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    Just say hi to all you guys in this community Best luck to you!
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    Welcome to a great forum. Lots of friendly discussion and advice. Please read all of the stickies under RickBeer, it will help you to avoid some mistakes. We have many who post here and who have moved on to more advanced brewing, hopefully you'll be among them. Don't rush! Mr. Beer products make very good beers as is. As you gain experience, you'll find that the beers just get better and better (occasional bloopers). Relax, have a home brew, and welcome.
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    Welcome, Read, Read and then Read some more. You will be glad you did. Also, don't hesitate to ask questions. Check out a post from @RickBeer and then read all of the stickies on his signature. Big Dawg
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    Only conditioning for 2 weeks before you refrigerate would not cause a gusher. There are several causes of gushers, shortened conditioning is not one of them. 1. Fermentation was not complete and it finished in the bottle. This would cause over carbonation. Did you check your final gravity? 2. Too much priming sugar. (you already said you added the correct amount) 3. Infection, either poor sanitization practices or just a bottle that wasn't completely clean. Number 1 is probably the cause as an infection usually takes longer than 2 weeks to cause gushers.
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    You need to remove ALL of them from the fridge. Every one. They need to condition at room temp for 4 weeks. This is an ALE, not a lager. You should have fermented for 3 weeks at mid-60s, then condition for 4 weeks, then put one in the fridge for 3 days and then drink. A gusher implies either an infection, you bottled before it was done fermenting, or you're serving at too warm a temp, so the CO2 is rushing out of suspension. I vote - you weren't done fermenting.