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    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I received Dead & Berried and another order of Santa Rita (one of my top three favorite recipes) today, so revised my schedule: - Golden Empire IPA - Tangerously Hoppy IPA - Saison du Miel - Dead & Berried - Winter Dark Ale #2 - Belgian Blanc - Hidden Lake Amber Ale - Santa Rita
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    the lbk is vented by the lid so there is no back pressure.. you will have a layer of co2 resting on top of the beer. stirring gently will disturb the co2 layer a bit but if it wasnt quite done fermenting, more co2 will blanket the top as it picks up fermentation again. be advised that if you never had a saison you will likely be in for a totally new experience. my first was like wow... this is freaky. it had a yeasty funk, pear, apple, perfume, floral and more funk. it was really different from your typical beer. for the lbk i would go with dry yeast belle saison. pitch slightly warm. put the fermenter in an igloo cooler without any additional heat for a day at ambient room temp. let it get started. after a day toss a couple hot water bottles into the cooler and close the lid. watch the temps and try to keep them around 74f-76f ambient. let it ferment at about 74ish for 2 weeks. on week 3 move the cooler to a place where the ambient temp hits about 80f if you want and let it go. at the end of week 3 i would be shocked if your fg was not 1.01 or lower. usually i get about 1.006 by bumping up the temp in the last week you encourage the yeast to finish up and clean house. every time i use it, the fermentation is slow and steady. this yeast is typically a dainty eater... not a lot of krausen. not very violent. . . and it has always consumed practically everything one can throw at it sugar-wise. i use 5 gallon buckets to ferment. for me i can put the bucket in a plastic clothes hamper and fill it with enough water to almost reach the wort level. i then drop in an aquarium heater. after a day at ambient i fire up the heater on a timer... so many hours on... some time off... cycle repeatedly.. and my temps get up to 72-76f. i use a timer to save electricity. dont give up on saisons.. just try another yeast. even if this batch comes out 'weird' you can still drink it .. just add a tablespoon of Tang Orange powder to your glass when you go to drink it. :) that's what i did with my really awful pumpkin weis when i first got started brewing. i refuse to waste alcohol. yeah it sounds bad but...
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    That's why I love this forum & this hobby. So many innovative, creative ideas to homebrewing. Oh the lengths we go to make beer! (And not waste any). I've tried some interesting Saisons at local pubs & what stands out is that they are so different from most beers. I refuse to give up. Summer's just heating up - I should have time for another go at a Saison with a different yeast
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    Bonsai & Brew


    I'm 94.9% sure that I drank the last bottle this past Spring but I'm gonna check inventory anyway. You could definitely still pick up on the barrel-aging but the amaretto flavor had faded considerably. You got me thinking about an all-grain version though, so thanks!
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    Palmetto Brew

    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    Welcome to the hobby. I am going to brew the Oktoberfest next. I plan to start it August 1 so it should be ready just in time for the fall.
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    Cool, I have a Diablo IPA that will be ready soon!!
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    Diablo IPA Ideas

    welp here it is,,Diablo ...tweaked.. Only two weeks old... So still green but tastes like Diablo still,, just chocolate is a little enhanced and the bite as it normally has is faded a little.. Think its gonna be pretty good in a month or so... Looks really good though...check that now that its warming up the bite fades and turning nice and creamy