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    Short story - I was in Boston, at a bar and the bartender said she just got the Sam Adams in and it was ready to go - Wow, not like any Sam that I ever had before or since. The second part of the story - we had three young children at the time, and about halfway through my wife had enough of watching the kids, and while I was in the bathroom poured my beer into a red solo cup and said we need to go, now! Truthfully, any beer drinking judge would have seen that as solid ground for a divorce. Kept her anyway, and years later she did buy me my first MB kit.
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    Plastic bottles bulging

    domino dots are convenient because of the 2g sucrose. for your average beer in a pint or 16oz btl 1 dot is sufficient. generic cubes work too.. just read the label. really.. super easy. . . and the 3 weeks is a great guide to follow. dont freak out if life happens and it sits an additional week. in good conditions yeast can go 4 but any more and youre pushing the risk of autolysis. i vaguely remember my first exposure to mr beer was this chinese looking guy on the box all happy with a beer glass ... telling ppl YOU CAN MAKE BEER IN JUST 10 DAYS!!!!! yeah. it will be beer but it will be crap because you didnt give the yeast a chance to clean up, finish, and for the beer to condition. the early instructions caused more ppl to go 'Meh... ' and walk away from the hobby. the old guard here pointed this out to mr beer and they listened. if your temps are too cold the yeast will slowly go to bed... you think 'oh! it must be done!' and bottle. the yeast wake up and BOOM! you can make do without a hydrometer. . .
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    Plastic bottles bulging

    Fixed it for you.
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    Big Sarge

    Spring porter recipe

    You alter the hop profile of the beer, but I'm not sure in which direction (stronger/weaker). Either way, it's not desired.
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    90+ degrees will likely harm your yeast. saison like it warmer than most ale yeast but 90? really upper 70s would be fine for a saison. it may be that as you mentioned the yeast went to sleep. you can if you want to risk it... spray the fermenter lid down with starsan. sanitize a metal spoon . open lid. gently agitate the yeast out of the bed. cap the fermenter. put it where temps are between 75-80f.. give it another 3 days or so and check the final gravity. if you are heavy handed with honey malt it can come out icky sweet. 2oz though doesnt sound like a lot to me. what was your recipe? what size batch?
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    D Kristof

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

    If you're near 50 during the summer, why wait? I only see waiting as delaying an opportunity.
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    D Kristof

    Conditioning/Refrigeration Question??

    While most people think the beers will improve as they condition, I have run across a couple guys who have other opinions. If you're like them there will be a week you prefer best. The next time you brew Chantilly Lace, when you reach your flavor preference week, toss them into the fridge.
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    Conditioning/Refrigeration Question??

    This. The only ones I toss in the fridge as soon as they hit their stride are the really hoppy ones like IPAs.
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    Brian N.

    Conditioning/Refrigeration Question??

    Best to let them stay out of the fridge until a few days before drinking.