have more of a fruit flavor, hence I plan on adding the fruit a week after the start of fermentation, then let it ferment for another 2 weeks.
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    Yes, but most of the hop extracts used by the big brewers are made with a supercritical Co2 extraction method since not all of the aromatic oils are alcohol soluble. This is more of a tincture than an extract.
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    I use glue sticks, purchased during back to school sales @ $.25 per stick. Work great on glass bottles. On PET bottles they don't hold up as well, so I use 2 tiny pieces of scotch tape.
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    Awww, it's so fun watching Rick retaliate. Ruined my day Dawg....
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    That is over $1 per label, nice if it were for a wedding or something special like that. I use beer labelizer http://www.beerlabelizer.com/, for a $5 (one time) fee you get access to all of the labels on the site. I just print them on paper and cut them out while watching TV. Then label at my leasure, much more affordable for my everyday bottling.
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    goes against everything I know about hops... Good job, sir.
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    Full disclosure: I went to Illinois where we haven't won anything... ever.
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    I noe what u meen! I can't weight that long! what am I gonna do? I guess I cud go climb mount everlast shud be done by the tyme I get back.....
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    From howtobrew.com, A hydrometer is a useful tool in the hands of a brewer who knows what wort gravity is and why he wants to measure it. Beer recipes often list the Original and/or Final Gravities (OG and FG) to better describe the beer to the reader. For an average beer yeast, a rule of thumb is that the FG should be about 1/4 to 1/5 of the OG. For example, a typical beer OG of 1.040 should finish about 1.010 (or lower). A couple of points either way is not unusual.
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    Roughly 25% of OG, but it varies. Wait 21 days as we recommend and you're good.
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    A note: I would never recommend pitching lager yeast that warm. I would instead recommend ensuring a proper yeast pitching amount and pitch at the ferment temp typical of a lager. You are likely going to create a butter-bomb of diacetyl with a pitch like that...
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    You don't want to go cooler than 62. And that's wort temp, not air temp.
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    An MSU grad would not have realized he had not added the solution, and in 4 weeks would find a bottle was flat. He'd open and try another. Then another... Until all 23 bottles had been sampled. Bottle position has nothing to do with batch priming, ya gotta add the sugar solution to the slimline.
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    Use canned. You would have to pasteurize fresh or frozen. 1-2 cans per batch. You could also consider using an extract as it will give you a better flavor. 1-2 oz of extract per 2 gallons added at bottling will suffice.
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    Safale US-05 is also known as the "Chico" strain. It was originally introduced by Sierra Nevada (it's used in their beers) and is the country's most popular brewing yeast. It's also the same as White Labs 001 (WLP001) and Wyeast's American Ale (WY 1056).
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    Don't get discouraged, you're just finding making a "big beer" is hard. My first try at a Strong Scottish Ale(a Wee Heavy) came out really nasty. Re read this thread, there's a lot of good advice in it. Brew a couple easy recipes using HMEs you might want to mix, to see if you think they'll mix well.
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    I suppose, "When they are dry" is not a good response?
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    Another Tucsonan here (obviously, since I work for Mr. Beer...lol)! I look forward to meeting many of you at future events. Cheers!
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    I would add a pound of DME to each and a hop addition instead of combining.
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    This is true, and we have the best place to meet up: Sentinel Peak. It's the new brewery that just opened up on Grant and Swan. I'm currently the brewer for them. Check it, we've even got a whole shelf of Mr. Beer products set up there.