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    Anyone considering this its a hell of a deal. Chocolate orange stout. And apple beery are two of my favorites. Posted this so anyone debating it knows its worth trying these recipes
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    This is something we will be adding to all new packaging and instructions in the coming year.
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    Making the Churchill's today. Instructions say ferment at least 10 days, carbonate for at least 2 weeks, chill and enjoy. I guess these are minimum times but it would be good if it indicated "best performance" times. Still I remember the seasonal Nut Brown Ale. That was lovely. I hope this is as good.
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    Welcome Ron! I just started myself and have already ordered 3 more mixes (it takes so long...and the LBK was just sitting there, empty, after the first batch went to condition!), I just bought a bottle wand and a hygrometer. I've been reading Palmer's How to Brew. Tonight I hooked up my old indoor/outdoor thermometer so that it can simultaneously tell me the room temp for my conditioning and the ferment temp of the LBK. Yeah, it's easy to get sucked into this hobby/obsession. (and I haven't even been able to taste my first batch yet...how much longer till Oct. 30????) I'm sure Rick will respond to you soon enough and then all those links will be right there for you. Lot's of great folks here, even if some of them are from Michigan
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    Oh, I see what you did there! Next Saison....
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    Yes, my signature does not have HoppySmile in it, so it is missing weird... LOL