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    Oktoberfest FG

    The Oktoberfest is now 7 weeks old...and it is very good! It had a fuller head, but I didn’t get to the camera right away. The carbonation was perfect. It was a treat on Easter! I believe the malt will come forward even more in another month, so I’ll let this one continue to condition. Should go from very good to excellent. Again, many thanks to the fine brewers on this forum! O, I should mention that, while I didn’t have an OG to help me figure out ABV, it must be pretty high: I could definitely feel it after only 12 ounces!
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    Sir Kenneth Blonde Ale

    I just put my 1st one in the fridge. It's been conditioning for 44 days. I think this is my best show of patience yet. I can't wait to taste it.
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    Octoberfest plus sugar

    Adding table sugar would be the last thing to do, after picking booster or LME.
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    Hot and spicy

    The first time I tried to make the Fresco lime Chili I found out too late my chilies were terribly bland so in desperation I added some ground cayenne, too much of it and the result was less of a beer, more of a hot liquid substance that DID NOT get better with age. To date it's still the only beer I've dumped. Recently I tried again using the Aztec base, added a Pale LME, a small pack of booster, maybe 1.5 cups of a blend of diced (and blanched) jalapenos and red cherry chilies, bagged, The sample at bottling was actually good. I did not add lime zest to this batch, if I want a lime kick I can give it a shot of lime juice or a lime slice in the glass. May 1st will give me 6 weeks of carb/conditioning before I chill a bottle, feeling more positive about this round.
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    This isnt good bye, but youll be seeing a lot less of me hopefully. I look around at people staring at their phones and missing out on life and it makes me sick. It makes me sick when I should be playing with my child but im online reading about pressurized fermentation. Something has to give. So after considering getting a dumb phone i found out i can make my smart phone dumb. This is the path i am taking and disabling Safari will be part of it. Ill still have my tablet and desktop but my phone will be for phone purposes. Nothing that constantly distracts me. Wish me luck! https://lifehacker.com/how-i-turned-my-iphone-into-a-simple-distraction-free-1175739059
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    Big Sarge

    Possible Hop Combo

    Sterling hops didn't really wow me. I easily see them being tied to the basic lager category. They lack any citrus punch, IMO. The others sound good, although I don't have any experience with them (in practice or in taste).
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    Octoberfest plus sugar

    There are better ways to boost ABV than plain table sugar. But, it's your beer bro, if you like it, I love it.
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    Mix IPA and Stout?

    had 3 last night of the twisted octoberfest very good stuff i really need a hydrometer cause ...well... 3 was all i needed lol
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    Hot and spicy

    I just made a batch yesterday (april 1st) using 5 large jalepenos, and zest of a lime... maybe it will be ready by memorial day weekend...maybe. looking forward to the end result....
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    American Lager First attempt

    ck out the saga of my 1st batch of American lager. Learned a lot. Good luck with your brew and new hobby! Read all you can.
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    churchill nut brown ale kit

    i tried another bottle today. 2 days shy of 8 weeks. the sharpness is gone and i find it quite good. success!!!
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    Overly simplified, and it can become its own thread, but..... Ubuntu - a computer operating system. Most people use Windows, some people use other stuff that falls in the grouping of "Unix". Ubuntu falls in the category of Unix. Not going into details.....I'm not a geek enough to do so. Plex server - a way to host digital media, including music, movies, tv shows, etc. If/when I have a Plex server, you would be able to watch movies/tv shows and listen to music that I have on the server MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Remember Pac Man? well, there's a way to play it, and thousands of other arcade games on your computer. Yoda........going off-thread again
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    First attempt starting tonight

    well then, I guess you're saying perhaps Mr Beer should make better directions, yes? not saying your opinion was wrong, or saying mine was right...its just an opinion. its not as hard as some of you make it seem.
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    Latest Brew. ChromosBeer

    I just poured my first bottle of ChromosBeer. It's damned good!
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    Creeps McLane

    Question about Diablo IPA

    Carbing it will probably make that taste more pronounced. Thats why i love a nicely carbed beer. It accents a lot of flavors. I remember one time i made an IPA with the north west pale ale amd some citra hops. Thats was a bitter bomb. I brought everything to my ipa loving friend and even he had a hard time sucking them down. Best thing to do with any batch thats not quite your favorite. Save it for later in the night when your senses are dulled. Then choke one down.
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    Creeps McLane

    Kolsch yeast question

    My germination mat that everyone hates on will do just that for me!!!
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    Creeps McLane

    mashing ahead of brew day?

    I have a one year old and a three year old. I have no energy, no privacy, and most of all, no time. But seriously being a parent is great... ??
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    Galaxy Hops

    Bee's Knees! You get a like just for that golden oldie!