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    dale hihn

    Spring porter recipe

    Very true. As I was doing hop additions I wasn’t concerned about changing the hme Hop profile. My main reason for adding with ten minutes left in the boil is to avoid the dreaded “twang”. So far it has been working. May just be my perception though.
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    Fire Rooster

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

    Update:2 Used a temperature sensor that records the low/high. The spot where I ferment has a low of 64 and a high of 66.
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    Sounds good thanks!
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    Great idea! was wondering if cold crashing this one before bottling would help things compact & limit issues like clogged spigot. It's a learning process. Probably will at least attempt whirlpool for next AG to limit some of the protein break going into fermenter. Well, 3 days later, still going strong! Kind of weird looking on top of Krausen but I'm used to some pretty strange looking fermentations by now