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    Kevin Caffrey

    New Brew: Columbus Horse Ale

    For my 5th homebrew I took the Horse's Ass Ale recipe and added 1oz of Columbus Hops. I liked the Horse's Ass Ale - it was slightly hoppy and the honey taste came through nicely, but I was looking to increase the hoppiness and add a grapefruit taste to it. The 1oz of Columbus Hops did EXACTLY what I wanted it to do and this came out excellent! It's my favorite so far. 3 weeks fermentation; 4 weeks conditioned. Not a bad looking brew if I do say so myself.
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    That sounds like a real winner! I'm already a fan of Bewitched Amber Ale, so will definitely add this recipe to the must-brew list. Steve
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    NEW RECIPE - Witch's Flight!!

    I don't have an office.....maybe I should drink one at home. OH, well I need to make one first...DUH. But let me see what else I have ready.
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    Fat Tire Clone

    Fat Tire Clone: This is loosely based off of BYO's clone, but using Mr. Beer ingredients (other than the grains): 1 American Ale 2 LME- Smooth .25 lb Chocolate Malt .25 lb Carapils (I prefer Belgian, but any carapils will do) .5 oz Willamette Hops 1 oz Fuggle Hops S-05 Yeast Instructions: Steep grains in 4 cups of water at 155° F for 45 minutes. Remove grains and add 1 LME. Bring to boil and add .5 oz Willamette hops. Boil for 15 minutes then add .5 oz Fuggle hops. Boil another 5 minutes, add remaining Fuggle and remove from heat. Add the HME and 2nd LME. Add yeast and ferment as normal (3 weeks at 65-70 degrees). When bottling, try lowering the amount of priming sugar to mimic the low carbonation level of Fat Tire. Let the beer condition for at least a few months to mellow and mature for best results.
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    First All grain BIAB. So much trub?

    I'm pretty sure I just said that it does . Rye and oats = grains.
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    everything is green

    "It actually resembled beer" - lol I hope mine does too.
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    first batch

    You got there before I did, Sarge!
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    Dubya TF

    first batch

    I'm a military brat, active duty Army and about to retire myself and raised in the Eastern UP so I know exactly what you mean. Thanks again for your help!
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    Fermenting time and temperature

    Yes, 65 is perfect for the Mr. Beer yeast. And remember, it's WORT temp, not air temp. Why does Mr. Beer recommend 68 - 76? How easy is it to keep the beer at 65? Not easy - you have to either have a cool basement, a fermentation frig with temp controller, or a cooler and frozen water bottles. Mr. Beer wants EVERYONE to be able to brew, so they ease the restrictions so that more people can. I assure you that if you ferment at a 76 degree air temp, you will get lousy beer. If you ferment at a 65 degree wort temp, vs. a 76 degree wort temp, you will get much better beer. Take a read through the links in my signature, this kind of stuff is reviewed there.
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    The lucky charms milk stout!

    Likely I will start another batch this Learn to Homebrew Day, since it requires Hop Boiling and is an interesting beer to discuss.
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    Coopers Sparkling Ale

    I can't seem to leave my Sparkling Ale alone long enough to truly condition so I can truly enjoy what it's suppose to really taste like! it taste fine Right Now!!! LOL!
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    NEW RECIPE - Witch's Flight!!

    I've got two bewitched ales that I may do a voo doo and a witches flight or just do a dble witches flight which i'm allured to
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    NEW RECIPE - Witch's Flight!!

    wish i could drink one at the office.......