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    I like the cut of your jib young man. I didn't want to say it before, but @Bonsai & Brew and @MrWhy (me) were bringing forks and knives to the table and you've been showing up with spoons. Which is fine except we're not serving soup. But now my good man you are sitting down with some real deal silverware and are screaming "bring me the steak!" For beer uno, I am a bit worried about the amount of pepper. But as the title says, this is war and really if someone isn't worried then it isn't really fighting is it? Beer dos, I am a bit concerned that you are letting style dictate choice. Honestly fine fellow, are we not inventing our own style? As I said, beer one I am worried about the pepper which means it is a contender in my book. Cervesa dos I am worried about you failing to have ganas bastante.....seriously...tiene ganar o no????? Take that beer and push it to 9%. ESTO ES LA GUERRA!!!! @MiniYoda - please feel free to check and correct all Espanol in this post.
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    1) Pitching at 72 is fine, but use cold refrigerated water in the future and you will get a more appropriate temp of 65-68. 2) 61 is a bit cool. Try getting it to at least 65 for best results. Be sure you ferment for 3 weeks total instead of 2 when brewing at these lower temps. 3) No need for a hydrometer if you are following a set recipe. Follow the instructions and the recipe will have the ABV it states (or at least very close to it). A hydrometer is really only required when creating your own recipes. 4) I agree, especially when it is your 1st recipe. Get a few under your belt and don't become a "mad scientist" until you understand the fermentation process better. 5) A yeast starter isn't necessary with dry yeast. It's only necessary when using liquid yeast and your starting gravity is very high. It is also used when your yeast may be a bit old and you need to grow more of it to be viable. 6) This is optional, but it does help. The Coopers yeast is fine as low as 59 degrees, but performs better at 65-72. Below 59 degrees, the yeast will go dormant. There is no need to re-pitch. The cold doesn't kill the yeast - the heat does. Once you add the yeast it is too late to take a gravity reading. Keep it simple. You do not need all the tools you are reading about on other sites until you start formulating your own recipes. Welcome to the community, by the way! Cheers!
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    Okay, having had a bit of time finally to give this the thought it deserves, I've narrowed it down to two possibilities. Sonora Saison 1X Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME 1X Golden LME 4 oz Special Roast 4 oz Pilsen 1/2 oz Motueka hops at flameout 1/2 oz Motueka hops dry hop 1 week before bottling 1X Jalepeno pepper, seeded and pureed, at flameout 2X Habenero pepper, seeded and pureed, at flameout Zest of 1 lime, soaked in grain alcohol overnight, a week before bottling Gigayeast Saison #2 Belgian Saison Yeast Cerveza Para Guardar (Bier de Garde) 1X Canadian Blonde HME 1X Pale LME (Note: The style is supposed to be 6%-8%, and I'm not sure the adjuncts will be enough to push me over. It's supposed to be a strong beer that needs cellaring. 2 HMEs? 2 LMEs? I dunno yet) 4 oz Pilsen 2 oz Biscuit 2 oz Caramunich 1/2 oz Saaz at flameout (If I up the malt, I'll have to up this) 1 oz mesquite flour 1 cup agave nectar GigaYeast Golden Pear Belgian Yeast 1/2 tsp Irish Moss x 10 min boil, since that yeast is a low flocculator @Bonsai & Brew, @MrWhy, what say you?
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    For my last summer seasonal brew, I put together a little "Saison" using S-33 instead of Belgian yeast. Mostly Pilsner grain with a dose of wheat and a little Crystal for color. I wanted to spice it up and give it some character that the yeast would lack so I brewed in some Grains of Paradise, lemon zest and ground ginger as well as adding a touch of orange/coriander extract I've had infusing for a while into the secondary. Initial taste test was very promising!
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    And the war rages on! Your Saison could definitely be in the running for 2nd Place. I am thinking of doing some comparison taste-testing this weekend with El Tipo and my go-to standard, New Belgium Abbey Dubbel. I know I told @MrWhy that I was going to wait a month before sampling again, but I am weak.
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    Sorry about that! It's been pretty busy around here, and this is the first opportunity I've had to give it some proper thought. Weeeelllll, I just did a Mango Habenero IPA, using 2 peppers, and it barely came through at all. Granted, the mango and Citra are strong flavors, but so is Saison yeast (at least sometimes). Nature of the contest, man. Where's the challenge if I'm just throwing together whatever I want? I think they both sound good, even within style constraints. It's not like either style has super restrictive guidelines, anyway Nah, if I add an adjunct to that, it'll probably be dextrose to bring out the hops a bit.
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    And I was gonna post some droll comment about adding flaked maize to No. 1...?
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    Smoking Gun Lager 2-American Lager HME's 2oz. Liberty Hops: 1oz.@ bittering - 60 min. boil 1/2 oz. @ aroma - 20 min. boil 1/2 oz. @ flameout 1-Booster ( optional) 4 oz. Smoked Cherry Malt 1-Saflager-23 yeast the usual partial mashing grains @ approx. 160 degrees and I did this for about 45 minutes. then the hop process, and so on. I did this as an experiment when many were brewing smoked porters, I thought i'd try something different. I think this stuff gonna be pretty good in about a month and a half.
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    Yup - as Rick pointed out, I thought it was 2x the original amount of booster.
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    I believe he thought that he was going to use two bags instead of one of the old bigger bags, vs. two bags of the new ones that equal one of the old one.
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    Make sure you realize that the new booster packs are 1/2 the size of the old booster packs. I would not recommend adding more than the two of the new or one of the old packs.
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    Thanks again to everyone for the replies. Carefully took the LBK out of the cooler so I could shine a light into the bottom. Sure enough, there is about a 1/8" layer of trub settling on the bottom. I guess the yeast is working just fine. I was expecting there to be "high Kraussen" and/or lots of foam/bubbles on top. Maybe not with this recipe. Opening the cooler lid has raised the temperature to 63 degrees, so I will try to keep it near there for he next 3 weeks.
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    Thank's for the replies. Yes, forgot to mention that after adding the wort, I topped it off to the 2 gallon mark. The water in the beginning and topping off were cold distilled water than had been in the fridge for a few days to get really cold. The date on the bottom of the can was May 2017, so just at the expiration date.