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    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    To use up my leftovers I did Lock Stock IV this weekend, or maybe I should say Captain's Barrel II. Followed the pattern above but this time I got the Cocao nibs included in the late boil.
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    Looking for a Christmas beer recipe

    I disagree with the idea of not entering MR Beer based brews into competitions if you want to (It will use ingredients anyone can get) - if it was that easy to make best of class brews using Mr. Beer, there might be more of them in the competitions. Mr. Beer makes it easy to make drinkable beer, sometimes good beer but probably not often competition rating beer. (I am not intending this as a put down of the MR B brews and I intend to continue using them.) That said, having a beer judge comment on the beer is very useful in assessing the merit of the recipe and process. Also in combating/confirming the assertion that one (or someone :-D) cannot make really good brews using Mr. Beer ingredients and method. If one can get the review outside of a competition fine, but maybe it is not that easy unless you have a beer judge buddy. Just because someone else has made the HME, does not always mean you will get a good beer out of it. (As mentioned in this forum - lol). Even Mr Beer recognizes the limitations of beer made from extract, and sells augmenting grains and other ingredients. So to score well in a competition is an achievement to strive for.
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    In the end, I just bottled it without cold crashing. It had an intriguing flavor with the citrusy grapefruit. Much better than the commercial raspberry gose sample I tried at my local growler / many beers on tap shop. I think I just like citrus as a flavor.
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    Looking for a Christmas beer recipe

    It's not just about the recipe, but about technique, sanitation, etc. I'm all for someone entering a recipe they didn't create into competition. They will still get valuable feedback which will help them create their own recipes. @Ironman brew even pointed out how he's going to tweak the recipe for a fuller body, which will pretty much make it his recipe. Many of my AG recipes are inspired by base recipes that other people wrote. There really is no such thing as an original recipe.
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    If I ever entered a straight-up Mr. Beer recipe in a competition, I'd probably credit @MRB Josh R as collaborator. From a marketing/social buzz aspect, my feeling is that Mr. Beer would be thrilled to see one of their recipes do well (or even win) in competition. As for personal satisfaction, one still has to execute well to make any beer, so @Ironman brew should be proud of his entry.
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    Is it just me that thinks people taking someone else's recipe and submitting it to contests is wrong? Someone else put a review on Mr. Beer saying the same thing. I don't even see why someone is proud to win a contest when it isn't their creation. Maybe I'm just not with the "cool kids" on this one.
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    Yes add this - this one is well worth it and very spicy - I entered this in the Home Brewers contest and recieved 34 on both scores !! Both judges said need more body so already working on that for the second go around.
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    Booster vs DME-LME

    Standard refills come with the Boosters at no charge (though they are sold separately @ $1.75), but when buying a Deluxe refill, the cost of the LME is figured into the price. Whether you choose DME/LME or Booster depends on what you are making. This was mainly due to shipping issues. The larger bag had a history of busting open in transit. The smaller bags are much stronger and less likely to bust open. Also, many customers expressed that they didn't always use the whole bag and preferred using half instead.
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    how to handle a true lager?

    All lagers will lager at cold temps (35-45). The word "lager" means "cold storage". The closer you can get to freezing temps without actually freezing is best. Yeah, they used to lager in caves back then, but we have refrigeration now and I can almost guarantee that the quality of lager we can make now is way beyond what they had when they were still lagering in caves. When lagering, colder is always better.
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    I cannot lager

    I currently have two batches of lager that are conditioning at room temperature. Both are very tasty. For the diacetyl rest I simply took the LBK out of the mini-fridge and left it on the counter for the last three days of fermentation.
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    Palmetto Brew

    My first batch of brew

    Be patient it's worth it!
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    First attempt starting tonight

    What is the purpose of the Wine fridge? Why are your bottles on their side. You need to carbonate at 70 degrees or higher. Also, your bottles will carbonate on their side but then you will have a layer of trub on the side of the bottles. Always keep your bottles upright to keep the trub on the bottom. Otherwise it will end up in your beer when you pour it.
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    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    I will follow your advice, as far as liking it goes, well it IS what’s happening right now. 😆
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    Bonsai & Brew

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    Rather than steeping with the grains, I think adding them to the last 10 min. of the boil would yield the most flavor. I'm under the impression that you really like the Lock, Stock & Barrel recipe! Here's to Stout!
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    Bet you thought that I would forget about the pact? Ha! I've got an El Tipo chilling in the fridge for Saturday.🍻 We miss you, man.
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    Big announcement. I'll wait for it to quiet down. Thank you. Drum roll please.......... I have decided on what tequila I will be using for my Otra Noche Fuerte. Gran Centenario Anejo. I wish could say this came after extensive taste testings, but really I looked up some "well regarded" anejos (whatever that means) within my price range and this was the only one that had in the market. That being said, sometimes you just trust the universe so I purchased and just finished sipping some on ice. I love the flavor and think it and the oak chips will add a lot to this beer. I am still deciding whether I really want to go with an ancho chile here.....starting to think less might be better (a dios mio what is happening to me??????). Just let the oak, tequila, and mesquite flower carry the beer..