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    D Kristof

    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    @Joe G, welcome to the forum and good luck with your new addiction. If you took a sample from the spigot, by all means possible, clean it thoroughly. Do it now. Allowing any of the wort/beer to remain is providing a breeding ground for molds and bacteria. Anything flowing through that spigot will carry with it any spores and bacteria into your bottles. Sanitation, temperature control, processes, and patience are your goals for your first several attempts at brewing. With patience comes self control a.k.a. not going mad scientist until you have a better understanding. For example, last evening I was at a homebrew club meeting. One of the members brewed an orange habanero wheat beer. His bottles were gushers. The beer was lost behind the habanero heat. When he asked for advice...the best advice we could offer was for him to use it (all 15 gallons) to make jerky. Back tracking on this stream of conscious comment, clean your spout before you bottle, because @RickBeer will need to scold you about infections causing gushers.😉
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    Yeast Wars ?

    If you are a brewer that likes experimenting with yeasts, this forum thread is a long saga but I found it fascinating. In the search to find the yeasts in a beloved beer, the thread goes through microbiological analysis and brew testing, and exploration of how yeast is used in industry. Grab yourself a pint. It is a long read. This thread question on mixing yeasts is discussed also in this thread and surfaces in their analysis. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/isolated-yeast-tree-house-how-to-identify-and-characterize.623221/
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    Perfect Plastic Pint Promotion

    @MRB Tim , Thanks for the Call, I could not answer at that time. My wifes misunderstanding started when the original promotion ad said free perfect plastic pint.By the time that the LAST CALL promotional ad was up my wife had already ordered 2 American recipes. She doesn't have a pick of the original promotional ad. I know first hand that your customer service is the best I've seen.
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    Hardware stores, home depot, Lowe's all sell them. If you get one remember to put it away from your garden a bit. Don't want to draw more to your plants.
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    dale hihn

    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    Welcome! I agree on the bottling wand. Went two years without one and am wishing it would have been my first equipment purchase. Looks like you are on track otherwise. Prepare for your first batch to be underwhelming and to just keep aging it if you aren’t happy at first. Cheers! 🍺
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    Creeps McLane


    I had to go against my morals and spray for Japanese beetles this morning. Theyre devouring my raspberries and im scared theyll move to my hops next. Theres already evidence of them but they’re havoc must be stopped! I got organic and safe for veggies.
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    MRB Tim

    Spring porter recipe

    I've never tried it, since there's no point, but it's my understanding that it produces a grassy off flavor.
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    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    Welcome to the forum and the hobby!
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    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    Go 3 full weeks on fermenting, then cold crash for 3 days, propped up as noted. Prep bottles, then fill (still propped up) right away, don't let it warm. Then 4 weeks, not 3, at 70 or higher. Cool basement may be too cool.
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    Some Saison yeast do not do well with an airlock that creates back pressure. I know that it isn't a lot but there have been experiments with these yeast using an airlock and fermenting with just a piece of foil covering the opening. The experiments with an airlock all stuck for a period of time while the ones without it finished.
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    Fire Rooster

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

    Update:2 Used a temperature sensor that records the low/high. The spot where I ferment has a low of 64 and a high of 66.
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    Plastic bottles bulging

    domino dots are convenient because of the 2g sucrose. for your average beer in a pint or 16oz btl 1 dot is sufficient. generic cubes work too.. just read the label. really.. super easy. . . and the 3 weeks is a great guide to follow. dont freak out if life happens and it sits an additional week. in good conditions yeast can go 4 but any more and youre pushing the risk of autolysis. i vaguely remember my first exposure to mr beer was this chinese looking guy on the box all happy with a beer glass ... telling ppl YOU CAN MAKE BEER IN JUST 10 DAYS!!!!! yeah. it will be beer but it will be crap because you didnt give the yeast a chance to clean up, finish, and for the beer to condition. the early instructions caused more ppl to go 'Meh... ' and walk away from the hobby. the old guard here pointed this out to mr beer and they listened. if your temps are too cold the yeast will slowly go to bed... you think 'oh! it must be done!' and bottle. the yeast wake up and BOOM! you can make do without a hydrometer. . .
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    Plastic bottles bulging

    Right. Sugar is sugar. Tell the wife she is wrong. I dare you...😂