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    3711 is a French saison yeast, which is more neutral in flavor than a Belgian saison yeast (Wyeast 3274). To get more "yeast flavor" (esters), either underpitch, ferment warm (70+), or both.
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    This is mostly correct. While I've made all of those recipes as-is and they were good, doing a D-rest for a few days before bottling will benefit them.
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    When i first started out with my Mr.B kit i was hooked. I researched and studied and took small steps (though some felt like giant leaps) Moved up to partials rather quick and then to 5 gallon and BIAB (which then caused the move to the world of outside brewing), still researching and studying the entire way. I plan on staying at the BIAB level as space (and wife) constraints keep me limited. I also do find BIAB is a nice step into the AG world with the comfort of the partial mash style (think like steeping your grains in a partial mash but its the whole kit and kaboodle like all grain). i still study and research on how i can improve my brewing and its processes within the parameters of my chosen styles. This hobby fits me and I sometimes i ask myself "why didnt i get into this sooner?" to which the answer is always "you started it when you were supposed to and ready for it."
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    #TRUTH! I honestly never saw myself doing more than the 2 kinds that came with my MRB kit when I got it in December of 2009. Nor did I ever see myself going through the hassle of doing All-Grain Brewing. Nor did I see myself ever brewing more than 5 gallons, or eventually 10 gallons, let alone brewing on a 1 BBL system. I can also say that I never thought this would ever been anything, because well, honestly for the high majority of people it just stays a hobby. With that said, I never thought I would see a beer of mine on tap at a local bar and I most certainly never thought I would be sitting 11 days away from opening the Manfish Brewing tasting room. #ExpectTheUnexpected
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    "A week or more in" means you were past peak fermentation, so likely fine.
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    Unless I read otherwise, for the Helles I plan to finish the 55 degree fermentation then the rest at 70, carbonate in the bottle at 70 for 2 weeks then back to 50-55 for a month, then to the drinking fridge @ 40F. If I am wrong, for the love of beer someone stop me!
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    HA! Overpitching by too much leads to lazy yeast which leads to an incomplete fermentation as you know. Yes, have to write answers to the lowest common denominator.
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    Actually, *you* are the reason the "to a point" is there. To me, it would be obvious now, but I also understand to new people it wouldn't be and I knew you would have corrected it
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    Yes, with the "to a point" remark. Significantly overpitching can result in many issues, which is why "to a point" is there.
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    Better to over pitch (to a point) than to under pitch any day.
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    Right, Liquid yeast is designed for 5 gallon batches, with a starter. For a 2 gallon batch they are expensive. Many liquid yeasts exist as dry yeasts, but there are quite a few that aren't available in dry form. Of course an 11 / 11.5g packet of dry yeast is designed for a 5 gallon batch too. I have not used liquid yeast yet.
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    this Friday. Paul's pantry pale. This will wipe out my grain inventory and also my hops that are over a year old. Im excited to brew this and get some new ingredients in the brew cave. #winteriscoming #johnsnowwinterwarmer #ariasredrevenge #strandsofsansaamber
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    Just found out i was requested/voluntold (friends were talking and wife volunteered me hence the voluntold) to brew a beer for a tailgate party in November (small group of friends no huge biggie 5 gallon keg should suffice) so the trigger has been pulled (i want to give this time (as close to 4 weeks as i can get) to condition in the keg before i carb it hence the fast ordering) and i ordered the 16 gallon ( http://www.ritebrew.com/product-p/840784.htm ) kettle with all the "bells and whistles" along with a barb fitting and hose for transfering the wort, and the grains and ingredients to brew the batch. Thank you @Creeps McLane, @kedogn, and @RickBeer for the words of encouragement and the upsize sugestions. (Creeps, i am not sure if this is welded bulkheads or not but this pot fits in my budget and i know a few welders that can turn them into welded ones at a later time if needed)
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    I love learning about all this from all of you! I don't ever see myself getting anywhere close to needing to move the "operation" outside with propane though. But then again, many of you probably didn't see it either, and now your neighbors are all "You smell that? He's at it again"!
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    Y'all are going to make me go spend MORE money, geez!
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    liquid yeast... a little costly. if you want to customize ester profiles in your beer it's good to use. if the yeast is relatively fresh I wouldn't even bother with a starter since you are overpitching. imo, a waste of money on the small scale like a lbk. much of your esters come from the growth cycle. since youre overpitching there wont be much of this. for the lbk I would just use dry yeast and save your money.
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    Mostly use amazon just for review purposes, but will check price for comparison purposes. I do the same thing, i will look around and do a google search just for the item i am interested in just for price comparison. Grains i will either get from Ritebrew or my LHBS
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    Amazon is not a place to be shopping for most home brewing items. I dont know whats wrong with some people. Paying 5x as much for a bag of two row. Unreal. I have bought my temp controller, bazooka screen, and a few fittings in a pinch. But i always still shop around to make sure im not getting screwed.
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    I live 20 minutes or so away from them. I remember one day i thought of a great recipe after lunch so i took my next break a bit early and quick ordered the ingredients just in time to have them shipped that day. The next day, my package is on my door step. Cant beat that!!!
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    Another plus for Ritebrew.... I placed the order today after the posted cutoff for same day shipping (within an hour so not too horribly late)..... but i have my tracking number and the package is already in transit.
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    Many many many brewers use the bayou classic kettles. Theyre everywhere. I say thats a good choice. I almost bought one too but i was pissed they raised the price like $30 or so before i ordered it. I dont think those are welded fittings but only one of my kettles is and the other two work just fine as weldless. Youre a handy guy, youll be alright. Keep in mind i spent $600 or so on my 15 gallon kettle. I think you got off easy. And props for using ritebrew. I only order through them. Theyre always the best. @hotrod3539 is a BIABing, all graining, brew bug, brewmaster fool!!! Congrats man!!! ?
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    Let it go the full three so the yeast can clean things up. You can do it after two, but three is better.
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    I've never made a lager, but it was my understanding that the cold temps were associated with the fermentation only since lager yeasts ferments from the bottom. I could be wrong. The replies should be interesting.