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    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    I'll disagree with both your conclusions. One Step / Easy Clean, as well as StarSan, are NO RINSE sanitizers. So don't rinse. Simply drain it out and fill the bottles. Whether you use cheap table sugar, corn sugar, DME, honey, or natural sugar you won't notice any taste difference from that small amount of sugar. None. I use cheap table sugar. Alter your step 5. Don't cover the kettle while it's cooling. Also, eliminate the transfer to a secondary fermenter. Since there is no reason to do so, it only adds risk in the process. If these changes don't help, buy your kits elsewhere, perhaps the supplier is grinding them months in advance and they are stale.
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    Starting to think about HME and LME

    Honestly, I only noticed twang before I changed up my brewing routine a bit. @Creeps McLane has some good points here that should help a lot. I'm a fan of higher attenuating neutral yeasts that will tolerate cooler fermenting temps, 63-64F. I get a cleaner taste with very low to no detectable esters. US-05 and Nottingham work well for most of what I brew. I mostly use the Craft HME's with an LME, carapils, and always some hops. I also like adding honey on the IPA's. I have a lot of fun and get good results from the partial mashes and no twang.
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    That’s exactly what I would do
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    Starting to think about HME and LME

    I put it in while boiling the water/hops for at least 10 mins.
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    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    And by disassemble, not just remove, but separate the spigot into separate pieces (the Mr. Beer spigot that swings right to left comes apart into two pieces. Clean throughly, then before brewing sanitize the pieces, then assemble, then install. I would have asked about sanitizing the hose, but you stated you don't always transfer to secondary and still have the issue. For those with bottling wands, disassemble tip, remove washer and wash all pieces, then reassemble.
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    J A

    Too many hops?

    Well now...somebody's just not up on their quantum theory. It not only is what it is, but also what it definitely is not, existing always in a dual, simultaneous state of being.