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    My second brew

    My second brew: Irish Stout Deluxe... needed some rescue from a friend to stop fermenting at too high a temp. At 6 weeks, it is very good. I experimented with levels of carbonation. This one was too high for me. However, after letting it sit and warm up a bit, it’s a lot like Guinness Extra Stout.
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    Re-using soda bottles?

    Root beer bottles are not recommended because of the smell. I've used lots of Coke and Pepsi bottles and they've lasted for years. Because they are clear, keep them in the dark after bottling.
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    Shameless stout

    One tip I've picked up from here on the forum is that when you put the lid on the LBK, tighten it all the way down as normal and then loosen it 1/4 turn.
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    I want to make mead

    You can do a one gallon batch in the LBK. Or double it. The time should remain the same either way.
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    My second brew

    Nicely done. Looks like a nice, creamy head with good lacing. Now I'm going to have to go home and pop open a stout!
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    I want to make mead

    "Flame out" is the point in the recipe when you kill the heat under your pot of wort. You'll see it most often used like "I tossed in some hops at flame out". This means the heat gets turned off and the hop sack is put in the wort. Then for MRB recipes this is when the HME gets stirred in.
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    Creeps McLane

    Strong cider taste

    Use either the red wheat flakes or the carapils i guess.
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    I want to make mead

    google: Joe's ancient orange mead recipe. it is a simple show mead or quick mead. just substitute the bread yeast with the beer yeast. wine yeast works better / cleaner but you can try it with beer yeast. JOAM mead is ready in about 2-3 months. my first one came out a little bready but not bad. the oranges floating in the mead before racking looked disgusting , covered with a grey slime film... but it's fine. just yeast colonies and such. this recipe is a down and dirty quick mead. it violates tons of rules used by professional mead makers. it isnt meant to make perfect ooooo gonna win a medal for this mead. it makes a drinkable, fast one. . . that tastes good. my second one i used a cuvee yeast and it came out incredibly complex in flavor. suggestion: if the instructions dont say so do this - take the orange(s) and wash them with an unscented dish soap. use a clean scrubby and very lightly buff the outside peel while washing it. you want to get any insecticide, bacteria, yeast etc off. rinse very well. note - the bread yeast has a low alcohol tolerance and typically dies off leaving a little residual sweetness. . . and a slight bready twang. note 2 - if using beer yeast and the recipe doesnt mention it, ( i think it does ) add a generous handful of raisins to provide some more nutrient. what i did was heat some water on a stove to about 160f. flame out and remove from heat. add your raisins. cover. let it come to room temp. this will kill any stray yeast that might be in the raisins.. or dont bother and just toss them in. it isnt meant to be a perfect mead. there are tons of forums out there with threads on this mead. it is super easy.
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    LME and Booster?

    No, flavor wise, it will not be affected, just abv%. I agree with chasing flavor not abv.
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    LME and Booster?

    Thank you bud. I actually ordered a recipe kit (Sunday Morning Coming Down) and had a booster left over from my first batch. I was always told to chase flavor not abv. However was wondering if the recipe would be affected, as far as flavor, if I did add the booster.
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    LME and Booster?

    First off, Welcome to the Forum, and if you are new to brewing, welcome to the hobby! Depending on what you are looking for in your finished product will depend on what you do.... Booster only ups the ABV% and adds just a tiny bit to head retention. LME (depending on which you are using) will add color, flavor, and up the ABV% some. You can use both in a batch no issues. Some folks do not use booster and use only LME. Some use just the Booster, and some use both. It is completely up to you in what you do. As for me, my opinion, I would skip the booster and use a LME or two to match what you are brewing, if a light beer, go for golden and/or pale, if a darker beer, go for robust and/or smooth.
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    First Try at Bavarian Weissbier - Notes

    side note- when whisking take care to keep the whisk away from the plastic. scratch the plastic and you have lovely places for bacteria to hide.
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    I just made Diablo IPA & dry hopped 1/2 Citra & 1/2 Mosaic. I like DeSchutte’s Fresh-Squeezed IPA & that’s what they list on their label. I was quite pleased with the outcome & think it’s the best IPA I’ve made to date. Easy, too.