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    I kind of like checking my OG and FG. I log it into a spreadsheet along with the other data, and now experimenting with Qbrew it gives me a better understanding of what to realistically expect if I add grains, booster, LME, honey etc to a recipe. Kind of fun for me anyway to play around and build to a starting OG, and then see if I finish out close enough to the FG. Then of course I drink the beer and try to figure out how to make it better the next time!
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    This isn't true. The One-Step/No-Rinse (same product) becomes hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water and the ppm of oxygen does NOT affect the flavor or carbonation in any way. This product has been used in homebrewing and professional brewing since the early 90s with great results. There is no need to rinse the No-Rinse cleanser, hence the name. Corn sugar does not affect the flavor of the beer, nor does any other sugar you might add. Even honey or brown sugar isn't enough to add flavor to the beer when priming, unless it is a really light beer. Such a small amount of sugar ferments out in the carbonation process leaving no flavor behind. That is why I always recommend priming with corn or cane sugar (or carb drops) because they are cheaper than the other options and none of them will add any flavor.
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    The twang is what disappoints me in my MB beers. If I age a while, and when I've followed MB recipes that have hops and extract added, I notice it less. I have a Baltic Porter to brew, but I may try a simple extract recipe next, probably a pale ale based on Brewing Classic Styles.
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    Do not rinse bottles after sanitizing.