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    I will get my co2 tank fillled and do my research beforehand. Thanks for the info gents.
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    Yes, you can carbonate the key with sugar. However, you cannot serve the beer without CO2, and you may need CO2 to seal the keg properly. Lots of info if you Google.
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    US-05 would be a great choice, especially if you could maintain it at the low end, say 62-65 deg F. Also aerate the heck out of the wort, it will get the yeast off to a great, clean start.
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    That Tangerously Hoppy is in my queue for tomorrow! Thinking I might zest the tangerines a day or so before and cover them in vodka and then pour it all into a sanitized hop sack and add the juice and zest and hops after the first week of fermenting.
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    Tastes great - almost like all it needs is carbonation! I predict a great beer! Bottling was a little tough because fruit bits kept getting stuck in wand. Otherwise all good!
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    I would be careful with those diastolic rests @MiniYoda, as this could cause erratic and dangerous fluctuations in blood pressure. 🍻
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    Has anyone added priming sugar to a keg and successfully carbed this way? I bought a bunch of homebrew stuff from a guy and ended up with a keg, picnic tap, co2 bottle and regulator. I have never kegged and had the idea to brew a batch and keg/ naturally carbonate for a party in July. Thanks!
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    Ya the 1st round of zest and hops I put in the same hop sack. You’re also boiling it while mixing the wort. The 2nd round I covered in vodka and poured it and the hops into another sack together. Didn’t want floaties. Sample tasted good. Looking forward to the finished product. Good luck with yours!
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    On one of the Twitch broadcasts Josh spoke about kegging. You might want to review the archived shows.
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    We just got a counter pressure bottle filler. LOVE THAT THING! Makes it so easy to bottle up samples for places or for me to bring bottles to friends, instead of full growlers.
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    The one thing I haven't fully understood yet is the lagering/conditioning temp. My understanding is, ales condition at the same temp as they fermented, normally 65-68 degrees. Lagers ferment in the lower 50's but a true lagering (I have two of them going from March until September) will ager in the 30's. What would happen if I lagered in the same temp as fermentation for 4-5 months?