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    Brian N.

    First all M.B. brew in about a year

    I really forgot how nice it is to just open the can and in less than an hour (including cleaning) have a beer in the LBK fermenting. I had the Bewitched Amber Ale and a packet of LME from a while back. Cleaning the counter tops and sink area was the most time consuming part (especially since my wife said "By the way, while you are at it, you might as well clean the stove"). Just too busy to brew even a partial mash, and the M.B. I'm sure will turn out very good.
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    Hi I want to order the Heathers: Scotch Ale but in the cart it says 1 LME Pale but the recipe page says it should have 3.
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    Maybe this will help when @MRB Josh R or @MRB Tim takes a look.... here is where the discrepancies are (Highlighted in red text) RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Bewitched Amber Ale (Yeast under lid, you won’t be using this) 3 Brewmax LME - Pale 4 oz Crystal 40 2 oz Roasted Barley 2 oz Peated Malt* 1 Package Fuggle Hop Pellets (1/2 oz) 1 oz Heather Tips 1 Packet Safale US-04 Yeast 2 Muslin Sacks 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser Bring the grain water to a boil, then remove from heat. Open the can of Brewing Extract and the 2 LME Softpacks and pour the contents into the hot mixture. Stir until thoroughly mixed. This mixture of unfermented beer is called “wort”. From cart list: Heathers: Scotch Ale 1 x Bewitched Amber Ale 1 x BrewMax LME SoftPack - Pale 1 x Crystal Malt 40 1 x Roasted Barley 1 x Peated Malt 1 x Fuggle Pellet Hops 1 x Heather Tips 1 x Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast 2 x Muslin Sack 1 x No-Rinse Cleanser
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    I noticed that too when I ordered Heathers earlier today. I did leave a note on the order page for the shipping dept., noting the discrepancy. To further complicate things, the instructions for this recipe reference 2 LMEs! This might be a good time to @MRB Josh R cuz I know that he would want to know and I'm sure he just loves it when Type A Brewers like us find mistakes like this.
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    Brian N.


    Just a couple of things. General information - Brown plastic and glass do a very good job of blocking U.V. light which can quickly "skunk" a beer. But, it is best to avoid keeping the LBK in direct sunlight. Secondly - The cabinet temperature may have been 73 deg F, but that is ambient air temperature, and not the temperature of the fermenting wort. Temperatures in the 70's tend to favor "cider-like" flavors and other off tastes such as "butterscotch' and "band-aid plastic" (from chlorine). Mid 60's seem ideal for most M.B. ales made with M.B. yeast. Brewing is a learning process, and I'm not sure that we ever stop learning and improving.
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    Thanks @hotrod3539! Given the fact that this is a 1.081 OG recipe, we will definitely need 3 LMEs to get there!
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    Thanks for the responses, everyone. I've got two one-gallon carboys that I'll use to brew and I'll keep you posted.
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    Oak-Aged ESBarleywine

    The beer sounds good. But you lost me at the cheeseburger...#NoThanks Seriously though, way to go on actually allowing it to cellar for 10 months. As Tom Petty says, "The Waiting Is The Hardest Part"
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    Bonsai & Brew

    Oak-Aged ESBarleywine

    Well, 10 months of cellaring have left me with an interesting sipper indeed -- dark caramel aroma/flavor, thin, but creamy off-white head, complex maltiness, and a solid alcohol kick. Any bitterness is subdued at best, probably because of the not so judicious use of caramel malts and the strong alcohol presence. I'm enjoying one here with a take-out B-dub cheeseburger.
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    Soft Lock Stock and Barrel

    Ok I couldn't stand it, just checked this bottle, only a day and a 1/2 after adding a dot this bottle is firming right up. THANKS!