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    Maltodextrin - online; e.g. https://www.morebeer.com/products/maltodextrin-4-oz.html local brew store; don'tknow where you are..so...... Mr Beer - in booster Carapils 2-4 oz crushed grains: steep about 150 deg for 30 min in bag in water to cover, strain and add liquor.
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    I think it is dependant on the style of the recipe/extract/hme and it's ingredient makeup, some may have more of the head retention properties than others.
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    Mr. Beer/coopers/extract kits Are the cause from what i am reading, they lack head retention. There are several things that can be done, the two most popular are steeping some carapils in your water before stiring in the extract or mixing in some maltodextrin with your extract adds to the body and head retention.
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    I read o the forum that it is a tendency for extract beers. However this can be remedied by adding some maltodextrin (up to 1/2 cup - no change on flavor or smell or ABV, only texture, mouthfeel and head retention) Or adding additional malt extract (light or wheat to limit flavor/color changes but it adds ABV) or step of carapils grains (negligible ABV change, maybe some color change). Or if you want more ABV AND the better mouth feel and head retention with no color or flavor change) add some booster (contains maltodextrin)
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    I may be wrong, but here is how I look at it.... A beer is experienced in "layers." The first experience layer is color and aroma. Because of that, any dry hop is going to be what characterizes the beer. So by using German Mandarina as a dry hop, you are "coloring" everything after with that aroma. Which is not a bad choice at all! By adding the amarillo at flameout, you are going to get amarillo aroma that is in the background with the german mandarina in the forefront. The aroma should be really pleasing, and I think it will complement the IRA very well (which has a malty with almost IPA bitterness going on.) I think you are going to get a nice, almost west coast-ish red IPA thing going. After the aroma comes taste and mouthfeel. Taste will be a combination of bitterness (IBUs), malt, hop flavor, and mouth feel. The IRA, mentioned, is a malty beer with a nice bitter bite. If you push the Amarillo back a bit, into the 8 minute boil mark, you will add the amarillo flavor along with the aroma. I love what you are doing with those hops and the IRA....you are inspiring me to get out my kettle and finally brew this chinook hopped IRA I'm sitting on.
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    Well, I have split Coopers 6 gal refills among 3 LBKs several times with no problem. That dark ale makes a nice beer like a pub "mild". The 7g of Coopers yeast will do it if it is fresh. What I have done is to try it and see if I get some fermentation in 24 hours. If not, then add more yeast. If it starts I would leave it alone. When I have had old yeast, I just used more of it for one LBK and other yeast in the other LBKs. I did not have that issue with the Dark Ale though. Be prepared for it not to be as as crazy active as the Mr Beer yeast though - it is still OK. Likely you will be OK. I would just split it & see. If the yeast takes longer to get going or is "underpitched" you will get more yeast added flavors which should be OK in a brown beer. Using the Brew enhancer 2 instead of the 3 will result in the beer being just a touch less malty I believe but should be good. I did not have the brew enhancer so I used dried Pilsen malt and booster in the equivalent proportions. If came out fine. You may find the yeast easier to split if you mix it with water first. Maybe some amount easy to divide by 3 like 1.5 cups then add 1 tsp sugar to the water and then the yeast. I would use boiled water cooled to room temp. and put it in a measuring jug and cover it. After a couple of hours or more you should see some bubbles forming. Then stir it up to mix evenly and have none at the bottom and then divide equally among the LBKs. You may find after adding all the water, malt, etc. to the LBKs they are still a bit warm, so you would need to wait until they are cooler anyway to add the yeast (like below 80 deg.). The Cooper's instructions say to add yeast if wort is below 90 deg, but better to let it cool more. And the LBKs cool pretty fast. That recipe will make a beer around 3.5% which is a nice mild dark session beer but not particularly strong tasting. I actually made my 3 LBKs different recipes by making additions to 2 of them and leaving one standard. Doing again, (I have 2 more I got on sale) I would make all standard. My additions were stronger and more hoppy but I liked the original more. I have more to do and will likely make them standard recipe. If you want it stronger add 8 oz Dried malt for added 1% ABV. Light malt is OK or you can use booster too if you have that. Hops are a bit more tricky, as they can really change the flavor and may conflict with the "mild beer" flavor. Still, it depends what you like :-D. What I did was not to make all of it in 1 pot, but I first used about 6 cups boiling water to dissolve the HME then split that between the LBKs using a ladle after putting the 4 qts. cold water in each. (careful not to drip over everything). I figured it would be tough to measure evenly from the can - lol. Then I dissolved the dried malt (or brew enhancer) but I did this for 1 LBK at a time weighing it out to make it easier to manage and dissolving each batch before adding to its LBK. Of course if you are using 1 packet and dividing equally you may not need to weigh, you can divide using measuring cups. Then also if you are making each LBK different you can customize at this stage. If you like these Cooper's refills, you may find getting one of the MR B 6 Gal fermenters easier, although I personally can't manage one that big. The 2 gal ones are just so handy to move about..
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    Hi, I am about to whip up a batch of Imperial Red Ale and was looking to kick it up a notch. I'd like some imput on how this would come out. I am thinking about adding a smooth LME and then boil some Ekuanot hops for about 10 minutes. Then as I take it off the stove I want to add another bag of Amarillo hops before adding the HME into the LBK. After 2 weeks, I would like to dry hop it with German Mandarina. Does this sounds way out there, will it be horrible? Any suggessions are welcome.
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    I think I have seen @Shrike say he uses 2oz per batch, not sure of time though.... most brew suppliers should have maltodextrin in their inventory.
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    I find it varies. Some are really ok on it some, the froth fades.
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    You know, I'm not really sure which hops to use when, that's why I posed this question in the first place. By switching the two hops what would the difference be?
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    Seems like a reasonable plan @MetalKdub, but I've been drinking a bottle of Extra Special Barleywine.? Seriously though, I think you'll get a nice Autumnal Imperial Red IPA out of those additions. Go for it!