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    I had a similar problem about 18 months ago. Do you use a bottling bucket or do you bottle from the LBK? How old is your bottling wand? In my case, the issue was an infection in my bucket or one of my hoses. After all were replaced, the issue went away.
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    It sounds like your methods are correct so it may be either an equipment issue or an ingredient issue. What kind of kettle are you using (aluminum or steel...if steel, what type)? How fresh are the ingredients you are using? Poorly stored or old grains can cause metallic flavors and old hops can cause grassy flavors. Also, how long are you dry-hopping? Dry-hopping for longer than 5 days can also result in grassy flavors. Finally, try using different water. Tap water can sometimes have an overabundance of minerals or chemical treatments that can cause off-flavors, even when filtering. Try using a bottled spring water or purified water (not distilled) on your next batches.
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    The best haze of our lives

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    NEIPA Bottle Conditioning

    A 20+ year brewer swears by a pinch of cinnamon in all his batches to prevent oxidation. #OldBrewerTale? Charlie Papazian also does it.
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    The Real Mr. Beer - Live Stream Thread

    If you missed today's stream on designing your own beers with MRB products, you can still watch it on Twitch. We also wrote a blog that compliments it. https://www.mrbeer.com/blog/make-beer-recipe/
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    Yes, I will get those to you this week.
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    This isn't entirely true (unless using Mr. Beer kits, which he is not for these batches). There are several benefits of doing a secondary including clarifying the beer, removing from trub for less esters (I do this for my saisons), bulk aging/lagering, and doing fruit/spice/late hop additions. Oxygenating the wort isn't much of an issue with fresh beer due to the Co2 still off-gassing. This will protect it. You just want to be sure you don't splash and you're filling your secondary from the bottom up with some tubing and not just pouring it in. You can even add a layer of Co2 to the secondary before filling and there are ways to fill into a secondary with a fully enclosed system (ex. using a keg as a secondary with a relief valve). I even sometimes use a tertiary for big beers with a lot of trub or bulk aging. With that said, if he is getting too much oxygen into his beer somehow in his brewing process, it can also cause off-flavors similar to licorice, sherry, or wet cardboard.
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    Old Yeast Question

    @Brian N. I have no doubt that the MRB yeast is top notch. I’m just sayin that if I’m at my LHBS or ordering on mrb website I don’t mind ordering some US-05 or something else. I’m sure I wouldnt be able to tell the difference but in my mind I’m using the best ingredients that I can.
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    NEIPA Bottle Conditioning

    Nope. In the boil.
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    Creeps McLane

    2-3-1959 IPA

    5 gallon batch 6.67% ABV 66.7 IBU 9.7 SRM 4.5 lbs Vienna (Buddy Holly) 4.5 lbs Munich (Big Booper) 2 lbs Rye (Ritchie Valens) 8 oz Crystal 40 (Pilot) 2 oz Cascade - Mash Hop 1 oz Cascade - First Wort Hop 1 oz Cascade - 40 min 1 oz Cascade - 20 min 1 oz Casacde - 10 min 1 oz Cascade - Whirlpool 1 oz Cascade - Dry Hop Omega Hot Head Yeast i have some Cascade to use up. Im also out of two row.
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    Creeps McLane

    Strong cider taste

    Im glad you tried it at 17 days. Then you can say no off flavors at 17 days vs 21 days. I used the NWPA refill once and it was the most bitter beer ive ever made but i did throw a lot of citra in it. Which isnt a huge bittering hop so i dont know what happened to my batch back in the day but whatever. Im glad its not too hoppy. I would say right now you should taste a hop presence that may be a little muttled but in a few days all the blurred lines become more clear. So you shouldnt get more hop taste but more of a smoother more distinguished one
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    Strong cider taste

    Yeah, I know I popped that sample bottle too soon, so will give it more time to carb/condition. Remember I've only had one saison and it was a wheat saison, and I didn't care for it. This beer has the saison taste from the yeast, but even green I was surprised at how much better it tasted. I was expecting to taste more hops than I did, but lets see what a couple weeks does. Happy, hell yeah, this is a beer that I can drink and its crazy how with no temp control it came out clean. No cider or pear taste, but I knew that from my hydrometer sample at bottling.
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    Old Yeast Question

    Yes, I usually carb/ condition for a month minimum before trub or sample bottle, so good possibility that given some more time it'll be on the money.
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    Strong cider taste

    No, being completely honest it brewed great. Really clean taste no cider off flavors. Hmm, not sweet, so more dry tasting. I was expecting some type of funky esters from the saison yeast, but it only brewed at 70-72F so maybe that has some bearing. Its only been 17 days since bottling and I usually go a month before sampling.