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    Christmas presents

    Hello to all the individuals that got a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. Welcome to what could become a very rewarding hobby for you. I know that each and everyone of you are just dying to brew this thing up and get to drinking your very own beer. Here is a little advice; WAIT AT LEAST 1 DAY. Why you may ask? Well if you wait 1 day and spend that time on this forum you will brew much better beer than if you brew it today without doing some reading first. Very few people who brew up a beer kit for the first time actually stick with it. That is because it is relatively simple if you know what you are doing. Without reading on this forum and elsewhere, you won't know what you are doing. Look for a post from @RickBeer and read through all of the stickies on his signature line. If nothing else this will give you a better start than without it. There are a lot of people on this forum who are more than willing to help so please ask questions. Chances are your first attempt won't turn out that great but then again neither did most of our first beers. Cheers and Welcome, Big Dawg
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    Just letting you all know that I gave almost everyone off for the holidays. They deserved it after a very busy year. I have only a few people in the office here and @MRB Josh R is the main person doing support this week and then my accountant and myself. So we have sent many of the new customers here to the forums for help. Thank you for helping them out as seen by a few posts already. We will try to keep up with the phone calls and emails. On behalf of myself and all my awesome employees here at Mr. Beer I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    MRB Rick

    Lost Lid - Options?

    Scott, We can't put all of the possible shipping options available on the site for a multitude of reasons that I wont get into, but I think we can help you out with this. We are pretty short handed this week, but when my warehouse manger is back next year, let me see if we can send one via US mail instead of UPS shipping. We may be able to get it much less. Send your address in as a ticket here: https://www.mrbeer.com/help-desk and then reference ticket 191504
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    Christmas presents

    Well, I got mine for Christmas, SWMBO simply didn't wait till Christmas to give it to me. Got American Ale about ready to be consumed and Christmas Eve bottled Yule Like This Ale, tasted awesome at bottling. Next up is Northwest Pale Ale. Now, she didn't stop with Mr. Beer. My birthday closely follows Christmas, so she got me a hand-blown Pilsner glass in which to drink all my home brewed goodness. Someone Loves Me. I second the welcome and advice to read, read, read before you get started. It has made my experience thus far much more enjoyable.
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    ^^^^^ that. Just enough CO2 to clear out the oxygen and fill up the head space.
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    Creeps McLane


    You throw it in the keg, put in some CO2 then pull the pressure relief a few times to get any oxygen out of there,Then i usually have my regulator set to 8-10 and i let it charge up, then i take it off the gas and let it sit until I’m ready for it.
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    Purified Water VS Tap Water

    Water did not turn your beer sour. If the water tastes good, it is fine for Mr. Beer.
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    abv will be around 3.0 to 3.25%. Ferment for 3 weeks and condition at room temp 4 weeks. Then a few days in the fridge. Welcome to the forum.