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    Bonsai & Brew

    beer captured

    Added to queue... I've never had a Long Trail Ale but the New Englanders around here used to brag it up.
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    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Bottled Wee Heavy Winston- So named early on by @Bonsai & Brew , and my entry into his Churchill's Challenge. Hydrometer sample was tasty, always a good sign. My cobbled together recipe from checking out Northern English style ales, and Scotch Ales and marrying some bits of each. 1 can Churchill's HME 1 MB Robust LME 4 oz two-row Malt 4 oz. Vienna Malt 4 oz Crystal 60 Malt .5 oz Roasted Barley 1/2 cup honey 1 oz Heather Tips 1 oz Willamete hops 1 packet of Danstar Nottingham Dry Ale yeast OG-1.067 FG- 1.014 ABV- 6.9% Mashed grains for 30 minutes at 160 F and sparged with 1 cup hot water. Added LME and brought to boil and added .5 oz of Willamete for 15 min. and 1/2 cup of honey with 5 min. left in boil and then flameout. Added Churchills HME and hopsack with .5 oz of Willamete and 1 oz of heather tips, then mixed with chilled spring water in LBK and pitched yeast at 74F. Fermented for 18 days at 64F and cold crashed for 3 days. Yield was 18 12 oz glass bottles and one 740ml PET. Oh yeah, Got to try out my new bench capper. I like it. Easy to adjust and spring loaded with a positive stop when the cap is completely crimped.
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    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    Three weeks conditioning in the bottle and the good news is no off flavors, however something has changed. The IPA remains good, no very good, but I sense a loss of some of the citrus punch, it had before. I have been drinking this brew now for three weeks, so maybe I have become muted to citrus flavor. But I do believe the citrus is waning. The bitterness between the two samples is now very close to one another, but the corn sugar sample has a feel of more more carbonation and I like it better.
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    Bonsai & Brew

    beer captured

    Love it! Do all the recipes have a mini-mash option? That's basically how I've been brewing lately and it seems to yield some really fine beer.