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    Just made a 5 gallon SMaSH Saison (single malt, single hop) using a single-step decoction mash. I'm calling it "Smashing Lemons Saison". 10 lbs Pilsner Malt 1 oz Lemondrop @ 60 mins 1 oz Lemondrop @ 15 mins 1 oz Lemondrop @ FL 1 oz Lemondrop Dry-hop for 4 days Zest of 2 lemons soaked in Everclear (added to the dry-hop) 1 Package of GigaYeast Saison #1 (GY018) - This is a French Saison yeast - drier and cleaner tasting than Belgian Saison yeasts 1 Whirlfloc tab 1 capsule of Servomyces yeast nutrient 1.051 OG 5% ABV 30 IBUs 3.5 SRM Fermenting at 66 F to keep it clean tasting. I want to minimize the esters so they are just in the background. This should be a crisp, dry, and sessionable summer saison. I'll keep you posted on how it comes out.
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    1776 Ale spent 3 weeks in the LBK and initial taste is great! I am hoping it is ready for the 4th!
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    The start of something great
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    Just finished Brown Bag Special recipe and placed it directly in the mini fridge! 45 degrees!
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    You get those babies for free when you start buying liquid yeast!!!
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    Hey...Brewing Success! OK after fermenting and bottling and letting rest for 4 weeks I put a bottle in the fridge for 3-4 days and tried it. The carbonation was a bit mild and flavor just a bit...hmm not the best. So I let it set for another couple of weeks and put another in the fridge for 4 days. The results were much better. Better carbonation and all around flavor. This was the Diablo IPA and on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 7 to 8. Not bad for a first brew. I am going to take a couple bottles to my brother this week-end and get his opinion. Then it's off to try another batch or two within the next couple weeks. The things I will work at for the next batch is the fermenting temps(No.2) and the bottle conditioning temps(No.3). And ALWAYS sterilization of equipment.(No.1) Thanks to all those who provided advice and insight.
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    Hop boil completed. Using the tube and valve, I transferred the wort into the 5 gallon kettle. As it got to the level of the little hole thing, it sputtered and stopped (as I expected it would.) But when I tilted the kettle, it still wouldn't flow. I thought it might have clogged with gunk, but with my initial clean up it appears that was not the case. A flow/pressure thing? I don't know. I would like to start finding a way to get some of that gunk out. Irish moss? The more beer trub trapper? Beer went into the 5 gallon and it seems like i have a shade under 3 gallons. Perhaps 2.75. Not bad at all. Due to scheduling issues, I don't have the time to wait for it to cool and transfer to fermenter right now. So a quick ice bath to get the wort cool enough that I could handle the kettle and it is now sitting in my fermentation fridge, set at 68, cooling down. If I get home in time and the wort is cool enough, I'll transfer to the LBK and pitch. If not...tomorrow AM I suppose. Which kind of sucks because now I'll need to re-sanitize everything. A note - apparently the smell of BIAB is a lot worse than extract (which my fam already hated.) The kid and wife were miserable. Which means I just might be picking up a propane burner and transferring to the garage. Or the wife and daughter are going to have some nice bonding time at the mall or something on days when I brew.
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    @Creeps McLane I have started my BIAB adventures! A london porter from my LHBS. Original recipe is for 5.5 gallons and calculated at 60% efficiency. I just cut everything in half. 2.5 Gallon Grains: Pale 2 row - 5.25 lbs Brown Malt - 8 oz Crystal 40 - 8 oz Chocolate - 2.5 oz Pale Chocolate - 2.5 oz mash at 152 Hops: Fuggles .5 @ 60 Fuggles .25 @10 --- Using the simple biab calculator I started with 4.25 gallons of water in my big kettle. I brought it up to 165 (ish) and added my grain bag and grains. I stirred and turned off the temp, put on the lid. The temp dropped to below 160. Hard to tell with the brew thermometer, but it looked closer to the 160 than the 150 so I'm thinking 158. I know there is a difference between mashing at 152 vs. 158, but I just left it. It essentially held that temp for the duration of the mash. For a variety of factors I decided I did not want to do either a mash out or a sparge. Mashout, I just didn't. Sparging, it is a logistics issue. I need one more pot to transfer the grains into after sparging and I didn't have it. I am not even sure how much I need it? Until I can measure for efficiency and gravity, I just won't know. So I lifted the bag out, let it drip, and I know I am not "supposed" to, but I went ahead and squeezed the bag a bit to get everything out. After the grain, squeezing, etc. I ended up with about 3.6 gallons of wort. I am now in the process of the hop boil. Will update with the next steps!
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    30 minutes into the hop boil! Things are going well. I'll post a write up on my little thread I keep going.
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    @MrWhy you start this damn London porter thing yet??? Keep us updated
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    Zorak - sorry about the pneumonia. Like you, I would choose the US-05 for a nice clean finish to the beer, and it would be perfect for a light brew with citra hops.
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    mega brewing 2017

    From the album Hoppy! Can't you see i'm broke!!

    Summerzeit Kolsch, Cream Ale, California Steam and a Farm House/Saison all in fermenters, Corn Mexican Cerveza bottled, and 9 mini kegs filled so far
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    I just used a piece of quarter round for my yardstick . Ask your wife what that is if you don't know
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    Tomorrow I am going to brew up my first all grain, BIAB. A London Porter. Did a run through for my process. I can get 4 gallons up to strike temp with ease and no problem bringing 4 to a boil. I can fit my 5 gallon into the sink for an ice bath. A few things I have not figured out yet....I did not have my ruler I ordered so I wasn't able to measure gallon levels or boil off rate. Still have not decided if I am going to pour my chilled wort into the big pot after or get it into the LBK from there. #soexcited
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    Thinking tomorrow ill do a 5 gallon BIAB hefe. I have both the boys by myself tonight so i do believe i am allowed some fun alone time tomorrow night. Should be a nice night in front of the dark star.
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    'chico strain' aka California.. as rick pointed out is the same as us05. us05 ferments clean ie very little esters. it does a good job. he recommended it because a) you asked for a clean fermenting yeast... it is. b- you asked for one that works in a good temp range.. it does... and c) it is a liquid yeast and cost more than the equivalent us05. if you bought it already, use it. if not, pick up a couple packs of fermentis US05. ferment around 64-66f. I use 05 when I want the beer to highlight the hops or malt, and not the yeast. 'brewmeisters' ... lol. I laugh at anyone who considers themselves a 'meister' or expert. you can brew for ages and still learn new things.. still better your craft. my first impression of my lhbs owner was that he only knew wine.. but when I actually took time to chat I learned that he actually knows quite a bit. never sampled his brewing, nor he mine but he knows his stuff. I like that he also asks other ppls opinions on stuff that they are buying from him like a certain yeast strain. when I first started brewing, I mentioned to him that I was making mr beer kits. he didn't ridicule,acknowledged that it was a great start to brewing.
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    I also picked up a few of these artificial ice packs to cool down LBKs brewing in Coleman coolers.