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    Suggestions-Thoughts ?

    Before @RickBeer steps in here and issues a citation . Slowing down because of quantity of beer is not an option. I have over 500 bottles in my inventory that are either full or waiting to be filled. If you find you have too much beer to drink yourself, let your friends know you brew and that will never be a problem again.
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    Suggestions-Thoughts ?

    I have a neighbor who home brews and he never refrigerates. Bottle conditions for 4 weeks, moves them to the basement where it's upper 50's and drinks them. To each his own I guess.
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    Suggestions-Thoughts ?

    No issue, just a little less ABV. Not enough to even notice.
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    Suggestions-Thoughts ?

    Keep in mind that you'll want to put the beer in the fridge for three days before drinking. This allows the CO2 to get absorbed back into the beer. Like BDawg62, I drink mine at different temperatures depending on the style. Lighter beers I pour straight out of the fridge. Stouts and Porters sit on the counter for 15ish minutes before I uncap and pour. IMNSHO they taste much better when allowed to warm up a little bit before drinking, with complexities and subtleties that are otherwise not present when drank straight from the fridge. Oh, and welcome to the hobby!
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    Suggestions-Thoughts ?

    If that is how he (or anyone) likes it... how can it be wrong?
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    Suggestions-Thoughts ?

    Fire Rooster, I always chill my beers to refrigerator temperature and then depending on the style, either drink them as soon as I pour or let them warm after poured before drinking. Darker beers are better warmer and lighter colored beers tend to be better colder. Just my 2 cents. Dawg
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    First Try at Bavarian Weissbier - Notes

    24 Hour Update Temperature in the LBK slowly rose overnight. At 6 pm, temp is 69.5. Fermentation looks good with about a half inch layer of krausen at the top. I'm not going to let it get any higher than 70 tonight.
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    Bready beer?

    You were right. It was a trub bottle that I originally drank. I just tried a full bottle out this time and it was MUCH much better. The carbonation was OK but not quite there yet. The beer was weak as can be considering it was only the 1 can of HME and nothing else, but it was drinkable for sure. I drank it no problems nice and cold. As I got down to about the last 2 inches some sediment stirred up and it tasted exactly the same as what I was complaining about before. It was just nasty yeast flavor. So I gotta be careful about my pours and it'll all be good! I'm just happy that I tried it and it's passable, so I guess that means I'm a 'real' brewer now! Lol.
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    Bottle cap issue- Help!

    I recommend contacting our customer service department for replacement caps/bottles. This has been a recent recurring issue and we are investigating.
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    Did you bottle it yet, Felix? If not then heed my advice. Cut the recommended Mr. Beer amount of carbing sugar by 1/4. I made this, followed the directions on bottling to the letter, and discovered that my beer had the mouth feel of champagne. Good luck!