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    Thought I would say Hi after well over a month reading and still reading the new brewer's section. Yes, Rickbeer, I read the links in your signature line before I ever opened the LBK box. I bottled my first batch (American Lager) last Wednesday and started my second batch (Yule like this ale) yesterday. I know, I know, I jumped from the very simple to a little more complex but studied and read for weeks. Within 12 hours, I had a very aggressive fermentation and now, 24 hours after brewing, I have more than 2 inches of Krausen, tons of activity and a temp of 67. I love this stuff and enjoy shining led light to see the activity. When I bottled, the American Lager tasted like a very light flat beer, but good. So, after reading, I read some more, and then read some more. I almost feel guilty can't think of anything to ask that would result in rick beer telling me to read his links. hehehehehe..........I'm a 51 year old smartass government employee, soldier and Navy vet. Oh yeah, hey rick beer, I perv the beer over and over and over again. That sounds so wrong on a few levels. So, Hi, I appreciate all the time and effort you all put into answering everyone else's questions so I don't have to ask.
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    You have broken quite a few rules in your first posts... First, you said you read before you brewed. Shame on you. Second, you said you followed directions. How could you? Third, and most important, you made fun of the Revered High Lord of Beer, and he shalt bring fury upon you... Welcome!
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    The wife baked some raspberry short bread cookies and I broke the seal on the Basic Chocolate Stout, this was the trub bottle. And the cookies were great....... and so is the stout. It is so different from the sample taken during the bottling, the cherry taste is gone and the chocolate has really come through. The chocolate taste is like a milk chocolate and the stout has silky smooth mouth feel to it. So far I think this is a great success, This was the trub bottle and I know the favor could be slightly different, but here to hoping it is not.
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    This brew was the first batch that actually tasted good. Still has that slight off taste which I think is either the extract "twang" or from the Mr beer yeast.
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    My wife suggest a family member get me my MRB kit back in 12/2009. Let's ask her if it's saved us any $$ LOL. Though, I will say, even with the 8ftx8ft walk in cooler we built in the brewery keeping stuff at 38*, our power bill was only up $25 above normal last month... and I still haven't got the cooler fully sealed. Then again, the cooler cost me $1100 to build, so again, ask my wife about this saving us $$.
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    Welcome to the hobby, thanks for your service (retired USAF here) and it's your beer - perv all you want!
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    hehehehe...thanks oh lord of all things mr. beer.......You answered a lot of my questions before I even started this. thanks for the effort to make this hobby better.
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    Yeah, I thought I was obsessive until I started reading here. No offense, but there are people here that redefine the word. It's good though, I get to learn from everyone else's mistakes.
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    Welcome to your newest obsession. After reading for hours on the forum, one of the things I come away with is we are all obsessive compulsives in one way or another. But it works well in this hobby!
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    I store mine upside down as soon as I get them.
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    Thanks Shrike.....my dad flew F4s, so grew up in the air force....thank you for your service
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    Of the 3 that I just got, I fixed 2 so they do not leak but can't get the other fixed and Mr. B's WONDERFUL customer service is sending me a replacement. I think we may see some design changes.
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    That's your problem. Remove them from the fridge, then let them sit for 29 days. That's 4 weeks, plus today which doesn't count because they are warming up. Then, refrigerate just what you're going to drink 3 days later, letting the rest continue to sit warm. You can't carb beer with sugar (or drops, or dots) in a frig, the yeast goes to sleep.
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    Navy vet huh, welcome squid, figure I can say something cause I was a BM2. I understand first brew I did I don't think I shut the closet door man, lol. Anyway welcome and have fun, I know I haven't stopped learning since I started.
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    Got a Helles Bock Spring in the fridge, interested in how yours turns out. I fermented mine in a dorm type fridge at around 55F using an inkbird controller then carbonated it at 70-73 for 2 weeks. After that it was back in the dorm fridge dialing the temp down a couple degrees every day until I hit 40F. Been holding at 40 for over a month now.
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    Customer Service issues for bad kegs can probably be counted on 2 hands in a year... I had a few a few years back. Mr. Beer contracts out the work to multiple vendors, and had an issue with one. I was able to modify all but 2, and they shipped me new ones.
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    Been awhile now, and tried my beer again just out of curiosity. Didn't taste much, if any, better, but the temperature in the house may not be ideal either. Gonna leave this batch alone for several months and move on to a new one. Can't get worse! Haha. Picked up a second full kit real cheap, so might even try two at once. I am worried about temperatures. Getting cooler lately and our home doesn't really get heated and likes to stay cold. Bought a couple stick on thermometers to watch it, waiting on those to get started, but not totally sure how I'd warm the lbk if it's too cold for good fermenting. Might be fine, though, seeing as the wort usually warmer than ambient temperature if I understand correctly. Thank you all again for the warm welcome and information and encouragements. Lots to learn still!
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    MM1/SS 84-92....then came in the Army Reserves in 2005 so I could get back in uniform...still a soldier, and an administrator for the Dept of the Army as a civilian. Thanks for the welcome.
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    I just took a reading off of this batch, 1.009. I'm gonna call it done, at 5.38% abv. This is day 19 now I think. I'll let the temp come up the next couple days, then crash it.