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    MUG MidWest meeting

    Josh has arrived and we are all hungry, ao we're going to 3 floyds now for a bite and a beer
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    MUG MidWest meeting

    As we wait for Josh to arrive, @Creeps McLane, his friend Jeff and I have sampled the four commercial beers that I brought. Creeps video recorded it, and we'll have it posted in the near future.
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    MUG MidWest meeting

    Dag nabbit. I will tey it tomorrow
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    MUG MidWest meeting

    What! @Bonsai & Brew and @Creeps McLane are on Untappd and they haven't added me as a friend yet!
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    My order arrives today!

    I do like the ease of use of the LBK. The size fits into a cooler nicely if need be. You can also fit one into a mini fridge. or 4 or more into a full size fridge. Brewing a variety of brews at once is a plus also. I'm coming up on my first year brewing in June, and I am on my 31st through 34th batches now. I don't think i'll brew any other method than the LBK. I have 8 LBK's i use in rotation now, while 4 are cold crashing I start 4 more. Brew on!
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    MRB Tim

    Total noob question about zest

    I think the vodka method works better, so I just don't bother with the boil. Otherwise, all sounds right to me.
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    MUG MidWest meeting

    Per request, I'm updating this post with the details of the meeting What: Mr.Beer User Group meeting in Munster, Indiana. When:: Friday, April 13 through Monday April 16 Definite attendees: @MiniYoda, @Creeps McLane, friend of Creeps McLane. @MRB Josh R, @C-ya Possible attendees: @scouterbill Hotel: SpringHill Suites by Marriott. 9651 Calumet Ave. So new that Google maps doesn't show it, and Google Street view shows it under construction. It is located on a golf course, and is the closest to 3 Floyds (a 10 minute walk to/stagger back). For reference, 3 Floyds is at 9750 Indiana Pkwy Proposed schedule (open to suggestions)@Creeps McLane - Friday evening - Bar/Room hop. There aren't many bars in the area, most places frown upon bringing outside alcohol into a bar, and most police frown upon open containers in public places. So, to avoid the hassle, we will "bar hop" between our hotel rooms, which each guest hosting a local/home brew sampling. We can call for pizza delivery. If the ladies prefer wine, let me know what type and I'll get a bottle of Kentucky wine. Also might be able to find something from Kentucky for the kids. - Saturday morning - After sleeping in a bit (we'll probably need it) and breakfast, we'll work on a care package for our thirsty friends in Arizona. - Saturday afternoon - Head to 3 Floyds. Tours are offered every hour between 12:30 and 5:30. Once we get a head count of who is going, I will call the pub and see if they can schedule a private tour for us. Regardless, we'll be there for a while, so we probably can do more than one tour. Note that the Cubs host the Braves at 1:20pm CDT and the White Sox visit the Twins at 1:10pm CDT, so things could be crowded at that time. - Saturday evening - Open. Stay there, go back to the hotel for more sampling, or go to True BBQ. - Sunday morning - Again, sleep in late (we'll probably need it again, and it *is* a vacation). Finish care package for Arizona with 3 Floyds beers. - Sunday afternoon - I'm open to suggestions. There is a place called "Brew and Blooms" a bit north in Hammond IN. Per the pictures on Google, they indicate that they are "home brewing and urban gardening". Their Facebook page indicates that they are open 10am to 6pm Sunday. Also Byway Brewing company isn't very far either. - Sunday evening - One last gathering at 3 Floyds for a final toast. - Monday - Back home again, unless you need to leave Sunday.
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    MUG MidWest meeting

    I highly recommend the Scotch Egg!!
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    Total noob question about zest

    I look forward to hearing how it turns out. It's in my brew queue but I won't get to it for a couple of months.
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    StarSan inquiry

    I mix it into a spray bottle, the .3 teaspoon per 32 oz of water from the brita or bottled..
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    Total noob question about zest

    @Shrike as usual solid advice. Hadn’t considered the vodka. That spirit is in no short supply at mi casa. Yes all along I knew I would use fresh juice when it’s time for addition rather than storing it. Thanks again. Bottling whispering wheat and brewing tangerously this weekend. Jdub.
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    Total noob question about zest

    It calls for two tangerines, so here's what I'd do: 1) Zest both tangerines. Add half to the boil as per instructions. Put the remaining zest in a small container with enough vodka to cover it completely. 2) After a week when it's time to add the zest, you can pour the zest - vodka and all - straight into the LBK. However, there is always a chance that some of the zest can clog the spigot, so using a sanitized muslin sack is an option. 3) For the juice, use two new tangerines and juice them using a sanitized juicer. I would do it this way because fresher juice is just better. Juicing the original two and storing the juice in a sanitized container in the fridge is an option. But after a week, it just won't be as good as fresh (I've seen some places that recommend storing fresh squeezed juice for no more than three days). Again, this is just my $0.02. If someone has a better method ( @MRB Tim ?) please share.
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    MUG MidWest meeting

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    more suggestions- after flame out if you started with a bigger pot than you needed, you could add your cold water to the pot to cool the wort BEFORE transfer to the lbk. this way if you get some splash back on your hands youre not going to damage yourself. you then just top off the water volume in the lbk with more cold water to make up the volume. also-pay attention- this is important: boiling DME will go from 0 to 60 when you least expect it. give yourself plenty of headspace in the pot. if not , you could have a boil over onto the stove. boiled dme is a ****** to clean up. you can keep a sanitized spray bottle of mineral water near you. if the foam from the boil gets a little too aggressive you can spritz the top of the wort to slightly cool it and settle it down. i would still use a bigger pot than needed to allow headspace. another warning on dme: the dust will fly EVERYWHERE. the moment it gets humid or wet you get a sticky mess. pour slowly. the steam rising from your pot will cause some clumping on your dme bag. when done pouring then you can pick it off to add to the pot. my first dme experience , the dust went flying everywhere coz i poured too fast. not fun. one last suggestion... i always found using mr beer's lme pouches more convenient than dme. match the lme to the style you are making. you wouldnt likely want to add robust to a light colored beer. you can easily add 2 lme pouches to do a hop boil. each adds about 1 point i think to alcohol content... been awhile.
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    youre talking about doing a hop boil to augment a mr beer kit? what i did was : take a half gallon of water in a pot. bring it to about 170-180f. remove pot from burner. take your dme... a pound maybe? pour it in. stir until well mixed in. you should not be seeing gobs bobbing around. put pot back on burner and slowly bring to a low boil. toss your hop pellets in .. no hop sack. now ask yourself why are you doing this? adding bitter? adding aroma or flavor? for bittering increase you could boil for about 20 mins. to 40 mins. a low boil wont cause that drastic of evaporation. for flavor or aroma addition you can boil for 8-15 mins. remove pot from burner, turn stove off. let the dme cool down just a little so it isnt at boiling anymore, then stir in your hme. mix well. put your ice cold water in the lbk. put a sanitized strainer over the mouth of the lbk and ladle your wort into the lbk. or... if you have a steady hand and can safely do a slow careful pour to transfer .... that would be quicker. my hands shake like mad so i use a ladle. i would highly advise against pouring. hot wort makes really bad burns on skin if spilled. the strainer will sift out most of the hop goop. anything that gets into the lbk will eventually settle out into the trub. now top off the water level with more cold water to where mr beer says your volume should be. tada. unless using gobs of dme in a boil with a large volume of water , i never worried about reaching hot break. i did low / slow boils. i didnt boil for an hour. why would i? if i am doing THAT much work i may as well just make a 5 gallon recipe from scratch and skip mr beer kits. dont over complicate things. dont worry about evaporation. you will be topping off your water volume. dont worry about hot break getting into the lbk in a small batch like 2 gallons. you wont have that much usually and yeast will eat it to a degree. just suggestions... the experts can correct where necessary... i'm too tired mentally to worry about 100% accuracy... how many kits have you got done? you sound like you are jumping into the deep end way too fast. take your time to develop base skills before going big or more complicated... but if you feel ready... (shrug).
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    Creeps McLane

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Wait a minute... @Bonsai & Brew is on untappd and he hasn’t added me as a friend yet? Wtf, man???
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    My Beer is Cloudy

    No. 3-4. 3 weeks fermenting then 4 weeks or longer conditioning at room temp. Cold crash for 3 days in between if you want. 3 days in fridge before drinking, pour gently into glass not disturbing trub in bottle. And tilt the LBK when bottling.
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    MUG MidWest meeting

    Double? Triple? For and on the record, Yoda's first beer at 3 Floyds will be https://www.3floyds.com/beer/permanent-funeral/
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    Creeps McLane

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Just you or is rick coming too? I’m gonna revisit the “let’s be friends” thread to review all your favorite styles for when I go buy some indigenous beer. I know @MiniYoda like all double and triple ipas, ill be sure to stock up on those. I have to set aside some time to bottle some stuff up or fill some growlers on Friday morning.
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    Creeps McLane

    Black Beer'd porter

    If this is supposed to be the MRB version of dechutes black butte porter then I would just leave it alone. That beer is amazing.
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    Diastatic Power - What is it?

    I'm sure many of you have seen me mention something called "diastatic power" when referencing partial mash recipes. But what is it? When grain is malted, enzymes are produced during germination. They are responsible for converting the grain’s starches into sugar during mashing. Diastatic power is an indicator of the amount of enzymes (amylase/diastase enzymes, in particular) available to convert those starches into sugars such as maltose and dextrins (not all of these are fermentable and will contribute to the flavor and body). The higher that power is, the more amylase enzymes are in the mash, and the more starch can be converted by these enzymes. Diastatic power is measured in "degree Linter". Malts with enough DP to convert themselves are at least 30 degrees Lintner. Base malts, such as 2-row and 6-row can reach as high as 180 or more. Other malts, such as many specialty malts (Crystal, Carapils, flaked malts, etc.) have 0 DP. While malts like Crystal, Carapils, and most dark malts may not need conversion since they don't really have starchy interiors due to the way they were kilned, other malts, such as flaked malts MUST be mashed with a grain that has a moderate to high DP for proper conversion. The higher the average DP, the more likely your chances are of a successful conversion. If you mash flaked grains on their own, you won't benefit from them as much (your oatmeal stout might have come out good, but it would be better with proper conversion of the oat's starches). It's always best to add some 2-row to help. A 1:1 ratio is the rule of thumb, but depending on the DP of the malt, you can use more or less. The addition of 2-row (pale, pilsen, are also 2-row) will also prevent gelatinized malts, such as flaked malts, to "gum up" in the mash, which will reduce efficiency (the husks of the 2-row prevent this). The gravity of the final conversion may be important in all-grain brewing, but in a partial mash recipe, the mash represents such a small proportion of the overall gravity that it won’t make a huge difference. Most of the gravity points will come from the LME/DME/HME. So while grains may boost your ABV by a fraction of a point in a PM recipe, this shouldn't be their sole purpose. If you want more ABV, add more LME/DME/HME. The main purpose of the grains in a PM recipe is to add color, flavor, or body. A slight rise in ABV is simply a pleasant side effect. In the end, I wouldn't worry too much about diastatic power unless you're using flaked grains. Then you simply just have to add some 2-row to it. Don't worry too much about the math or the science (though I encourage you to learn, if interested). You're most likely doing a 2 gallon PM recipe, not an all-grain recipe. Just follow this basic mashing guideline and your beers will come out much better.
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    NEW RECIPE - Salty Dawg Grapefruit Gose!!

    You could, but there is already a LOT of grapefruit flavor if you follow the instructions. Unlike other fruits, citrus can be used in primary without the worry of flavors being stripped. In most other fruits, the flavor is derived from the sugars in the fruit, but in citrus, most of the flavor is found in the oils and the acids of the fruit. These are unfermentable and will remain even in the most vigorous fermentations. With that said, you can add the juice with the lactic acid to get more grapefruit flavor, but as I said, if you follow the instructions, it will already be very fruit forward.
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    Home Grown Beer Labels

    HA!!! A nut! That pooch pic reminds me of something. Think Kate Winslet and Titanic...
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    Does Beer need to breathe?

    Breathe!....... Breathe!... in the Beer! You dnt have to be Neer! the beer, just have the feelings to Keer!