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    I have been a brewer and Mr. Beer customer for a relatively short time compared to most here. My favorite brew so far has been the Hacked Root Beer. My first batch was AMAZING! But sadly, the next two were not. I did not understand what I did wrong in subsequent brews, nor could the friendly folks HERE track down my issue. As suggested by a regular poster here, I turned to customer support. Created a ticket and waited. It took a while for the first reply and I responded. After that... nothing. I replied twice more, but still no activity from a rep. I got impatient and created a NEW ticket to complain about the first. Again, no activity. Convinced I was being ignored, I angrily closed out BOTH tickets and answered the resulting survey with just exactly how I felt. Well, turns out I was NOT being ignored. There apparently was some sort of glitchy snafu in the ticketing system and my emails were not being seen. Shortly after my tantrum, I was contacted by Rick Zich, who explained the situation, apologized and assured me my original rep would be handling this. And shortly after that, he was. Tim Falk emailed me, also apologized, offered a monetary credit to my account and sent me a replacement HRB refill... which arrived today. Now I guess it's time for ME to apologize. I was too willing to believe I was being ignored that it never crossed my mind that there could be technical reasons for this. I have never had an issue with Mr. Beer products, shipping, their website or any members of the forums in the past. There was no reason to believe I was having one now. Thank you Tim Falk and Rick Zich for understanding my frustration and handling this in such a professional manner. Your generosity and concern for this impatient old man will not be forgotten. Cheers, - Dean Rohs -
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    Often I tell myself “the more effort I put into a batch, the better it will be”. It proven itself 100% of the time. I say suck it up and make those oranges your b***h
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    I'd chime in but this is a little beyond my level. I look over the list and would say "Brew up the Churchill's Nut Brown Ale. That sounds tasty!"
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    Just a heads up for you guys that free shipping on orders over $39 will start this afternoon and run through the weekend. It's the best time to stock up on those Winter Dark Ales before they're gone again.
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    One more into the cult of believers... "Yes, Rickbeer, we will do your bidding"
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    Try it sometime it is amazing and the bottles are great too.
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    You can't steep whole grains...
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    Always feel free to ask, and glad that you are learning from this forum. That's why we're here. Consider us "been there done that".
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    Interesting. I have a long way to go before i jump into recipes like this but i love asking questions and learning and you guys answer are totally helping me learn.
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    I'm not personally a fan of orange and chocolate, but it is a very common and popular pairing. Just check out these search results for the many ways those two are being used.
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    I know a MAJOR problem you will have if you keep them in the fridge that long. And TRUST ME you DO NOT want to have this problem... That is.... Having beer in the fridge and having a zero blood alcohol content in your body. IE having beer in the fridge and not drinking them. IT IS AWFUL!!
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    By the way, those are gag underwear you can buy at Amazon, believe it or not.
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    Big difference between hacked root beer and beer, that's why I was clarifying. And the fact that Mr. Beer's brewmaster recommended it is different than another person recommending it. And you did mention his name in the prior post. Josh isn't bashful.
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    Thank you Rick. I didn't know if Josh would mind being mentioned by name. But I think we can ALL trust his advice on brewing. And I have to partially disagree with Zoraks opinion. Although it certainly has been mentioned more than once that brown sugar can cause some off tastes, it doesn't explain why my first batch was so damn good. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was jacked up A&W. But I think his advice is valid. Perhaps I should stick to the recommended procedure before improvising on a tried and true method. Or maybe use less sugar? I DO appreciate everyone's input here. I truly enjoy this hobby and want to be a better brewer. I take to heart everything that is presented here. I'll let you know what Tim has to say when he replies. - Happy Brewing -
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    Historically, green bottles have disappointed me ( @RickBeer can preach about this), but it does look interesting
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    No, I don't think they have anything that would be a rice beer. Honestly, I personally haven't hear of rice beer, but I don't get out much. But it does sound very intriguing
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    Being half Castilian on my mother's side, I know about Estrella Damm. Their beer that is gluten free is "Daura". Estrella Damm normal is very tasty, but make sure you ask for Daura if you want the gluten free version. Second, Gluten Free beer is in a league of its own. I'm not NEARLY close to being able to explain how to brew it. All I know is that to brew beer that is gluten free, you must use only rice, corn, millet and/or buckwheat. II would refer to those on here who know more, and web research. I doubt very much that any beer product by Mr. Beer is gluten free. However, their hard cider and root beer products should be gluten free, as long as you don't add certain grains. I leave the floor to @MRB Rick and @MRB Josh R for further input Correction. Apparently there is an Estrella Galicia that is also gluten free. Just goes to show you can never stop learning M.Y.
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    OK I understand what you mean. Some of what I posted though are very unique and just looking of something simular to make doesnt have to be exact though. Example being Estrella Damm (it is a gluten free Lager) I understand lagers are difficult but how would you even make a gluten free lager? And Buddah Beer tastes like sprite HOW and is there any thing to make like that? A beer that tastes like a lime soda? (just looked and they make it w malt and rice) AND The taste of Fosters premium ale has a taste of its own i wouldnt know even how to describe it. I have always been drawn to the unique bordering on wierd in tastes (not just beer) so as i advance i know i want to go out there and make some very odd things .
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    Milled was the correct decision, unless you have a way to mill yourself. and no, I don't Grain dust should be absorbed by the wort and enjoyed by the yeast. anything bigger should fall down into the trub, and go away nicely. Do make sure you cold crash for two days, as @RickBeer has recommended As this is a porter, probably won't be critical for clarity. But, in the future for lighter colored beers, consider Irish Moss, sold by Mr. Beer, to help clarify the beer when using grains.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I went with black beer’d porter. Went to my local HB shop. Got my malts, yeast and hops. Can’t wait to try the finished product this summer.
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    Navels should be fine. I think that grapefruit would be too tart for a stout (but probably tasty in a pale ale or hoppy brew). I've never tasted guava peel (only guava paste and guava juice) so can't help you there.
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    Oh I don't doubt that chocolate goes with orange. Chocolate also goes with blueberries, raisons, and things that I'd rather not mention (think...insects). Just thinking I'll drop orange and go with Oregon canned fruit of something else.
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    one possible option, which I won't try, is to go to the spice rack of the grocery store and buy orange peel already made. I've seen it, and lemon peel, and it looks dry. Probably still has some of the oils needed for flavor, but being dry I wonder how much of the flavor might be lost in the pre-zested stuff. When it comes to citrus beers, such as orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit, the best is fresh. But anyone who cooks for a living or love of the art will tell you, fresh is best. My thing is this. It isn't about zesting 9 oranges to make three batches of Barley's Chocolate Orange Brew, it's.......how well does orange go with chocolate. I've had chocolate with cherries, raspberries, and peanut butter. I'm not so lazy that I won't zest nine oranges, I just wonder if there is a flavor that would be better, and more appreciated by women, who love chocolate and have a stronger sense of taste than I do. Again, just me overthinking things.
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    Yeah I did see that. so i was wondering about the other options.
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    I want the following styles (excuse me if they already have them) something silmular too. Fosters Premium ale (not the lager) Estrella Dam Medella light Tona pale lager Shiner Prickley Pear Buddah Beer Lets just leave it there for now as I have 100s of favourit
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    I called support and asked about that. I was told to empty it at 5 days, and again at 9. I brewed the velvet velociraptor in the 3G Fast Ferment, emptied it 3x as the fruit puree filled up the jar. Not quite ready yet, but it smelled great while bottling, and the small taste was nice.
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    I guess I did, didn't I? In this crazy Internet thing, you can't be too careful when it comes to security. Especially someone else's.
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    What these guys said. I used to make homemade Limoncello. It required the zest of 15 lemons. It was a pain zesting them and making sure zero pith got in by mistake. I'd just sit down in front of the tube with a hockey game on and get busy. When it came time to taste the liqueur, I was always reminded of why it was time well spent.
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    Thanks guys. Good advice. I didn't consider I might blow out the bottles. As they are on top shelf of closet, that would not be good, and the wife would kill me!
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    When I used coffee I did it by cold steeping it. You will want to start with a coffee that is finely ground. Most grocery stores these days, you can buy the beans and grind them there. Any coffee will do, even the cheaper stuff. Grind it finely, add it to some water, maybe a couple of cups and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. Strain out the coffee grounds and you have a nice strong coffee concentrate. There is less caffeine using this method and it is less acidic. Works great for making beer and wont affect the head or lacing. Great for porters or stouts, hell anything actually.