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    Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Im up north this weekend. Went over to my parents place a few miles away. They have black berries growing everywhere!!! No chemicals, just natural goodness. Think ill throw some in a lager when theyre ripe
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    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    Week four conditioning in the bottle and here are the results, for this Kama Citra IPA. Now I have not been drinking, any of this brew for the past week, so I am coming back to it kinda fresh. It definitely has that familiar citrus note when bringing the glass up and a slight grapefruit taste at the end. There are no off flavors and I would say nothing has really changed from last week. This is the last of the Kama Citra IPA, so after my four weeks of taste samples and many pints in between, this brew is better young and green, week one was the best. The reason week one was the best was the citrus pop it had. By week two the pop was diminished to fizzle and by week three, it is there, but you are searching for it. The great thing is no signs of the off favors of my previous failed batches. I am leaning towards the reason for my earlier failures, but the Nut Brown Ale, which is in the LBKs, I think will tell me more.
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    Grape Extract?

    So the two batches I made turned out great, I made a few bottles without the extracts to test first. I used the Bavarian Weissbier to make the Watermelon Wheat Recipe. Followed all the steps minus the fruit, and added 0, 1, 2, or 3 drops of watermelon extract at bottling. I was using the plastic bottles, so I don't think I added enough of the extract to notice any watermelon taste, but still enjoyable. I also used the Canadian Blonde to make a Cream Ale. Extract wise, I used 2 drops for each 12oz bottle. Vanilla, Peanut Butter...and decided to try the Watermelon too. The Vanilla seemed to be everyone's favorite. Very sweet, but it was almost a smokey vanilla taste. The Peanut butter didn't taste like Peanut butter at all, to me it was similar to the vanilla with the smokey taste, but no peanut butter. The watermelon seemed to make it a little more tart. Maybe because I'm the one that made it, but the flavor extracts didn't wow me. It was almost like a 2nd wave of flavor you got after tasting the beer. Fun to try, but I'm probably done with the extracts. I plan on using real fruit the next time I brew the Watermelon Wheat.
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    Kevin Caffrey

    Grape Extract?

    Well, I didn't have high expectations, but the Blackberry Grape Wheat concoction I tried a few months back came out very nicely if you like fruity beers. This one is about 60 days conditioned. Slightly hazy, slight white head, smell reminds me of some type of fruity candle you'd get from the Ice Cream man as a kid -- closest I can think of is that of a pack of Sweet Tarts or something. Anyway, got Grape Brewer's Extract and this is what I did with it.