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    a lot of us have moved on from mr beer but still hang around to 'pay it forward' for having this place when we started out. my first batch i was fine because i was following someone elses tried and true recipe and did my research. when crazy stuff started happening to me on my 2nd and 3rd batch that is when i was a mess. lol. 1st- yeast took off in under 2 hours.. super quick start. behaved exactly as expected beyond that so i got spoiled. 2nd batch yeast decided to take its time. by hour 3 after pitching i was here posting OMG my yeast must be dead! it's been 3 hours and theres no krausen! lol. 3rd batch everything went wrong... all kinds of mistakes so i was a mess. 4th batch was the first time i used whirlfloc. OMG SOMEONE PUT SEA WEED IN MY WORT!!!! scrambled to run it through a filter into another carboy.. positive that i messed something up and ruined it. i gradually got better. most important thing i learned early: dont panic. everything that you think is wrong is likely just fine... ask someone here. having ppl to lean on in the early stages of brewing tends to keep ppl in the hobby.
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    dale hihn

    Spring porter recipe

    Okay guys, gonna share a recipe I made. Turned out very good if I must say so myself. Partial mash using BAA. I did 5 gallons. Here is the recipe for a 2.5 gallon batch: 300g pale malt 125g 60L crystal 125g 20L crystal 250g flaked oats 80g roasted barley 30g black patent 30g chocolate malt 60g light chocolate malt 125g wheat malt mash 156deg F/60 min. 0.5oz Columbus@60min 0.5oz cascade@30 min add Bewitched hme with 10 min left in boil 0.5 oz cascade at flameout ferment with MrB ale yeast Turned out very well balanced and tasty. Aged two months it is creamy with a clean hop finish. Just enough roasty character. A very robust brown ale if not a porter. Cheers! g
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    Ahhh, thanks! I'm excited. My new brew Kettle just arrived today via UPS. Thinking about brewing my first AG on the 4th - in the spirit of freedom. Seriously though, it's cuz I have a holiday mid-week What better way to spend the 4th than to brew & have a few brews
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    MRB Tim

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Okay, I'll be brewing my entry on my Twitch stream tomorrow, here's a sneak peek at the recipe: Horchata Brown Ale 1X Churchills HME 1X Golden LME 2 oz Cara wheat malt 2 oz Vienna malt 4 oz lactose sugar S-04 Dry Ale Yeast 1 week before bottling: 1 cinnamon stick 2 tbsp vanilla extract
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    Palmetto Brew

    Chantilly Lace

    Ok so I just tasted the Chantilly Lace I brewed. Turned out good. A liitle malty for my taste but I'm sure it tast like it is suppose to and my wife likes it too. It is not the color I was expecting, much darker. I thought it would be more like SRM 3 - 5 in color. Has anyone else made this and if so how was yours? All and all it is the best tasting beer of the three I have brewed so far so I will chalk it up as a success! Next out of the fermenter is Diablo IPA and an American Lager standard.
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    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Bottled Wee Heavy Winston- So named early on by @Bonsai & Brew , and my entry into his Churchill's Challenge. Hydrometer sample was tasty, always a good sign. My cobbled together recipe from checking out Northern English style ales, and Scotch Ales and marrying some bits of each. 1 can Churchill's HME 1 MB Robust LME 4 oz two-row Malt 4 oz. Vienna Malt 4 oz Crystal 60 Malt .5 oz Roasted Barley 1/2 cup honey 1 oz Heather Tips 1 oz Willamete hops 1 packet of Danstar Nottingham Dry Ale yeast OG-1.067 FG- 1.014 ABV- 6.9% Mashed grains for 30 minutes at 160 F and sparged with 1 cup hot water. Added LME and brought to boil and added .5 oz of Willamete for 15 min. and 1/2 cup of honey with 5 min. left in boil and then flameout. Added Churchills HME and hopsack with .5 oz of Willamete and 1 oz of heather tips, then mixed with chilled spring water in LBK and pitched yeast at 74F. Fermented for 18 days at 64F and cold crashed for 3 days. Yield was 18 12 oz glass bottles and one 740ml PET. Oh yeah, Got to try out my new bench capper. I like it. Easy to adjust and spring loaded with a positive stop when the cap is completely crimped.
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    never judge a beer by the bottling sample. at bottling you still have tons of yeast in suspension. flavors have not melded fully. aging beer causes the flavors to round out.. mellow. it allows the beer to carb, and then for the tired yeast to settle down to the bottom in the bottle trub layer. if after you condition you just dont like aggressively hopped beer, pop them all back in cold storage for a few more months. as beers age, hops start to soften in flavor presence. malts start to come forward a bit more. at least in my experience....
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    Wait it out - it will mellow & the flavors will improve with time (at least that was my experience making a recipe using Diablo HME). I really like IPAs, so I decided to make this as batch #5. I bottled Brew De Ale Ze Bub mid-May, the sample was super bitter & with some apple notes. I was not sure I'd like the end product. So I tried a few after they carbed in about 3 wks - needed more time. There was some vegetal aftertaste I couldn't quite distinguish. After another 2-3 wks bottle conditioning, chillin' in fridge for days, I tried another one last week. I wish I had waited longer on the others because it tasted really good! Such an improvement. Sadly I only have 2 left. Gave one to my brother weeks ago & he still hasn't tried it. I know because I put a Hefeweizen in his fridge to try this weekend & saw Diablo still sitting there, tempting me. If he doesn't drink it soon, I'm going to sneak over to his house & steal it back!
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    I guess a quick google search could help also... Heres what the AHA says
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    Aztec Mexican Cerveza

    I recently made this refill as is. Now, I ran from it for a long time because for whatever reason I didn't think I'd like it. I've gotta say that I'm pleasantly surprised with this one. It's really good to me, and I haven't even had it with salt & lime yet!
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    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    Week four conditioning in the bottle and here are the results, for this Kama Citra IPA. Now I have not been drinking, any of this brew for the past week, so I am coming back to it kinda fresh. It definitely has that familiar citrus note when bringing the glass up and a slight grapefruit taste at the end. There are no off flavors and I would say nothing has really changed from last week. This is the last of the Kama Citra IPA, so after my four weeks of taste samples and many pints in between, this brew is better young and green, week one was the best. The reason week one was the best was the citrus pop it had. By week two the pop was diminished to fizzle and by week three, it is there, but you are searching for it. The great thing is no signs of the off favors of my previous failed batches. I am leaning towards the reason for my earlier failures, but the Nut Brown Ale, which is in the LBKs, I think will tell me more.
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    Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Im up north this weekend. Went over to my parents place a few miles away. They have black berries growing everywhere!!! No chemicals, just natural goodness. Think ill throw some in a lager when theyre ripe
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    Chantilly Lace

    I've made the Chantilly Lace before, and first thing.....yours came out amazingly clear. Congrats. Mine came out malty too, and I thought about adding a dry hop to offset it if I do this recipe again. Secondly, yes, many of Mr. Beer recipes come out darker than they advertise. Personally, color doesn't matter, because I can't taste or smell color. I just chalk it up to "it's an ale, and ales are amber". Having said that, there will be a flame war about colors of beers, colors of ales, and colors of lagers. But to me, the color and clarity of your beer looks great. Yoda
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    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    Three weeks conditioning in the bottle and the good news is no off flavors, however something has changed. The IPA remains good, no very good, but I sense a loss of some of the citrus punch, it had before. I have been drinking this brew now for three weeks, so maybe I have become muted to citrus flavor. But I do believe the citrus is waning. The bitterness between the two samples is now very close to one another, but the corn sugar sample has a feel of more more carbonation and I like it better.
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    Brian N.

    Krausen overflow advice needed

    After an overflow I like to twist the lid 1/4 turn in each direction just to make sure the vents are clear. Leave the lid on.
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    Reporting back that it seems, despite my mistakes, BBP turned out pretty awesome:) I took hydrometer reading today which was at 1.008 after adjustments & decided to bottle before the heat wave this weekend. The sample was very tasty & I'm really happy the yeast was able to do it's job afterall! So it's seems that Notty is not a bad yeast to work with, and it settled nicely in the bottom of the LBK. I didn't even cold crash. And after bottling, the yeasty sample I tried was really quite good so I think that Notty might be a go-to Ale yeast for me. The only thing I'm not too sure of is if I used enough priming sugar. This time I boiled corn sugar in about a cup of water & then added that liquid individually to each bottle. But I didn't break down the amount to go into each 12 oz bottle correctly & had some priming solution left over. It yielded 22 twelve oz bottles from this batch & had about 8 tsp of the priming solution remaining - enough to put into 4 12 oz bottles. I don't have a priming bucket so I don't batch prime. Well, even if it's not super-carbonated, I'll drink it anyway because it tasted too good to waste. If anyone wants to chime in on carbonation for Porters - are they still good even if less carbonated? What I mean is are there some beers that are better less carbonated or more carbonated? Thank you to everyone who has encouraged & offered me advice along the way. I'm really enjoying this hobby (as you might have surmised). It's given me a good creative outlet outside of work, and luckily my hubby is very tolerant;) Just got my somewhat used *old motel* mini fridge - up & running in garage - already put a few beers in it to cellar and/or lager until ready to drink or share. Cheers guys!
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    Been contemplating all grain, BIAB, SMASH IPA recipe after watching Mr Beer on Twitch about all grain brewing. At least to give it a try. I've had success so far with extract, & partial mash, and embarking on a new technique sounds exciting. The recipe I want to do calls for 5lbs Marris otter Pale with Falconer's Flight pellet hops. I don't know if I like Falconer's Flight but I just had a local IPA with Simcoe that was very tasty. Just weighing in on what might be the best hops for a SMASH. What are others' experiences? I read that sparging is not necessary but some will do fly sparging, just running some hot water through the grain bag after mashing. Any thoughts on that as far as efficiency? Wish me luck on my next venture!
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    Our baby is all grown up and leaving the nest. 😩 Just concentrate on the process and it'll be great.
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    Grape Extract?

    So the two batches I made turned out great, I made a few bottles without the extracts to test first. I used the Bavarian Weissbier to make the Watermelon Wheat Recipe. Followed all the steps minus the fruit, and added 0, 1, 2, or 3 drops of watermelon extract at bottling. I was using the plastic bottles, so I don't think I added enough of the extract to notice any watermelon taste, but still enjoyable. I also used the Canadian Blonde to make a Cream Ale. Extract wise, I used 2 drops for each 12oz bottle. Vanilla, Peanut Butter...and decided to try the Watermelon too. The Vanilla seemed to be everyone's favorite. Very sweet, but it was almost a smokey vanilla taste. The Peanut butter didn't taste like Peanut butter at all, to me it was similar to the vanilla with the smokey taste, but no peanut butter. The watermelon seemed to make it a little more tart. Maybe because I'm the one that made it, but the flavor extracts didn't wow me. It was almost like a 2nd wave of flavor you got after tasting the beer. Fun to try, but I'm probably done with the extracts. I plan on using real fruit the next time I brew the Watermelon Wheat.
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    Hops are going on the power grid!
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    D Kristof

    Helles Bock

    Unless you use a hydrometer and take samples over several days, use 3 weeks. As a rule of thumb, always go 3. It will give the yeast an opportunity to complete cleaning up it's messes. It won't hurt anything to take it slow and wait.
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    Creeps McLane


    Kinda freaked out today. I saw a few leaves had some strange white residue on them, I immediately starting googling powdery and downy mildew pics. Then i go to work and think on it for a bit. The white residue seemed to be kind of in a straight line affecting 5-6 leaves. Then I determined, it was bird poop... 🦅 💩. Im gonna stop worrying about it. RDWHAHB
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    No evidence of fermentation?

    It's been 49 years for us together now - and sadly - I'm STILL learning "how to communicate like an adult"...
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    Starting to think about HME and LME

    JDub, Be careful how much honey you add. If you get above a certain percentage it changes from a Beer to a Braggot. 😉 You are correct that Honey will dry out your beer. I have a couple of recipes that I add some honey to do just that. Dawg
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    If everyone one on this site were to state some of the less than perfect beers and what cased them, it might scare some newbies away. I have just bottled my 21st batch in my first year. A few had major errors on my part and they all came out drinkable and one type just finished its 3rd brewing. Start basic and as you learn the basics this way you will become almost automatic in some of the basic skills. At some point add the extra items, try a partial and soon you will have the understanding that what you do makes such and such a result. Be patient; Enjoy the errors and write down what you have done.