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    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Having a great time with @D Kristof at municipal brew works.
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    Bonsai & Brew

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    I bottled "Chartwell's" this morning at FG 1.013 and 9.0% ABV. Now, hands-off till Christmas morning...
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    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    I will say that between the Braxton headquarters and the Braxton labs, this alone made the trip worth it. An amazing variety od different flavors. Thank goodness I'm only doing flights and not full pints
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    cold yeast need advice

    Don't know who says 24 hours. It needs to be room temp. Otherwise, you're shocking the yeast when you put them in 70 degree wort. Sitting out a few hours is fine. I take mine out the night before, along with a cans of anything, to allow them to come to room temp.