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    I just brewed a Black Beer'd Porter! And this time I added all the water to the batch! LOL! You can see the hop boil portion of the brew here. I printed instructions and checked off steps as I went. I *did* however, drink beer while making beer. :-)
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    Great question! The caps wear out, the bottles typically don't unless you overcarbonate a lot and they start bulging at the bottom. I'd say I get 6-10 uses out of the plastic caps. Two things things to keep in mind are that plastic: -Scratches easily, and scratches can harbor critters that will infect your beer. Only clean with soft cloth type material -Absorbs odors easily. They might smell kind of beer-ish, even when clean. Strong flavors like root beer concentrate leave a smell. The dishwasher is indeed a no-no, but unscented dish soap is fine.
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    I use beerlabelizer.com. They have several different label templates that are free, and you can customize them a bit with different color options. I like more customization options, such as uploading my own pictures for labels, so I became a "premium" member which cost a grand total of $8.00 for a lifetime. Yes, eight bucks for life. Here are a few of the labels I've done through them:
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    If you order a Golden LME and a packet of Cascade hops, you'll be making this well-reviewed MRB recipe. If you order a Smooth LME and two packs of Booster, you'll get this one. Here's MRB's page that shows all of their recipes that you can make with the Oktoberfest HME. There are some really tasty choices and different styles there. As to DME vs. LME, I've only ever used LME. I've seen DME used and it appears to be a slow, frustrating process. I brew for fun; if I want frustration I can get that elsewhere.
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    Just started drinking my Black Beer'd Porter after 3 months conditioning. Tastes great! Will definitely brew this one again.
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    What @Shrike said! It is very close to Descutes Black Butt (butte?)Porter. I added 2oz flaked oats to my second batch to give it a touch more creamy mouthfeel to try and match Dechutes exact.... prebottle sample tasted promising. We will find out in a month or two when it's conditioning is at earliest for me to test (I give it a solid 2-3 months conditioning time for starters)
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    Mexico did not show up for this Double Wit partial-mash recipe: "Lost Donkey" All-Belgian Wit Bavarian Weissbier, 1.87 lb. BrewMax Golden LME, 0.55 lb. Chateau Pilsen, 2.0 lb. Flaked Oats, 0.25 lb. Torrified Wheat, 0.25 lb. Weyermann Munich I, 0.18 lb. Strisselspalt, 0.5 oz., 45 min. Hersbrucker, 0.33 oz., 20 min. Coriander seed, crushed, 0.5 tsp, 10 min. Cardamom seed, crushed, 0.25 tsp., 10 min. Dash of Chamomile, 10 min. Clementine zest, 10 min. Mangrove Jack's M21 Belgian Wit yeast Mash grains in a sack for an hour @ 150 F. Mash-out @ 170 F for 10 min. Sparge per preference. 60 min. boil. Hop as indicated. HME & LME @ flame-out. OG 1.066 IBU ~ 19 SRM ~5
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    I print my labels on regular paper also. I cut them to size and use Elmer's glue sticks to put them on the bottle. It does work on PET bottles also, but they stick better to glass bottles. They come off easy with warm water.
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    Looks good! That's a tasty recipe, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.
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    Transferring to another LBK works fine, but sanitization of all equipment is paramount. You'll want to use a foodgrade hose (sanitized) to transfer from one to the other, preventing oxidation. Boil the measured amount of corn sugar in water, covering and allowing to to come to room temperature before adding to the second/bottling LBK. Stir gently, begin bottling, and stir gently again halfway through bottling to prevent the solution from settling.
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    You should be able to reuse them for a quite a long time. I think cleaning in lukewarm or cool water is much better than overheating them. Bottle brushes can scratch the plastic too. I just add 1 drop unscented color free dish soap then fill em maybe 1/2 way, shake well then rinse a couple times. I try to store them top down in an old Mr Beer box. Sanitize before use. My hearing has fallen victim to too many bad practices but my sniffer is still on target. I never smell anything left behind in my older plastics bottles.
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    Thanks so much, Shrike! I have been meaning to try an easy recipe beyond the basic beer kit stuff, and adding an ingredient to two will help me justify the shipping cost as well.
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    @EwanRGR please either DM me here or email us at customerservice@mrbeer.com. Most of our orders go off without a hitch, but we are only human, and there is the occasional error. We're happy to make it right as soon as possible whenever that happens, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any issues, big or small.
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    I would use Smooth with the Octoberfest. The Smooth LME/DME will give a maltier and slightly sweeter taste due to the Cara/Crystal grains used to darken it, thus a little more body. This would result in a beer that is more to style for an Octoberfest. LME does result in a darker beer than DME. When I brewed extract beers, I found that the best color match for style was achieved by using Extra Light DME and grains to achieve color. When using straight LME, I could never get my Blonde ale to the light color that I really wanted.
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    I actually decided on this one, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O2MB4AC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Another user said they have the same one and they fit three LBK's in it, if i can only fit 2 then its cool. I also picked up an ink bird so I'm ready for some steady temp brewing!!!!
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    Anthony also doesn't use soap or shampoo when he showers. Here is a picture of him (see below). Don't listen to him, it's BAD PRACTICE.
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    The sixth is a 500ml PET bottle. In the past I printed on a shipping label (four to one label), trimmed the beer label to size, then put them on the bottle. But once adhered, those suckers are a pain to take off. So now I go low-tech: print labels on regular paper, cut to size, and tape on. You can't even tell that the label is scotch-taped on in the sixth picture.
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    Richard, were peaking in on me when I was showering again??
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    If the website hickuped, they will make it right. If shipping hickuped, they will make it right. MrB has the best customer service. I ordered a kit from Amazon and it was missing items, MrB made it right.
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    That's where it gets confusing. I selected "Angry Bovine" from the store, but looking at the order it didn't put all the items into the order. IOW it has the title of Angry Bovine, but then only some of the ingredients. That's why I say it's arguable where the problem is since I imagine Shipping looks at the order, and packs what's on the list. So either I ordered on a day the store was having a hiccup, or... Again, at this point I am less concerned about Mr Beer (other than to get an answer of what SHOULD have been put on the order), and more about how to actually do my brew this week. Have gone ahead and ordered the can of Dark LME and will be interested to see what the resulting product tastes like with the substitution.
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    You have opened your heart and soul to us. And it is beautiful. Your heart and soul. They. They are beautiful. It is beautiful. I don't really know what pronoun to use. However! I am going to jump into this pool of open love your honest has created. My true confession is this.....I have not yet had just a straight Mr. Beer can. It has all been recipes and mad scientist brews.